A walk around Badbury Rings

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Linda went home on Sunday, and although I took the dogs out Sunday afternoon and Monday morning I didn’t take any photos. Today, though, I took the Powershot with me when I took the dogs out to Badbury Rings. I should have checked it over first, though. I had last used it when we were down the beach and didn’t realise Max had splashed seawater all over the lens. The first few photos from today therefore have a bit of a blurry patch on them. Luckily, this isn’t over the main subject of the photo.

So today, as on our last visit, we walked through the centre of the old hill fort and then walked around the top of one of the embankments to the south. Today we chose the central embankment.

Although the day was overcast it was warm and there were lots of wild flowers out, like this selfheal.


Walking along I came across several of the beautiful, delicate little harebells.

Delicate Harebell

And I think this is a new one for me: a Pyramidal Orchid. They are only supposed to bloom until June, but I guess the cold damp weather we had in May and June has delayed them this year.

Late flowering Pyramidal Orchid

I was also pleased to see a 5 spot Burnett moth.

5 spot burnett moth on ragwort

It flew along with us for a while so I was able to get another photo of it.

5 spot burnett moth

There are so few insects around this year though. I have hardly seen any butterflies and a local photographer recently said on Twitter that he’s stopped taking his camera with him due to the lack on insects that are around.

Of course, I took some photos of the dogs. Here’s Jez.


And here’s Max.


I also took this profile close-up of Max.

Best not ask what Max has been eating!

Not nice – best not ask what he’s been snacking on. This might give you a clue though.

Here come the cows

Dogs! You’d think he was never fed

A year ago today

We’d obviously had a lot of rain. Here’s Max in a puddle on Canford Heath.

Puddle + cone = Play time


Butterfly Heaven, Allergy Hell

Friday 26th July 2013

I have taken so many photos today – far too many to share. So I’ll start with a few basic ones from the day, and then move onto some of my butterfly photos. Yes, I went back to Badbury Rings with Max this morning, armed with a more suitable lens on my 6D and with my new PowerShot.

It was a warm, sunny day again – no sign of the promised rain. Max and I did our normal walk around Badbury Rings but spent a long time photographing butterflies. Well, I photographed butterflies. Max romped through the long grass oblivious to his grass allergies…

Max romps through the grass at Badbury Rings

and kept scaring them all away.

Did I do ok scaring those butterflies away Mum?

In the middle of our walk we came across a slow worm (actually a legless lizard) which, thankfully, Max totally ignored.

Slow Worm

We also came across a group of ladies painting watercolours of the Rings.

The gentle art of watercolour painting

Back home, Max posed for me in the garden.

Big dog!

In the evening, because Jez hadn’t been out for a walk all day, I suggested to Chris we go down to the River Stour at Cowgrove again. So that’s where we went after dinner. The light was lovely as the sun was setting. Here’s Jez in the river.

Jez in the River Stour at Cowgrove

And do you remember that oak. Well it’s got a face.

Face of an oak

You can see where stories of tree spirits and ents come from.

All of those photos were taken with the new PowerShot. And so onto the butterflies. I’ll choose a selection, but there are more over on my Flickr stream.

Firstly the Meadow Brown.

Meadow Brown Butterfly

The Small Heath…

Small Heath Butterfly

The Large White…

Large White Butterfly

Large White Butterfly

And the Small White…

Small White Butterfly

The Peacock…


Peacock Butterfly

The Brimstone…

Brimstone Butterfly

The Tortoiseshell…

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

The Marbled White…


The Small Skipper…

Small Skipper Butterfly

And the Chalkhill Blue…

Chalkhill Blue Butterfly

I also found a couple of daytime moths. Firstly the 5 Spot Burnet…


And a Transparent Moth. In this case it had it’s wing caught on a thistle.

All caught Up

So I gently removed it and set it down somewhere a bit safer.

Free again

Sorry it’s been such a long post. Like I said, lots of photos. It took me hours to sort and edit them! And to try and identify all of the butterlies and moths. I hope I’ve got them right.