It’s mainly about Canford Heath

Sunday 29th October to Saturday 4th November 2017

There are no photos from our walk on Sunday, but the first photo I have for you is Bed Head Teddy, taken as he lay on my bed in the morning.

Bedhead Teddy On

Monday morning we did our usual walk on Upton Heath. Here is Teddy in the lovely sunshine over the heath.

Teddy on Upton Heath

And here he is hiding behind a tree in the silver birch grove.

Teddy's Hiding

On Tuesday we went over to Canford Heath. Once again it was quite a nice morning. When we came across the cows I put Teddy on the lead.

Teddy has to go on lead to meet the cows

He was a good boy though. Here he is checking back with me that he’s behaving well.

Look what a good boy I am Mum

As you can see from the previous two photos, some of the cows were on the path and we had to make our way around them. Most were on the heath though.

Cows on Canford Heath

There’s one last photo from Wednesday – of Teddy on the old Coach Road. I was actually taking a photo of that lovely backlit silver birch tree, but Teddy had to get in on the act.

Teddy on the Old Coach Road

On Wednesday I went to my Dad’s in the morning, so took Teddy out in the afternoon. As usual at that time on a week day I parked in Steeple Close and we walked from there. Although it had been sunny earlier the sun was behind hazy cloud by the time we got to South Walk.

Canford Heath skies

It made for another series of photos of interesting skies over Canford Heath though.

Firstly, here’s Teddy having a drink on South Walk

Teddy has a drink

And here’s three more photos from that afternoon.

Canford Heath skies

Canford Heath skies

Canford Heath skies

And that is it for this week. The weather didn’t really encourage me to take the camera for the rest of the week (I seem to recall we were actually walking in fog on Thursday morning). I hope you’ve enjoyed the week’s photos.


Blame Lightroom

Sunday 22nd October to Saturday 28th October 2017

First of all I have to apologise to everyone again for the long gap between posting. This has been caused by Adobe’s Lightroom Upgrade. Basically, the new version refuses to run on my not-very-old laptop, so I’ve had to move everything over to Chris’ old PC (which is slightly older than my laptop!) and, of course, that has been fraught with difficulty. Finally I am just about up to date with my photos, though, so I can return to this blog – if I can remember what was happening 3 weeks ago.

The first set of photos I have is from our afternoon walk on Canford Heath on Wednesday 25th October. I do the afternoon walk on a Wednesday as I go to see my Dad in the morning. We parked at Steeple Close, in order to avoid the school traffic, and close by my eye was caught by this Sweet Chestnut which was losing its leaves and backlit by the sun.

Sweet Chestnut in Autumn

It was a nice sunny afternoon and I took this photo of Teddy on top of the heath.

Teddy on Canford Heath

It was one of those days when he had to entertain himself as we didn’t really meet any other dogs for him to play with. He managed to tire himself out enough to have to take a short rest in a depression in the sand.


Which set him up nicely to take off at speed because he had heard a horse further down the hill which I couldn’t see. So I had to apologise profusely to the rider.

Friday was another sunny morning and we walked over to Upton Heath. This photo is taken as we crossed the Roman Road onto the heath.

Shadow and Light on the Roman Road

And here’s Teddy, looking very pleased with himself in the pond.

Teddy in the pond

On Saturday we were back on Upton Heath again, but doing our slightly longer walk. As we started out through Longmeadow Lane woods I saw these little sulphur tuft fungi.

Sulpher Tuft Fungi

As you can see from the photo below, it was a pretty overcast day and I was expecting rain, so I only had my iPhone with me, which is getting to be pretty old now. Anyway, this was the view from the top of the hill, looking across the heath.

Not much sunshine over the heath this afternoon

And that’s it for this week, I’m afraid.

End of Days

Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st October 2017

On Sunday afternoon Teddy and I went for our walk on Canford Heath for a change. At one time I always took Jez and Max to Canford Heath on a Sunday afternoon, but I had got out of the habit. It was a bit of an overcast day, though. This was the view across the west of the heath from what I call the ‘escarpment’ (basically a very steep hill that you can just about walk up, although Teddy and I took the easy route).

View from the 'escarpment'

We didn’t really meet any dogs for Teddy to play with on our walk, but he was happy running around. Here he is as we head back to the car.

On our way back to the car

And a short distance further on, here is a very happy Teddy on the sandy area.

Teddy loves the sandy areas

We’d obviously managed to wear him out today, as when we went to bed he was soon asleep.

Shhhh! Teddy's asleep

Now you may be wondering about my blog title. That is there to wind my husband Chris up. On Monday the remains of Hurricane Imogen passed over Ireland and bought a huge depression over the UK. The result was some very strange skies over southern England. This photo was taken on Upton Heath early in the morning. Although the sky simply looks overcast you may notice that there is quite a yellow cast to the photo.

Teddy and friends Zeus and Jasper

The photo is of Teddy with his friends Zeus and Jasper whom we met on our walk. After we left the pond, and Zeus, we walked on round the lower heath with Jasper and his Mum, Judy. From time to time Jasper and Teddy would run and play, which was nice. After my walk I went grocery shopping and as I did it was getting darker and darker, and the sky was getting more and more yellow. By late morning every car had its headlights on and it was like being in a sort of ochre twilight. By lunchtime, the sun was trying to break through the clouds, but it was a reddish-orange colour. This photo was taken outside my front door.

The sun at lunchtime

Apparently in London it was even redder. Lots of people were laughing and talking about ‘the end of days’ which for some reason annoyed Chris no end. So I spent the next 48 hours repeating it. And the cause? Well the depression had sucked in dust from the Sahara Dessert and smoke from the wild fires in Portugal, which combined had the effect of changing the colour of the sun and sky and making it quite dark.

The next day there was still a slightly pink tinge to the sun but the colour of the sky was back to normal, although there were some very interesting cloud formations over Canford Heath that I photographed as we walked. I will just post 3 of them here, but there are another 7 over on the Flickr stream.

Strange skies over Canford Heath (1) Strange skies over Canford Heath (5)

Strange skies over Canford Heath (7)

By Friday things were back to normal and we had sunshine for our walk to Upton Heath. Here is Teddy in the pond.

A lovely sunny morning

Later on in the walk Teddy made a new friend. I’m always a bit wary of letting him play with small dogs in case he thinks they are some sort of prey, but this one was up for a good game.

Teddy made a new friend today

They had a good time playing, as you can see.

Little and large at play

And all credit to the owners for letting him play with such a big dog.

By Saturday the wind had picked up Storm Brian approached the UK. We went for our normal afternoon walk on Upton Heath, avoiding the silver birch tree that had blown down at the entrance to the heath. As we walked up the Roman Road we met up with our friends Frazzle and Roxy.

We met Frazzle and Roxy today

That is Frazzle on the left and Roxy at the front on the right. And here is another photo of Frazzle.


As I said, it was a tad windy, as you can see from this photo of a windswept Teddy as we walked down the hill across the heath.

Teddy was bit windswept

As we approached the pond we met another friend, Wendy, with her dog, Titch, and her daughter’s dog. So we all walked on round with them. This photo was taken as we got back to the pine trees.

Walking with friends on Upton Heath

And that’s pretty much it for this week.

Repairs on Upton Heath

Sunday 8th October to Saturday 14th October 2017

Sunday was a bit of an overcast day and Teddy and I went up to the top of Upton Heath at Corfe Mullen for our walk. I only have one photo, a Fly agaric, which I took because it was National Fungi Day.

Fly agaric on National Fungi day

It rained first thing Monday morning, but had stopped by the time Teddy and I went for our walk on Upton Heath. It did mean that all of the spiders’ webs were covered in tiny droplets of water though.

Raindrops on a web

Last Friday we had bumped into some workmen from Scottish and Southern Energy, and they were explaining that they would be replacing an rotted, wooden electricity pole out in the bog and would be putting in a temporary roadway to reach it. Today when we they had put out some signs, which Teddy had to inspect.

Teddy inspects the signs

Where they are going to put the road out onto the bog there is a big hole which dogs have been enlarging, and on Friday the men had told me they were about to fill it in. All they have done is put up another sign though.

3 days after they said they were going to fill the hole in and they've just stuck a sign up!

We didn’t meet any dogs for Teddy to play with today, but we did bump into this pretty little spaniel.

Pretty little Cocker Spaniel

So Teddy had to make his own entertainment by running around and seeing if he could find anything of interest. Here he is in the little silver birch grove. Notice that the trees are rapidly losing their leaves now.

Teddy in the silver birch grove

Jumping forward to Thursday it was a lovely sunny morning and Teddy and I went for a walk over the far side of Canford Heath. This was the view after we had climbed the hill, looking out across Poole.

View over Poole

And here is Teddy on one of the paths across the heath.

Crossing Canford Heath

Along that path I found some really pretty little white and yellow flowers. I haven’t worked out what they are yet though.

Pretty white fowers

Getting all arty now, and I liked this dead tree which was seemingly pointing the way across the heath.

Pointing the way

And so onto Friday 13th October, unlucky for some but not for us. As usual on a Friday I did my grocery shopping before taking Teddy over to Upton Heath. On our arrival we found the workmen were still there, so Teddy had to go and investigate.

Teddy has to see what's going on

They told me they had finished the work and were waiting for the crew to come and take up the temporary road. Talking of which, here is Teddy testing it out.

Teddy on the temporary road

And here it is heading out across the bog.

Road into the bog

On the lower heath I was a bit surprised to find a very large gas pipeline marker had appeared since Monday.

Well that wasn't there on Monday

Close by was this pretty little bracket fungus.

Bracket fungus On

Saturday afternoon Teddy and I were back on Upton Heath. We had walked down the big hill with a Springer Spaniel and a Labrador, neither of which wanted to play with Teddy. When we got to the bottom of the hill and turned off to the pond Teddy, in his frustration, decided to dive head first into a boggy pool.

Teddy dived into a boggy pool

Fortunately the next stop was the pond where I was able to wash him off. Nearby the men were finishing taking up the temporary road.

Taking up the last of the temporary road

We walked out onto the lower heath and then Teddy took off. When I finally caught up with him he was playing with a 17 month old blue staffy called Alfie. They were having a great time, so we let them carry on for around 20 minutes before we walked on, although the dogs still continued playing. Sadly I don’t have any photos (they were moving too fast) but I think I can safely say they are now firm friends. Oh, and having been wet and then romped around in grey sandy soil Teddy was black again and had to have a shower when he got home, which he did not appreciate!

Of Dogs and Fungi

Sunday 1st October to Saturday 7th October 2017-10-15

Having said this post is from the 1st October I don’t actually have any photos from that day, so the first photos are from Monday 2nd when we went over to Upton Heath for our walk as usual. I took the EOS 6D with the 100mm Macro lens attached, and I’m glad I did as I got some really nice photos. Unfortunately, if you suffer from arachnophobia the first one isn’t quite so nice as its an Orb Spider.

Orb spider

That photos was taken along the old railway line. We walked onto the pond and Teddy was really pleased to find some doggie friends there. It all started with a meet and greet.

Meet and greet at the pond

We met Max, the Golden Retriever.

Max the Golden Retriever

And Buzz, the Viszla who was staying with Max temporarily.

Buzz the Vizsla

Teddy and Buzz had a good time playing.

Teddy and Buzz

And then there was Tig, one of our staffy friends.


After a good game we went our separate ways and I walked Teddy round through the old pits.

Teddy in the old pits

On the lower heath the Fly Agaric are still in evidence.

Flly agaric

Although these had been kicked over.


As usual Teddy went into the little pool by the small boardwalk for a drink.

Teddy by the boardwalk

And then posed for me.


After that we made our way home.

On Tuesday we started the day, as every day, with breakfast, and Teddy was a happy dog when he found out I’d finished the yogurt and he could have the pot. He soon got stuck in.

Nose in the trough

For our walk we went to Canford Heath and as it was a lovely sunny day I, once again, took the EOS 6D with the 100mm lens on it. Although it is a macro lens it is also excellent for portraits, which is why it’s great for taking photos of dogs, like this one of Teddy.


Fungi are also in evidence on Canford Heath, like this one, although I’m not too sure what it is.


As we walked through the woods I found this huge Cauliflower Fungus.

Cauliflower fungus

And these Razor Strop, or Birch Bracket Fungi.

Razor Strop Fungi

I also spotted this pretty little feather, suspended on some blades of grass.


There were more fungi when we left the woods. Firstly this Russula


And then this Panther Cap

Panther Cap

And lastly from Tuesday, a photo of Teddy surveying the heath as we walked back to the car.

Teddy surveys the heath

Jumping ahead to Friday we were again on Upton Heath. Firstly we went to the pond.

Teddy in the pond

And then, after Teddy had had a drink and a paddle, we headed towards the old pits. En route we met the cows.

We met the cows

You can see that at some point that one has had a nasty injury on its side.

On the lower heath we met several dogs. Firstly there was Oscar, a Border Terrier.


And then we met a lady with 4 small dogs, including this 12 week old Chihuahua puppy.

12 week old Chihuahua pup

At this point I put Teddy on the lead. As the lady said, he might have thought it was was a rat! He was really good with it, though, and very gentle, so I don’t think I need have worried. And this, was the pup’s father.

The pup's dad

While we were talking our friend Janet came along with her lurcher, Jake.

Our friend Jake

After a long chat we walked on round and, as usual, Teddy went in the pond by the small boardwalk where he was once again searching for something under the water.

Teddy is searching under the water again

When we got to the Roman Road I was pleased to see that there was another small fungus growing on the tree stump by the stream.


While we were there I took the opportunity to take a photo looking along the Roman Road while the leaves on the trees are still green. They won’t be there much longer.

The trees haven't turned along the Roman Road yet

The Virginia Creeper along the path in Creekmoor has turned though, and has produced beautiful Autumn colours.

Autumn Colours

I don’t have any photos from our walk on Saturday, but first thing in the morning the plumber arrived to fix our leaking stopcock. And do you remember that lovely new kitchen we had installed 10 months ago? Well, today part of it had to come apart again!

My new kitchen is in pieces! Bits of kitchen fill my small sitting room

I’m pleased to say that it’s all fixed and back together again.

Fungi at last!

Monday 25th September to Saturday 20th September 2017

Well I say Monday, but actually there aren’t any photos from Monday. On Tuesday, however, work started to remove our monster hedge from the front garden. It had just got too big to maintain and anyway, it was starting to die.

Work starts to remove the monster hedge

Progress was much quicker than I expected.

End of day 1 and a lot of the monster hedge has gone

Work continued apace on Wednesday.

Day 2 and there's only a small amount of hedge left

Come Thursday morning we were waiting for the stump grinder.

Awaiting stump grinding on day 3

I thought it would take ages, but it took a little over an hour – in fact I missed it as I was walking Teddy, so there are no photos.

For our walk on Thursday I took Teddy over to Canford Heath where the fungi are finally starting to appear: like this little chap.

Lone fungus

I also found some wax caps.

Wax Caps

The walk wasn’t bad, but it was pretty overcast as you can see from this view looking across Poole.

An overcast day on Canford Heath

There’s also a photo of Teddy at bedtime today, which I’ve entitled Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty

On Friday we went over to Upton Heath as usual. It was another overcast day so I only took my phone. However, as on Canford Heath the fungi are now appearing. Here are some Fly Agaric.

Fly Agaric

And another member of the Amanita family, the Panther Cap.

Amanita pantherina

Along the Roman Road I found these little fungi growing on top of an old tree stump.

Top of a tree stump

And, of course, we mustn’t forget Teddy, who spent some time trying to dislodge a small tree in the little pool alongside the boardwalk

Teddy tries to dislodge a small tree

In the end he contented himself with just chewing it.

On Saturday afternoon we were back on Upton Heath again, and once again it was a bit of a grey day.

A grey day on Upton Heath

We walked up the Roman Road, out onto the heath and across to the viewpoint and then down the hill. After that we crossed the old railway line and walked round the lower heath, which is where the Fly agaric are to be found.

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric Fly Agaric

And did I mention that they finished the new fence yesterday? It was quite late when they finished so I took the photo today after our walk.

The new fence is up!

We’re really pleased with it, as are the neighbours fortunately.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue Country Fayre

Sunday 24th September 2017

On Sunday Margaret Green Animal Rescue held their annual Country Fayre out at Church Knowle. Margaret Green is the rescue we got Teddy from, and to support their cause, and because Church Knowle is in such a beautiful setting in the Purbeck Hills, we took Teddy there. It wasn’t a very nice day, though, and we eventually had rain. We also had a problem with Teddy who has decided he doesn’t like travelling in the car for more than about 10 minutes and so he gets anxious and whines and yaps. As the trip to Church Knowle is around 25 minutes this presented us with a bit of a challenge!

Anyway, this time I concentrated on photos of some of the dogs there. So we have a happy staffy.

Happy Staffy

A rather stunning staffy.

What a stunner

A beautiful English Bull Terrier (she was just adorable).

Beautiful English Bull Terrier

A very fluffy German Shepherd puppy, who just wanted to play with every dog she saw.

GSD Puppy

A very gentle whippet.

Gentle Whippet

A lovely looking Cocker Spaniel.

Cocker Spaniel

And a Border Collie who’s been there,seen it, done it.

It's all too much for some

There were also birds of prey there. Like this Russian Steppe Eagle.

Russian Steppe Eagle

This Tawny Owl.

Tawny Owl

And this very cute Little Owl.

Little Owl

There was also a demonstration using a Harris Hawk.

Harris Hawk Harris Hawk

And, of course, I took some photos of Chris and Teddy. Firstly the more conventional one.

Chris and Teddy

And then a slightly more unusual photo of the two of them.

Chris and Teddy

And just a couple more from Sunday since Church Knowle is the place where Margaret Green houses all the rescues other than dogs. So here is a goose.


And a couple of sheep in the rain.

Just hanging out

Teddy was a nightmare on the way home. I tried sitting in the back seat to be close to him, which helped a bit. I also gave him a peanut butter stuffed Kong, which kept him quiet for a while. We’re hoping that it’s a phase that’s going to pass.