It’s mainly about Canford Heath

Sunday 29th October to Saturday 4th November 2017

There are no photos from our walk on Sunday, but the first photo I have for you is Bed Head Teddy, taken as he lay on my bed in the morning.

Bedhead Teddy On

Monday morning we did our usual walk on Upton Heath. Here is Teddy in the lovely sunshine over the heath.

Teddy on Upton Heath

And here he is hiding behind a tree in the silver birch grove.

Teddy's Hiding

On Tuesday we went over to Canford Heath. Once again it was quite a nice morning. When we came across the cows I put Teddy on the lead.

Teddy has to go on lead to meet the cows

He was a good boy though. Here he is checking back with me that he’s behaving well.

Look what a good boy I am Mum

As you can see from the previous two photos, some of the cows were on the path and we had to make our way around them. Most were on the heath though.

Cows on Canford Heath

There’s one last photo from Wednesday – of Teddy on the old Coach Road. I was actually taking a photo of that lovely backlit silver birch tree, but Teddy had to get in on the act.

Teddy on the Old Coach Road

On Wednesday I went to my Dad’s in the morning, so took Teddy out in the afternoon. As usual at that time on a week day I parked in Steeple Close and we walked from there. Although it had been sunny earlier the sun was behind hazy cloud by the time we got to South Walk.

Canford Heath skies

It made for another series of photos of interesting skies over Canford Heath though.

Firstly, here’s Teddy having a drink on South Walk

Teddy has a drink

And here’s three more photos from that afternoon.

Canford Heath skies

Canford Heath skies

Canford Heath skies

And that is it for this week. The weather didn’t really encourage me to take the camera for the rest of the week (I seem to recall we were actually walking in fog on Thursday morning). I hope you’ve enjoyed the week’s photos.


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