Time to see the vet

Monday 21st November 2016

No, that’s not Jez or Max but the cows on Upton Heath. Jez, Max and I went for our walk over there this morning and were passed by a Land Rover full of people, which it turned out were going to round up the cows to take them for their vet check. A short time later we saw them coming back down the hill with the cows in hot pursuit. I moved the dogs off the path and took this rather murky shot as they passed us, trotting after the Land Rover.

The cows were following the land rover - heading for a vet check

Little did they know!

Otherwise, as you can see, it was rather murky and I only had my phone with me. We walked to the pond, although Max had a puddle stop on the way…

Puddle time

.. and from there walked on up the hill towards the Viewpoint and Beacon Road. En route I took this photo of Max in one of his little watery pools.

Max finds more water

Normally I’d call Chris to pick us up at Beacon Road, but today the kitchen fitters moved in and are stripping out our old kitchen. I have Jez on her anti-anxiety meds, but as she was coping well with the walk we all walked back down the Roman Road to Beechbank Avenue where we’d started out. So a nice long walk to wear the dogs out.

Over the week-end I took some photos of the old kitchen before it was removed, and I’ll take photos of progress on the new kitchen as it goes in. But I’ll include them all as a single post once the work is complete (well, excluding the flooring as I can’t get that done until the New Year).

A year ago today

I messed up again on the last post and the photo of Juno, the whippet, I posted, was from a year ago today. So here’s her stop-brother, a beautiful Saluki, from the same walk.

Backlit Saluki


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