Two walks in the sunshine on Upton Heath

Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th November 2017

Oh dear! I’m so sorry. I’m over a month behind. I’m afraid that inspiration to take photos and motivation to write this blog seems to be somewhat lacking at the moment. I will do my best to play catch up, however.

So back to the end of November. On Wednesday 22nd November I took Teddy over to Upton Heath. We did our ‘Saturday walk’ as we hadn’t done it on Sunday (I can’t quite recall why, but it had been Chris’ birthday), and we walked up the Roman Road. By the old railway bridge we came across an abandoned car.

Abandoned car along the Roman Road

There was some low sunshine, and I took this shot of Teddy at Pinesprings.

Pinesprings in Autumn

Once out on the heath the sky was beautiful.

Fabulous skies over Upton Heath

But by the time we had walked down the hill the sun was starting to go down.

The sun sets over Upton Heath

The next time I took the camera out was on Saturday and we did the same walk all over again. The sun looked lovely on the trees up at the Beacon Road entrance to the heath.

Upton Heath in the Autumn

I’m hoping you can see what I mean in this next photo, but coming down the heath I was surprised by vertical lines in the clouds.

Vertical lines in the clouds

I also took a photo of Teddy in the afternoon sunshine.


Once we got to the silver birch grove on the lower heath Teddy made a new friend: Arthur, a Wire-haired German Pointer. They had great fun playing. Here Teddy had Arthur on the ground.


And I love this action shot of them playing.

Teddy and Arthur had a great time playing

And that’s all for that particular week.


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