An explanation

Sunday 29 April 2018

I thought it only right that I apologise for the lack of posts on this blog of late. To be honest I have taken very few photos over the past few months. Although the poor weather has contributed to this I seem to have lost all of my motivation when it comes to photography. This may be because I only walk in the same two or three places nowadays. So I am taking a break. Whether this will be temporary or permanent I’m not sure.

I would like to thank all of you who have followed me and liked my posts or commented over the years. The blog has been something that, in the past, I have enjoyed doing. Maybe I will again in the future. Who knows.



Fungi at last!

Monday 25th September to Saturday 20th September 2017

Well I say Monday, but actually there aren’t any photos from Monday. On Tuesday, however, work started to remove our monster hedge from the front garden. It had just got too big to maintain and anyway, it was starting to die.

Work starts to remove the monster hedge

Progress was much quicker than I expected.

End of day 1 and a lot of the monster hedge has gone

Work continued apace on Wednesday.

Day 2 and there's only a small amount of hedge left

Come Thursday morning we were waiting for the stump grinder.

Awaiting stump grinding on day 3

I thought it would take ages, but it took a little over an hour – in fact I missed it as I was walking Teddy, so there are no photos.

For our walk on Thursday I took Teddy over to Canford Heath where the fungi are finally starting to appear: like this little chap.

Lone fungus

I also found some wax caps.

Wax Caps

The walk wasn’t bad, but it was pretty overcast as you can see from this view looking across Poole.

An overcast day on Canford Heath

There’s also a photo of Teddy at bedtime today, which I’ve entitled Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty

On Friday we went over to Upton Heath as usual. It was another overcast day so I only took my phone. However, as on Canford Heath the fungi are now appearing. Here are some Fly Agaric.

Fly Agaric

And another member of the Amanita family, the Panther Cap.

Amanita pantherina

Along the Roman Road I found these little fungi growing on top of an old tree stump.

Top of a tree stump

And, of course, we mustn’t forget Teddy, who spent some time trying to dislodge a small tree in the little pool alongside the boardwalk

Teddy tries to dislodge a small tree

In the end he contented himself with just chewing it.

On Saturday afternoon we were back on Upton Heath again, and once again it was a bit of a grey day.

A grey day on Upton Heath

We walked up the Roman Road, out onto the heath and across to the viewpoint and then down the hill. After that we crossed the old railway line and walked round the lower heath, which is where the Fly agaric are to be found.

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric Fly Agaric

And did I mention that they finished the new fence yesterday? It was quite late when they finished so I took the photo today after our walk.

The new fence is up!

We’re really pleased with it, as are the neighbours fortunately.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue Country Fayre

Sunday 24th September 2017

On Sunday Margaret Green Animal Rescue held their annual Country Fayre out at Church Knowle. Margaret Green is the rescue we got Teddy from, and to support their cause, and because Church Knowle is in such a beautiful setting in the Purbeck Hills, we took Teddy there. It wasn’t a very nice day, though, and we eventually had rain. We also had a problem with Teddy who has decided he doesn’t like travelling in the car for more than about 10 minutes and so he gets anxious and whines and yaps. As the trip to Church Knowle is around 25 minutes this presented us with a bit of a challenge!

Anyway, this time I concentrated on photos of some of the dogs there. So we have a happy staffy.

Happy Staffy

A rather stunning staffy.

What a stunner

A beautiful English Bull Terrier (she was just adorable).

Beautiful English Bull Terrier

A very fluffy German Shepherd puppy, who just wanted to play with every dog she saw.

GSD Puppy

A very gentle whippet.

Gentle Whippet

A lovely looking Cocker Spaniel.

Cocker Spaniel

And a Border Collie who’s been there,seen it, done it.

It's all too much for some

There were also birds of prey there. Like this Russian Steppe Eagle.

Russian Steppe Eagle

This Tawny Owl.

Tawny Owl

And this very cute Little Owl.

Little Owl

There was also a demonstration using a Harris Hawk.

Harris Hawk Harris Hawk

And, of course, I took some photos of Chris and Teddy. Firstly the more conventional one.

Chris and Teddy

And then a slightly more unusual photo of the two of them.

Chris and Teddy

And just a couple more from Sunday since Church Knowle is the place where Margaret Green houses all the rescues other than dogs. So here is a goose.


And a couple of sheep in the rain.

Just hanging out

Teddy was a nightmare on the way home. I tried sitting in the back seat to be close to him, which helped a bit. I also gave him a peanut butter stuffed Kong, which kept him quiet for a while. We’re hoping that it’s a phase that’s going to pass.

What to photograph?

Sunday 17th September to Saturday 23rd September 2017

Well it’s been another week with few days when I’ve taken photos. The reason has been not very good weather combined with, dare I say it, a lack of things to photograph. That is a terrible thing for someone who professes to be a photographer to say, I know, but it’s that time of year when summer is over, autumn hasn’t yet begun and everything is a bit tired and dirty looking. I can’t even find any fungi to photograph this year!

So on Monday, although I took the camera over Upton Heath, I didn’t really think the couple of photos I took were up to much. Tuesday, though, I had another go at taking Teddy out to Badbury Rings (you may recall last week’s aborted attempt where he whined so much in the car). Well he whined today too, but nowhere near as much so we actually made it to our destination.

It started really well for Teddy: he met a 9 month old GSD and they had a great run chasing each other. So Teddy was tired when we headed up the hill to the north of the Rings. As you can see, the harvesting is pretty much over.

The harvest is in

And the Old Man’s Beard is living up to its name.

Old Man's Beard

I quite like this shot of the seedheads against the blue sky.


Rather than walk all round the back of the Old Oak Wood today I cut across the front as Teddy was quite tired. Which meant that I got this photo of one of the old, fallen oak trees.

Fallen oak

Here’s a slightly different view of Kings Down Farm.

King Down Farm

And one of it nestled between the hills.

Nestled behind the hill

Walking back up the hill towards the Rings there were more seedheads. I’m quite pleased with these photos.

Seed Pods Seed Pods

And we came across another Red Admiral Butterfly.

Red Admiral on a Blackberry Flower

We walked round through High Wood where I was taken by the effect of the water droplets on this sycamore sapling.

Rain on a sycamore sapling

And then we walked on back round to the Rings. They seem to have removed the cows from Rings, no doubt in preparation for putting the sheep in there, so today for the first time I let Teddy stay off the lead as we walked back to the car. Here he’s trying to escape from the photo.

Teddy's in a hurry

And here’s another photo of him trotting along.


And lastly from our visit to Badbury Rings, a lovely little scabacious flower.


On Wednesday morning I went to visit my Dad, and then in the afternoon I took Teddy over to Canford Heath. As you can see he was very pleased to be out on his walk.

Teddy is happy to be out on his walk

There was a lot of cloud around, as you can see from this view across to the old tip, but it was surprisingly mild and for once we didn’t get wet.

Looking towards the old tip

And here’s Teddy again on South Walk.

Teddy on South Walk

On Saturday I took Teddy on a long walk all around Upton Heath. I thought we’d go there again before the paths get too wet and muddy and as Teddy can be off-lead this time. We started by going up the Roman Road as usual, where the sweet chestnuts are starting to fall. Max would have been so happy. He loved hunting for sweet chestnuts.

It's Sweet Chestnut time - Max would have been a happy dog

We walked out onto the heath, up to the Viewpoint and then headed to the path below the tip. On one of the boardwalks a Common Darter landed in front of us.

Common Darter

Further on round, under some trees, I found these boletus fungi.


Over near the Upton Bypass we met the cows and Teddy had to go over and investigate one that was lying down (no photo though, I’m afraid). And then we found this pretty little Common Centuary.

Common Centuary

We turned onto the lower heath and I was surprised to find this Cauliflower fungus (surprised as I have never come across one on Upton Heath before).

Cauliflower Fungus

And lastly for this week, a portrait of Teddy, taken on the boardwalk.

A portrait of Teddy

In the Garden

Friday 25th August 2017

Oops – sorry! I’m further behind than I thought. As you can see from the title, today is mainly about photos taken in the garden, although Teddy and I did go for a walk over Upton Heath and I took this photo at Creekmoor Ponds on the way home.

A blacck headed gull

So, back to the garden and in the afternoon I attached my 100m lens to the camera and tried a few photos of bees. I have three I really like.

Coming in to land.

Coming in to land

A bit of a stretch.

A bit of a strech

And close up.

Collecting pollen

I also took a few photos of Teddy – just because I could.


Cheecky chappie


I love the middle one. I think It shows his charachter.

And that’s it for Friday.

The inner puppy starts to show itself

Sunday 25th June to Saturday 1st July 2017

That’s obviously Teddy I’m talking about. The estimate we’ve had is that he’s between 12-18 months old, but we think it is most probably nearer 12 months as, now he’s feeling more confident at home, we are starting to see a lot of puppy behaviour. Of course, this means we have to keep our eye on him all the time. In addition, he is requiring more house training that we would have liked, but we think we’re getting there.

On Sunday afternoon I took Teddy up to the top of Upton Heath for our walk. Here he is heading down the hill.

Heading down from the top of Upton Heath

And here’s a panorama from a few yards further down.

Panorama over Upton Heath

Being a site hound, though, he loves to stand and gaze out over the heath.

Teddy likes to gaze across the open heath

I’ve also got a couple of bits of video of him today. In this one he is playing with his toys in the garden.

I find it interesting that he likes his toys as when we first gave them to him he didn’t seem too sure what to do with them. Now he loves them though.

He also likes to race around the garden at times, and is in the process of completely destroying my lawn.

Of course, after all that running he’s usually worn out – so much so that on this occasion he had to lie in the shade to have a drink.

So tired after his zoomies he has to lay down to drink

Mind you, at least in that photo he’s drinking from his bowl. You see, he’s also worked out that he can drink from the fish pond – and eat the fish food!

Not only does Teddy drink the pond water, but now he's eating the fish food too!

At least Jez and Max used to limit themselves to only eating the fish food that had fallen on the ground.

On Saturday I took him for another walk on Upton Heath. I had intended to do a long walk around the back of the heath, but as we arrived we met a lady with 3 dogs including a saluki cross (which she had muzzled, and a young wolfhound. So we walked with her. Well, I say walked. For the first time I let Teddy off the lead for his walk as all he wanted to do was play with the saluki cross. They spent their time racing backwards and forwards at top speed and he had a wonderful time. Here he is with the lady and all 3 dogs at the pond.

Making new friends on Upton Heath

And he’s getting a lot braver when it comes to the water.

Getting braver in the pond

I’ll leave you today with photos of Teddy doing one of the things Teddy likes to do best, apart from playing and eating that is. Teddy likes to lounge and snooze. So here he is on the sofa in my sitting room.

Teddy likes the sofa in my sitting room

Having a snooze on the sofa.

Snoozing position

And snoozing on my bed.

Snoozing on my bed

And we have news. We’ve had his DNA results back and it turns out he’s not a lurcher, he’s a longdog. He his 50% Saluki (Persian Greyhound) and 50% Greyhound. His parents were both Saluki/Greyhound crosses and they both had a Saluki and a Greyhound as their parents. So now we know. It was a bit of a shock. We thought he had deerhound in him, although I hadn’t ruled out Saluki, and possibly poodle. But as a friend said, they are both short-coated breeds, so where does all of Teddy fluff come from?

Introducing Teddy

Saturday 10th June 2017

After losing Jez and Max in such a short space of time Chris and I found ourselves with a huge hole in our lives. Our whole routine changed, and although we did still go out for walks from time to time, it just wasn’t the same. So we started to search for another companion. Last weekend we found Teddy at a local rescue.


He is a young lurcher of some description (I believe they are also known as Longdogs in the US), approximately a year to 18 months old. The centre had called him Yeti. They didn’t know his name as he was picked up as a stray by a local dog warden. He had been microchipped but his details hadn’t been updated. He is very gentle and was very calm and we said we’d have him. We went back a few times over the course of the week, during which he was neutered. This was taken on one of our visits.

Teddy licks his lips

And today he officially became ours and we bought him home.

Teddy's home

He’s a very pretty boy, as you can see.


And very good on the lead. Once he’d had a while to settle in I took him round Creekmoor Ponds for a little walk.

Teddy's first walk with me

But with all of the things that had happened to him during the day he was soon worn out.

I think Teddy's settling in ok

And it wasn’t long before he made himself at home and discovered the joys of a sofa.

I just about managed to squeeze onto the sofa

There was just about room for me.

After which it was time for another snooze.

Teddy has worked out where he wants to sleep