Max and I go to Upton Heath

Monday 7th November 2016

This being Monday I went over to Upton Heath as usual for our walk this morning. I only had Max with me though as Jez stayed at home asleep in the sun. She does like to catch her rays when she can in the winter.

You can see it was a nice day. Here’s Max and I at the pond.

Me and Max at the pond

And here’s one of Max on his own.

Max in the pond

It was one of those days when Max was going from one pool of water to the next. Here he is in the little pool by the boardwalk.

Max in the pool by the boardwalk

We walked around the lower heath and then came to the Roman Road. The sun looked lovely through the trees in Longmeadow Lane woods.

Longmeadow Lane Woods

Longmeadow Lane Woods

This one was taken where the stream crosses the Roman Road.

The stream across the Roman Road

And lastly for today, Max in the leaves in Longmeadow Lane woods.

Max in the fallen leaves

It had been a lovely walk and did not feel quite a chilly as I was expecting.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I were also walking on Upton Heath, although it was not quite such a nice day.

The heath in the late afternoon


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