And a cold start to 2017

Sunday 1st January – Saturday 7th January 2017

The cold spell has been continuing into the new year, although we had some rather welcome sunshine on Monday 2nd January. To celebrate Max and I went for a walk on Upton Heath as usual on a Monday.

New Year - Same old pond

Near the pond we met the 3 Weimeraners, including Hazel who had one of her usual ‘small’ sticks. Here she is having a good old chew at it.

Hazel's found herself a stick

We walked on round the lower heath and when we got to the Roman Road Max got in the stream as usual. The light on his was lovely.

Max in the stream

And lastly for today, here is a shot of the Roman Road where the stream crosses it.

The Roman Road in winter

On Tuesday it was a cold and frosty start, so I chose to take Max out to Kingston Lacy. When we got there Max was a bit worried by the warning sign at the entrance.

The sign has got Max a bit worried

But he needn’t have worried as the paths weren’t slippery at all. The grounds were looking lovely in the frost and sunlight though.

A clear, frost morning

This photo was taken along the Cedar Avenue.

Sun throught the cedars

As was this one of a frosted bench.

Frosted seat

These frosty leaves also caught my eye.

Frosty leaves

It was only towards the end of our walk that we began to see many other people. This couple passed us as we walked through the gardens, though.

Waling through the gardens

We walked on round to the Japanese garden, which looked nice in the frost and sun.

The Japanese Garden

And I rather liked the light and shade around this little ornament.

Stone ornament

After that we continued on through the woodland walk and finally back to the car.

Wednesday I went to see my Dad as usual and on Thursday we once again had a heavy frost so I decided to take Max down to Lychett Bay. The tide was out and the shoreline was rather icy.

An icy Lychett Bay at low tide

Max was not happy as he couldn’t get anywhere near the water.

Max is not happy that the tide is out

We walked on round to the small beach at Turlin Moor, where the boats looked lovely in the still water.

Reflections on a cold morning

Round here the seaweed on the beach was frozen.

Frozen seaweed

As was the fishing gear left in the boats.

Fishing nets and float Frosted float

There was also frost over this discarded bag left on the beach.


Max finally managed to get down to the water round here, but he also got very muddy paws in the process.

Mr Muddy Paws!

After that we headed back to the car but before we left we went to see the new viewing platform that has been built overlooking the bay.

The new viewing platform

And this is the view it gives.

Lychett Bay from the viewing platform

And one last photo from our walk: a frozen seed head.

Frosty seedhead

You may be wondering where Jez was while Max and I were doing all this walking. Well, she was busy snoozing in the sun at home.

Jez snoozing in the sun

And who can blame her?

A year ago

From the same week a year ago I’ve chosen this photo, taken out at Badbury Rings, which is also part of the National Trust Kinston Lacy estate.

Circle of light


Lake Pier in Black and White

Wednesday 8th June 2016

It was a muggy overcast morning this morning and I decided to take the dogs down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy for our walk. I took a few photos as the calm conditions made Poole Harbour look very appealing. When I got them back, though, there was virtually no colour in them (due to the weather and light) and they looked almost black and white. So I decided to edit them that way. In some I have lowered the clarity, and in others increased it slightly, for effect.

When we arrived there was someone fishing at the end of the pier.


I loved the reflections of the masts in the water in this next shot.


And this boat, which I photograph quite a lot, just looks becalmed.


And finally in the landscape series, one of the pier.


Today Jez coped with the beach far better than she did 3 weeks ago, so we walked along the beach to the steps, up the steps (she needed a bit of a hand with a few of them) and round to the lake. Then we walked back to the carpark and onto the beach by the marine base. Here’s one last photo from today, in colour this time, of Jez cooling down in front of the marine base fencing.

Jez wades through the sea

I think you can see from that photo why I said the photos of the sea today looked devoid of colour.


A year ago today

We went to Upton Heath where we met lots of our doggie friends. Here Jez gets some loving from Henry.

Jez gets some loving from Henry

Sunshine and Poole Harbour

Friday 11th March 2016

Max and I were later with our walk this morning, as always on a Friday, as I did my grocery shopping before I took him out. It was a lovely sunny morning and we went down to the Baiter and Whitecliff Park.

The strip of land between the Baiter and Whitecliff Park is all scrubby grass, but at certain times of the year you can find flowers growing in small patches there, and at this time of the year it is the turn of the daffodil.


When we got to Whitecliff Park this was the view over the yacht club.

Parkstone Yacht Club

Max wasn’t interested in the view though. He hopped over the wall and waited for me to throw something for him. Either that or he was playing peek-a-boo.


We had a quick play there and then headed back along the path towards the Baiter where we had a proper game of cone on the beach.


We continued along to the Baiter slipway where I loved the bright green of the seaweed that had washed up.


We turned across the Baiter and headed back to the car. Max managed to get covered in mud en route, but luckily there was a big puddle in the car park along Newfoundland Drive. I liked the tree reflected in it and thought it worked well in black and white.

Reflections in a puddle

And so back to the car via Poole Cycle Speedway track, which has this graffiti on the wall.


It had been a nice walk on a lovely sunny morning.

A year ago today

Frog spawn in the pond. Frog spawn at last

Upton Country Park in Black and White

Thursday 10th March 2016

Everything was a bit of a rush for me this morning. I had to walk Max, get back, changed and go to pilates, them come home, change, have lunch and finally take Jez to Wimborne for a physio appointment at 1.30pm. I did manage to take a camera with me on my walk to Upton Country Park, though, and today decided that I would look for shots that would look good in black and white.

Here is the first one, taken in the Woodland Walk.

Woodland Walk

And this was further on, along the path to Hamworthy.

Path to Hamworthy

Finally, for today, a closer shot of the signpost you can see in that last photo.


I managed to get home and make all of my appointments. I then spent the afternoon in the garden, plus did a bit of cleaning. I was worm out by the time I’d got dinner.

A year ago today

Max and I were also at Upton Country Park and I took this photo of a daffodil.


A walk in the sun on Canford Heath

Wednesday 6th January 2016

Max and I went out to Canford Heath this morning for our walk. And although it felt a bit cold when we started out, I soon warmed up and we actually had sunshine!

Max and I walking on the heath

We walked across from Gravel Hill to the ‘crossroads’ at the top of the Redbrick path and then headed up to South Drive, where I took this, by now standard, photo of the view across Poole.

View over Poole

And here’s another one from a few yards further on.

View from South Drive

We turned across the heath (where I took that first photo) and a little bit further on I took this, as I liked the way the sun lit up the old, dead tree.

Trees on the heath

And I know I’ve taken photos of this tree (further on down the hill) before, but today I liked the sunlight on the lichen-covered branches.

Lichen covered tree in the sunshine

And finally for today, another experimental one of the pine trees.

Playing around with trees

As previously, it was taken handheld, but I really need to use a tripod fr this technique.

A year ago today

It was an overcast, very muddy walk on Canford Heath where Jez had to explore a tractor and trailer.

Now what's this?

Max and I go to Canford Heath

Tuesday 1st December 2015

It was a bit of a mixed day today: one of those days where it’s cloudy but you get the occasional patch of blue sky. For our walk Max and I went to Canford Heath.

Eyes closed, mouth open!

I’m not sure if you can see it, but Max has got his eyes closed in that photo. So for the purposes of balance, here’s one of him in the stream with his eyes open.

Eyes wide open

You can see the blue sky in this photo of one of my favourite trees, this time with a crow in it’s branches.

Crow in a tree

And Max was happy as the ‘hidden pond’ has now filled up nicely. I like the trails of water off Max’s tail in this photo.

Tail trails in the pond

And lastly for today, a photo from earlier on in our walk: of 5 pines trees with grey clouds and Poole behind them.

Trees in black and white


A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Heath. Here he is standing by the pond in the old pits. Max is ever hopeful standing by the pond in the old pits

A break in the clouds

Friday 27th November 2015

It was another grey morning for Max and I to take our walk on Upton Heath. We walked up the Roman Road from Beechbank Avenue and then turned onto the heath opposite Pinesprings. But the views weren’t great, as you can see.

The cows in the valley

You can just about make out the cows down in the valley. The view from the top of the hill wasn’t much better either.

Rain over Poole Harbour

It looks like it was raining over Poole.

That said, we did get one break in the clouds. Here’s Max up near Beacon Road.

Max in a moment of sunshine

We walked on down the hill and eventually met the cows.

Time for a rest

And lastly for today, in keeping with the overall, dull, grey mood of the day, a crow on a dead birch tree.

Crow on a dead birch tree There’s not much point in taking the camera if we keep having days like this.

A year ago today

Max and I were at Upton Country Park. The path to Hamworthy