A day out

Sunday 6th November 2016

Today we were invited to Chris’ parents flat in London to see their new kitchen and bathroom. It was also an opportunity to see Chris’ Dad who has been quite poorly of late. As usual when we visit them we stopped off at Virginia Water Lake which is part of the Royal Parks around Windsor. We only stay for an hour as parking is exorbitant, but the dogs love it. Today it was cold, sunny and packed with people and dogs.

Both dogs started out by having a dip in the lake. Here’s Jez…


… and here’s Max being joined by a little terrier as Chris throws his cone.

A small terrier chases Max as he chases his cone

We walked along the main path towards the Duck Pond in the crowds of people, but then turned off into the trees.

Walking through the woods

It was lovely through here.

The woods in Auturmn

A little bit further on and the track opened out.

The Royal Park

At this point we veered left to loop back around to the Duck Pond. En route Chris stopped to give the dogs a treat.

Treat time

We walked on to the Duck pond…

Walking towards the duck pond

… where I liked the reflection of the trees in their Autumn shades in the water.

Autumn colour across the pond

And then we headed back along the main path until we cut back through the trees towards the car park.

The woods in Auturmn

It had been a lovely walk as the woods were stunning. And we had a lovely visit with Chris’ family after that. Sadly the journey home out of central London wasn’t so good, especially as there was a large firework display just off Ladbroke Grove and we got stuck in a traffic jam on Holland Park Avenue.

A year ago today

A very high tide had caused the stream to flood at Upton Country park.

The stream's more swollen than ever


More filming

Thursday 1st September 2016

I had a very busy day today. First of all I took Max for a walk over Upton Heath. I din’t take Jez as she had a hydro-fit appointment at mid-day. So after I had returned home with Max and had a shower I got Jez in the car and we went to her hydro session. I had been hoping to hear what the orthopaedic specialist had to say about Max, but the vet hadn’t heard back from them.

And then after a quick lunch I loaded up the tripod and the camera and went down to Poole Quay to do some more filming for Chris, and that is where today’s photos are from. There are only 3 of them though as I was busy filming.

This is the view looking down the Quay.

Looking down the Quay

While I was there the land train came along and was busy picking up passengers.

The Land Trail

And as it was a warm, sunny afternoon people were also busy buying ice creams.

Anyone for an icecream?

The pubs were pretty full too, with lots of people sitting out front on the Quay. However, I was so busy filming I don’t seem to have taken a photo of that! After just over an hour I had to get the car back to Chris so he could take the dogs out. Then, after putting the vacuum cleaner around, I could have a rest, which was a good job as I was worn out.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Crossing the heath

Linda & I go on a Poole Harbour boat trip

Friday 22nd July 2016

Friday morning was pretty much like every Friday morning: grocery shopping followed by Jez’s hydroptherapy. The only difference was that this week Linda came with me. In the afternoon, however, while Chris took the dogs out, Linda and I went down to Poole Quay in order to take a boat trip around Poole Harbour. This sailing ship was moored up against the quay when we got there.

Queen Galadriel

As you can see, it was a beautiful, hot day. At first we thought we were going to be unlucky as we had just missed one boat, but then we found that one of the Brownsea Island boats goes out to the island and then on round the harbour. This was ideal as it also gave us the option of getting off at Brownsea Island and having a short walk around.

Linda bought our tickets and the boat trip was soon underway. I took this photo of Poole Quay boat haven as we passed.

Poole Quay Boat Haven

And here’s one of the Brownsea Island ferries returning to the quay.

Brownsea Island Ferry

We were sat on the top deck of the boat in the sun and the breeze, so it was a lovely trip.


As it was such a lovely day there were lots of boats out in the harbour, both sail…

Sail boat

…and power.

Power boat

At Brownsea Island, where Baden Powell held the very first Scout camp, we made our way to the viewpoints. Here you can see the chain ferry that goes between Sandbanks and the Studland Peninsula.

Sandbanks to Studland Chain Ferry

And here is a panorama of the Studland Peninsula.

Studland Peninsula and Poole Harbour

We didn’t have time to walk too far but in the end walked around for over and hour before we made our way back to the National Trust shop and bought an ice cream before catching the last boat (at 5pm). As we left we passed the old castle entrance. The castle, which is now a private hotel, was built by Henry VIII as a defensive fort in the 1540s.

Castle Entrance

The trip around the harbour was lovely and there was an interesting commentary. This was Newton Bay.

Newton Bay

The problem was the light and direction of the sun wasn’t great for photography, so I scrapped most of the photos I took. Here we are coming back towards Poole Docks and the Quay.

Poole docks and quay

And here is Poole Quay.

Poole Quay

I also have a very nice photo of Linda.


We eventually got home around 6.30pm. Linda had thought I’d overdone it when I bought a 4 hour car park ticket, but we needed all 4 hours of it. It was a bit late to start cooking when we got in, so Chris went and picked up Fish & Chips, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Before that, though, there was time for Linda and I to raise a glass of fizz.

Me and Linda

A year ago today

We were at Wareham Forest, and there were some big black clouds.

Jez heads towards the viewpoint

A day out with the family

Wednesday 20th July 2016

When I was speaking to Chris’ Mum and Dad a few days ago I suggested we pick them up then go to pick my Dad up, and to all go out for the day. So today that’s what we did. I packed a picnic, collected everyone, and drove out to Buckler’s Hard in the New Forest in Hampshire.

Buckler’s Hard is an 18th century shipbuilding village situated on the picturesque Beaulieu River. This is the view down to the river. You can see my Dad, Chris, Jez and Max in the photo.

Dad, Chris and the dogs

This is looking downriver close to where we had our picnic lunch.

Looking down the Beaulieu River

And this is a panorama looking up river, encompassing the sailing club.

The Beaulieu River

The river is tidal, so contains quite a lot of sea water. Nevertheless, it was was a very hot day and both dogs were glad of its presence. They spent a lot of their time cooling down in it.

Jez and Max managed to keep cool

After we’d had our lunch we went on a short boat trip down the river.

View up the Beaulieu River from our boat cruise

Here are Chris’ Mum and Dad (Ann and John) on the boat.

Ann & John on the river boat

And Chris.


We also met a little 17 year old Jack Russell terrier, whose owner was wheeling him around in a cart. He had a little cooling jacket on and soon settled down to snooze on the boat. His jacket said ‘Chill Out’ and I think you’ll agree that’s exactly what he did.

Chill Out

And being on the boat meant that I could get a nice shot of Buckler’s Hard from the river.

Buckler's Hard

After the boat trip we had a cursory look around the museum. I say cursory as you could have spent hours in there. It was really interesting though and worth a visit. And after that we headed back home, through the New Forest to drop Dad in Highcliffe before dropping Chris’ Mum and Dad in Bournemouth. When we eventually got home my cousin, Linda, was sitting in the garden waiting for us. She has come to stay for a few days.

Two years ago today

There are no photos from a year ago today. Two years ago today, though, Jez, Max and I went for a walk in Wareham Forest.

Queen of the Castle

In search of some shade

Sunday 3rd July 2016

It was Jezebel who was in search of some shade, and it was surprising as we’ve hardly had any sun this summer. We’ve had an awful lot of cloud and quite a bit of rain, but not a lot of sun.

This afternoon I suggested we take the dogs to the Broadstone Fun Day and dog show. It was overcast when we left home and there was a bit of a chill breeze, but when we got to Broadstone Rec and were out of the wind the sun came out. Which meant that poor little Jez got a bit hot. Of course, Max most probably got hot as well, but it doesn’t seem to bother him as much. Jez’s heart condition doesn’t help. So Jez spent a lot of her time in search of shade.

Here she found some in the stand for the local jewellers.

Jez rests in Forum Jewellers tent

The ladies on the stand were very nice and didn’t mind her being there at all. She also did her usual trick of looking for shade next to cars.

More shade to rest in - this time provided by a car

And one final photo of her – the best one of the day.

Happy dog

We must have wandered around for just over an hour before we headed home again, but it had made a nice little outing for a change.

A year ago today

It was hot and sunny and Jez, Max and I went to Delph Woods in search of shade.

Max and Jez

A trip to see the snowdrops at Kingston Lacy

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Poor Max has been in a bad way. He’s having short walks again now, but on Monday when we saw the vet he couldn’t really put any weight on his front leg. The vet thinks it’s another arthritis flare up and gave him a Metacam injection and told me to increase his Tramadol dose to 100mg 3 times a day, which I’ve done.

So I haven’t been out walking any dogs (Chris has taken Jez out in the afternoon). And as sunshine was forecast for this morning I thought I’d take myself off to Kingston Lacy House, which is a nearby National Trust property, to see the snowdrops.

As you can see, although it was very cold, it was sunny when I arrived.

Kingston Lacy House (rear)

And one of the gardeners was cutting the big hedges.

Cutting the hedge

I made my way to the Victorian Fernery first.

The Victorian Fernery

Here I found lots of snowdrops…

Snowdrops in the Fernery

… cyclamen…


… primroses…


… and Hellebores.


And here’s a close up of the snowdrops for you.


In the Lime Avenue there were daffodils out too …

Daffodils and snowdrops in the Lime Avenue

… and some Camellias.


By this time the sun had gone in, but i pressed on with my walk and was rewarded with banks of snowdrops.

Bank of snowdrops

After that I doubled back a short way and made my way around the Woodland Walk, finally returning to the house where they had lots of snowdrops for sale.

Snowdrops for sale

By then I was frozen so I headed back to the car and came home.

There are a few more photos on my Flickr stream if you want to take a look at them.

A year ago today

The dogs had great fun walking in the snow on Upton Heath.

Looking towards the old railway line

Sculpture by the Lakes (part 2)

Wednesday 1st July 2015

And so onto some of the individual sculptures. I’m not going into a any detail on these. I will just give you the titles. If you want more information on the Sculpture Park you can go to their website here: Sculpture by the Lakes



“Roe Deer”

"Roe Deer"



“Silver Swans”

"Silver Swans"



“Barn Owl”
"Barn Owl"

“Bird of Happiness”

"Bird of Happiness"



“Whispering Spirit”

"Whispering Spirit"

“Tree Spirit”

"Tree Spirit"

“Search for Enlightenment”

"Search for Enlightenment"





I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos as much as Dad enjoyed his day out. If you want to see all of them then you can go to my Flickr Album here. Just click on the first thumbnail and then you can page through in the viewer.