A night-time stroll

Friday 12th July 2013

It’s at the cooler end of the hot scale today again – around 22C. I put a t-shirt and thin cardigan on to take Max over Canford Heath in the morning, but once the sun came out I was too hot. It was quite hot for poor Max too, and even his stream has now almost disappeared. There is one fairly clean pool left on the hill leading from the red brick path to the pit road, so he went in there towards the end of our walk.

In the afternoon Dad and Pat came over and I took them round to the Currys megastore near us to buy a new TV & blu-ray player. That means I have to go over there and set it up for them in the next few days.

So come evening I didn’t have much in the way of photos (other than one of an almost non-existant stream) so I took the camera into the garden in the late afternoon. I was surprised to find a male stag beetle wandering round on the trunk of our oak tree. It had been in a sticky area where sap is leaking out (at least I assume that’s what it is) and had managed to gather up quite a lot of detritus on his pincers.

What on earth has this stag beetle been doing?

I don’t know whether it was deliberate or not.

Later in the evening I went out with Dorset Wildlife Trust to count glow worms on Upton Heath. We set off from the Beacon Hill centre at 9.30pm, and shortly after came across the cows, who were getting ready to settle down for the night.

The cows on Upton Heath

I took a couple of photos of the moon rising over the heath.

Moonrise over Upton Heath

Moonrise over Upton Heath

I tried to take a photo of a glow worm but sadly only ended up with fuzzy green blobs. We were surprised to not find many (only 9 on this walk) as in the same area last year we had found well over 20.

I got home just after 11.30pm to find that someone had put food out for the badgers (peanuts I think, unless it was dried dog/cat food), so I had a go at taking a few photos. They are shy, but the food made them overcome that provided I stood fairly still. This pair also look quite young. These shots are all handheld which was just about possible with a very high ISO speed and the presence of a nearby street lamp. They are in black and white to get rid of the colour cast from the sodium street lamp.

Coming out for a snack.

The badgers coming out for a snack

Weighing me up.

Weighing me up

Hello there!

Hello there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the badgers as much as I did.


Badger Watching

Badger Watching, originally uploaded by Julia Livesey.

I went out again with the camera to try and get some more photos of the badgers. This time I took the tripod and knew I could underexpose and still get half decent photos. As you can see, the badgers obligingly turned up as soon as I got there.
Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble adjusting the colour on this photo.
6 June 2010


Badger, originally uploaded by Julia Livesey.

Two nights ago Chris dropped me at the end of our road to take some video of the streetlighs for a DVD he is working on. As I approached our drive I found myself face to face with one of the local foxes. I crossed the road and started taking some film. Next think I knew a badger had appeared, and then another one. I’d been told they were there but had never seen them. Last night I went out with the camera. This was the result.
5/6 June 2010