The inner puppy starts to show itself

Sunday 25th June to Saturday 1st July 2017

That’s obviously Teddy I’m talking about. The estimate we’ve had is that he’s between 12-18 months old, but we think it is most probably nearer 12 months as, now he’s feeling more confident at home, we are starting to see a lot of puppy behaviour. Of course, this means we have to keep our eye on him all the time. In addition, he is requiring more house training that we would have liked, but we think we’re getting there.

On Sunday afternoon I took Teddy up to the top of Upton Heath for our walk. Here he is heading down the hill.

Heading down from the top of Upton Heath

And here’s a panorama from a few yards further down.

Panorama over Upton Heath

Being a site hound, though, he loves to stand and gaze out over the heath.

Teddy likes to gaze across the open heath

I’ve also got a couple of bits of video of him today. In this one he is playing with his toys in the garden.

I find it interesting that he likes his toys as when we first gave them to him he didn’t seem too sure what to do with them. Now he loves them though.

He also likes to race around the garden at times, and is in the process of completely destroying my lawn.

Of course, after all that running he’s usually worn out – so much so that on this occasion he had to lie in the shade to have a drink.

So tired after his zoomies he has to lay down to drink

Mind you, at least in that photo he’s drinking from his bowl. You see, he’s also worked out that he can drink from the fish pond – and eat the fish food!

Not only does Teddy drink the pond water, but now he's eating the fish food too!

At least Jez and Max used to limit themselves to only eating the fish food that had fallen on the ground.

On Saturday I took him for another walk on Upton Heath. I had intended to do a long walk around the back of the heath, but as we arrived we met a lady with 3 dogs including a saluki cross (which she had muzzled, and a young wolfhound. So we walked with her. Well, I say walked. For the first time I let Teddy off the lead for his walk as all he wanted to do was play with the saluki cross. They spent their time racing backwards and forwards at top speed and he had a wonderful time. Here he is with the lady and all 3 dogs at the pond.

Making new friends on Upton Heath

And he’s getting a lot braver when it comes to the water.

Getting braver in the pond

I’ll leave you today with photos of Teddy doing one of the things Teddy likes to do best, apart from playing and eating that is. Teddy likes to lounge and snooze. So here he is on the sofa in my sitting room.

Teddy likes the sofa in my sitting room

Having a snooze on the sofa.

Snoozing position

And snoozing on my bed.

Snoozing on my bed

And we have news. We’ve had his DNA results back and it turns out he’s not a lurcher, he’s a longdog. He his 50% Saluki (Persian Greyhound) and 50% Greyhound. His parents were both Saluki/Greyhound crosses and they both had a Saluki and a Greyhound as their parents. So now we know. It was a bit of a shock. We thought he had deerhound in him, although I hadn’t ruled out Saluki, and possibly poodle. But as a friend said, they are both short-coated breeds, so where does all of Teddy fluff come from?

Introducing Teddy

Saturday 10th June 2017

After losing Jez and Max in such a short space of time Chris and I found ourselves with a huge hole in our lives. Our whole routine changed, and although we did still go out for walks from time to time, it just wasn’t the same. So we started to search for another companion. Last weekend we found Teddy at a local rescue.


He is a young lurcher of some description (I believe they are also known as Longdogs in the US), approximately a year to 18 months old. The centre had called him Yeti. They didn’t know his name as he was picked up as a stray by a local dog warden. He had been microchipped but his details hadn’t been updated. He is very gentle and was very calm and we said we’d have him. We went back a few times over the course of the week, during which he was neutered. This was taken on one of our visits.

Teddy licks his lips

And today he officially became ours and we bought him home.

Teddy's home

He’s a very pretty boy, as you can see.


And very good on the lead. Once he’d had a while to settle in I took him round Creekmoor Ponds for a little walk.

Teddy's first walk with me

But with all of the things that had happened to him during the day he was soon worn out.

I think Teddy's settling in ok

And it wasn’t long before he made himself at home and discovered the joys of a sofa.

I just about managed to squeeze onto the sofa

There was just about room for me.

After which it was time for another snooze.

Teddy has worked out where he wants to sleep

Our Sweetheart Girl

Sunday 28th May 2017

It is with heaviest of hearts and tears in my eyes that I have come back here to let you know that our sweetheart girl, Jezebel, passed over the rainbow bridge on Tuesday 23rd May 2017. After struggling on for so long the poor little soul’s back legs just wouldn’t work any longer. She was a happy little dog right up to the end though, so I thought I’d share one or two photos of her from the past few months that I may not have shared before.




Jez in reflective mood


Are you pointing that camera at me again?

Jez looks out over Lychett Bay

The world looks much better this way up

Time for Jez to have a rest

Coming down the hill

Jez snoozing in the sun

Jez rests in the bluebells

Run, free from pain and stiffness, with all your old friends my gorgeous girl. We will love you always.

Remembering Max

Sunday 17th April 2017

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted for so long everyone. It has been as a result of a number of things, but most notably poor weather meaning fewer photos and an awful lot of decorating in the house meaning no time to edit photos or write posts.

But I’m afraid I am back with some very sad news. On Saturday 1st April 2017 we lost our big, beautiful boy Max.


He passed away as a result of complications arising from an MRI scan, as a result of which he developed aspirate pneumonia. It was very quick and very unexpected. He was having more and more trouble walking, so we were expecting to get him new hips, but instead we lost our dog. So rather than catch up on loads of general photos I will share a few I haven’t posted of Max (sometimes with Jez) during the past couple of months.

In the icy pond – 23 January 2017 Max in the icy pond

On Upton Heath – 22 January 2017Max on the heath

Max has to close his eyes to show us his tongue – 22 January 2017 Max has to close his eyes to show us his tongue

A last, somewhat breezy walk on the beach – 2 February 2017Max's ears feel the effects of the wind

Having a bio-mag treatment at the vet after a session in the water walker – 3 February 2017 After a session in the water walker Max has his bio-mag treatment

In the stream at Upton Country Park, with his cone – 12 February 2017Max in the stream

Wondering why the stream at Upton Country Park has changed – 3 March 2017 Mum! What's happened to my stream?

In his favourite gully on Canford Heath – 17 March 2017Max in the gully

With Jez on Upton Heath – 25 March 2017 Jez and Max

Covered in mud from Holes Bay – 27 March 2017Oh Max! Just look at the state of you - this is the last proper photo of Max who crossed the rainbow bridge on 1 April 2017

This post has been in memory of Max: 17 July 2008 – 1 April 2017

And a cold start to 2017

Sunday 1st January – Saturday 7th January 2017

The cold spell has been continuing into the new year, although we had some rather welcome sunshine on Monday 2nd January. To celebrate Max and I went for a walk on Upton Heath as usual on a Monday.

New Year - Same old pond

Near the pond we met the 3 Weimeraners, including Hazel who had one of her usual ‘small’ sticks. Here she is having a good old chew at it.

Hazel's found herself a stick

We walked on round the lower heath and when we got to the Roman Road Max got in the stream as usual. The light on his was lovely.

Max in the stream

And lastly for today, here is a shot of the Roman Road where the stream crosses it.

The Roman Road in winter

On Tuesday it was a cold and frosty start, so I chose to take Max out to Kingston Lacy. When we got there Max was a bit worried by the warning sign at the entrance.

The sign has got Max a bit worried

But he needn’t have worried as the paths weren’t slippery at all. The grounds were looking lovely in the frost and sunlight though.

A clear, frost morning

This photo was taken along the Cedar Avenue.

Sun throught the cedars

As was this one of a frosted bench.

Frosted seat

These frosty leaves also caught my eye.

Frosty leaves

It was only towards the end of our walk that we began to see many other people. This couple passed us as we walked through the gardens, though.

Waling through the gardens

We walked on round to the Japanese garden, which looked nice in the frost and sun.

The Japanese Garden

And I rather liked the light and shade around this little ornament.

Stone ornament

After that we continued on through the woodland walk and finally back to the car.

Wednesday I went to see my Dad as usual and on Thursday we once again had a heavy frost so I decided to take Max down to Lychett Bay. The tide was out and the shoreline was rather icy.

An icy Lychett Bay at low tide

Max was not happy as he couldn’t get anywhere near the water.

Max is not happy that the tide is out

We walked on round to the small beach at Turlin Moor, where the boats looked lovely in the still water.

Reflections on a cold morning

Round here the seaweed on the beach was frozen.

Frozen seaweed

As was the fishing gear left in the boats.

Fishing nets and float Frosted float

There was also frost over this discarded bag left on the beach.


Max finally managed to get down to the water round here, but he also got very muddy paws in the process.

Mr Muddy Paws!

After that we headed back to the car but before we left we went to see the new viewing platform that has been built overlooking the bay.

The new viewing platform

And this is the view it gives.

Lychett Bay from the viewing platform

And one last photo from our walk: a frozen seed head.

Frosty seedhead

You may be wondering where Jez was while Max and I were doing all this walking. Well, she was busy snoozing in the sun at home.

Jez snoozing in the sun

And who can blame her?

A year ago

From the same week a year ago I’ve chosen this photo, taken out at Badbury Rings, which is also part of the National Trust Kinston Lacy estate.

Circle of light

It wasn’t supposed to rain today

Sunday 21st August 2016

This afternoon it was quite hot and sunny, so I thought I’d take the dogs to Delph Woods where there is shade and water. And what happens? It immediately clouds over and we arrived there in the middle of a short shower of rain! Fortunately it soon stopped.

Our walk at the Delph was slightly different today, but we still started off heading for the lake.

Max in the lake

Jez soon joined Max in the water and after she had cooled off she came to stand on the bank while I continued to throw Max’s cones so that he could have a swim.

Jez has heard something

She soon got bored with just hanging around, though, and decided to try and eat a tree instead.

Jez tries to eat the tree

Today, instead of heading straight for the scout field I walked in the general direction of Gravel Hill. I normally avoid going over this part of the woods as if the dogs run off after deer it’s a bit close to the road. As the road is currently closed, however, I thought I would take the opportunity.

There is another small ponds here which, although it can tend to be a bit mucky, currently has waterlilies flowering on it.

Max by the lily pond

We walked around this pond before eventually heading back to the scout field. En route I took this photo of Max.


And here is Jez on the scout field.

Jez on the scout field

We sat and played on the scout field for a while, then walked down to the stream. After that we headed back to the car and home.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath.

Looking across Upton Heath

On Upton Heath

Saturday 9th July 2016

Apologies to everyone. I’ve been a bit busy and so haven’t had time to edit my photos, let alone write a blog post. But things are back to normal now and I’m in the process of having a bit of a catch up. My problem is going to be remembering what happened on our walks, so I think most of the time I will just have to let the photos tell the story.

So, on this particular Saturday Jez, Max and I went for a walk on Upton Heath in the afternoon. It took me a while to get Jez up the hill to the old railway line as she insisted on having a rest half way up.


While I was waiting for her to move on I took a photo of Max too.


We walked along the old railway line and headed for the pond, and I was surprised to see that the fungi, in this case Amanita pantharina, are already coming out.

The first Amanita Pantharinas

When we got to the pond a couple of ladies were already there with a lovely little 2 year old staffy-cross called Alice.

Meet Alice

As it was quite a warm day Jez had a long cool down…

Jez takes the weight off

… and a shake.

Shake time

Meanwhile Max waited patiently for me to throw his cone as usual.

Happy boy in the pond

And while my two were standing around calmly, Alice raced in and out of the water with her ball.

You've dropped your ball, Alice

After that we walked back to the car and came home. Chris had been cutting the lawn in the back garden so was ready for a rest and a beer.

Chris and Max relax in the garden

Of course, Jez had to join in.

Jez wants to join in

But she soon showed Chris what she thought of him.

Jez shows Chris what she thinks of him

So Chris retaliated.

Chris retaliates

And that’s it for today. We’d had a very pleasant afternoon.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park. Here he is in the stream.

Max wants to play in the stream