A touch of frost

Monday 6th November 2017

Monday was a cold morning and we found a frosty entrance to Upton Heath.

A frosty entrance to Upton Heath

Someone had obviously lost a dog’s name tag, and it had been placed on the bench where it was duly frosted.

Lost nametag

Even the nettles looked nice in the frost and sunshine.

Frsot on the nettles

But apart from that bit of frost it was warm and sunny on our walk. Warm enough for Teddy to go in the pond.

Teddy in the pond

And here he is in the grass close by the pond.

Teddy in the autumn grasses

He did have a more contemplative moment, though.

Teddy looking serious

That was taken moments before our friend, Zeus, arrived, after which all hell broke loose as they raced around playing.

Teddy and Zeus playing

And I’m really pleased of this shot of the two of them.

Teddy and Zeus had a great game

It sometimes looks scary when they play, but I love to see dogs playing. And I love that Teddy enjoys playing with other dogs so much.


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