Fungi at last!

Monday 25th September to Saturday 20th September 2017

Well I say Monday, but actually there aren’t any photos from Monday. On Tuesday, however, work started to remove our monster hedge from the front garden. It had just got too big to maintain and anyway, it was starting to die.

Work starts to remove the monster hedge

Progress was much quicker than I expected.

End of day 1 and a lot of the monster hedge has gone

Work continued apace on Wednesday.

Day 2 and there's only a small amount of hedge left

Come Thursday morning we were waiting for the stump grinder.

Awaiting stump grinding on day 3

I thought it would take ages, but it took a little over an hour – in fact I missed it as I was walking Teddy, so there are no photos.

For our walk on Thursday I took Teddy over to Canford Heath where the fungi are finally starting to appear: like this little chap.

Lone fungus

I also found some wax caps.

Wax Caps

The walk wasn’t bad, but it was pretty overcast as you can see from this view looking across Poole.

An overcast day on Canford Heath

There’s also a photo of Teddy at bedtime today, which I’ve entitled Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty

On Friday we went over to Upton Heath as usual. It was another overcast day so I only took my phone. However, as on Canford Heath the fungi are now appearing. Here are some Fly Agaric.

Fly Agaric

And another member of the Amanita family, the Panther Cap.

Amanita pantherina

Along the Roman Road I found these little fungi growing on top of an old tree stump.

Top of a tree stump

And, of course, we mustn’t forget Teddy, who spent some time trying to dislodge a small tree in the little pool alongside the boardwalk

Teddy tries to dislodge a small tree

In the end he contented himself with just chewing it.

On Saturday afternoon we were back on Upton Heath again, and once again it was a bit of a grey day.

A grey day on Upton Heath

We walked up the Roman Road, out onto the heath and across to the viewpoint and then down the hill. After that we crossed the old railway line and walked round the lower heath, which is where the Fly agaric are to be found.

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric Fly Agaric

And did I mention that they finished the new fence yesterday? It was quite late when they finished so I took the photo today after our walk.

The new fence is up!

We’re really pleased with it, as are the neighbours fortunately.


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