Our week-end walks on Upton Heath

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November 2016

Saturday afternoon Chris drove me and the dogs over to Upton Heath for our walk as usual. It was a bit of a grey day so I didn’t take the camera and only had my phone with me. We walked to the pond and then headed up the hill towards the viewpoint. En route I was really pleased to find some really nice orange peel fungus.

Orange Peel Fungus

We walked on up the hill where I liked the light in the sky behind the power lines.

Power lines on Upton Heath

We continued on up towards the viewpoint and just before we reached it I took this photo looking back across the heath.

Looking back across the heath

After that we continued on to Beacon Road and I phoned Chris to come and pick us up.

On Sunday I took Jez and Max up to Corfe Mullen and we walked across the top of the heath. The sun was out today and the views were stunning.

Looking across Poole Harbour to Arne

Here’s Max on the heath.

Max on the heath

And here are Max and Jez.

Max and Jez in the late afternoon sunshine

We were out quite a while and the sun was starting to go down as we got back to the reservoir.

The sun starts to set

We walked back to the car and Max and Jez lay down on the grass while I pumped up my front tire which had a slow puncture (now mended). When he got up Max could hardly walk. I’m guessing it’s another arthritis flare up in his elbow, so it looks as though we’ll have to rest him for a while.

A year ago today

On 13th last year we were up the top of Upton Heath (what a coincidence) where I took this photo looking out across Poole Harbour.

Shafts of sunlight over Poole Harbour


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