A grand day out

Saturday 18th April 2015

Normally when someone comes to stay I like to organise at least one day where we all go out together (that’s the visitor(s), me, Chris and the dogs). Today, as it was lovely and sunny, albeit with a cold wind, I thought a trip down to West Bay (Bridport Harbour) would be nice. Many of you will know it as the place where the TV series Broadchurch was mainly shot. Coincidentally, as I write this they have opened a new Broadchurch Trail around the town.

I’ve got loads of photos, but I’ll try to pick the best ones. The others you will find over on my Flickr stream.

So here are those instantly recognisable cliffs along the East Beach. As you can see, the sea is fairly rough.

East Beach and the cliffs

Here’s another view from the end of the new sea wall.

The cliffs

I took this photo as I didn’t think it was particularly advisable of those girls playing on the rocks.

Not a great place to play

What I didn’t realise was that there was to be drama, not from the girls on the rocks but from one of those in the sea behind. She got swept out past the end of the rocks, and the local guys did a brilliant job of rescuing her – one of them risking his own life going in after her. At the time it all kicked off I was filming for Chris, so I quickly moved the camera and captured a lot of the action. Chris has posted it on his You Tube account.

Eventually they got her up the rocks and the coastguard, paramedics and ambulance arrive. I believe she was ok but the coastguard report to the local paper said she was slipping in and out of consciousness when they got there.

So, back to more mundane matters. Here’s a view of the East Beach.

West Beach

And here’s Jez (shaking), Max and Chris on the beach when we got there.

Jez shakes

Jez looks very happy coming out of the sea.

Jez emerges from the sea

And, of course, Max was in his element.

Max emerges from the sea

There was a little lagoon at the end of the beach and Jez thought it was great. Here she goes to investigate what the children are up to.

Jez goes to investigate

It was lucky there was a sheltered area as Jez doesn’t like the waves if they are too rough, and as I said, it was a bit windy.


So, onto the harbour.

When we got there it was low tide.

Low tide

But by the time we were ready to head home the tide had come in.

All lined up

Up river a little way is the chalet used as DI Alec Hardy’s home in the second series of Broadchurch. Sadly he wasn’t there today (it’s recently been sold).

DI Alec Hardy is sadly not at home

After that I had an ice cream and then we headed home, although we did stop off for a drink at a very nice pub in Burton Bradstock on the way home.


That’s Chris with Irene, Max and Jez under the table in the shade.

And finally for today, I took the coast road towards Weymouth on the way home, so we got some lovely views of Chesil Bank, the Fleet (the water inside the Bank) and Portland Bill (off in the distance).

Chesil Bank and the Fleet

It had been a lovely day, and best of all I didn’t have to cook when we got home as we got a take away.

A year ago today

We went to the River Stour where I took this photo of a Little Egret.

Little Egret


A bit of a damp day

Thursday 16th October 2014

The forecast was for heavy showers, so we wondered how we were going to fare when it came to walks. In the morning we went back to Langdon Hill and walked around in the opposite direction, taking the lower, slightly longer path.

Walking around Langdon Hill

We managed to avoid any rain for most of the walk, although it was a bit murky. When we walked along the higher path on Tuesday we had a problem with Max keep wanting to run off down the fairly steep slopes through the trees. Today on the lower path he ignored the trees completely – typical! I took a photo looking up through them, though, which I think works particularly well in black and white.

Trees on Langdon Hill

As we got back to the car it started to rain quite heavily, and by the time we were heading home it was tipping it down. I had planned to drive down to the hamlet at Eype, just along from West Bay, on the way home, but it was raining too heavily as we approached the turn. Then, by the time we were almost at West Bay it stopped, so I turned round and drove back there. I’m not sure I should have bothered. It was pretty bleak.

The beach at Eype

I did get a good photo of Jez on the beach though.

Jez on the beach at Eype

And this shot, looking west, includes the hut that served as the scene of the murder in the TV series Broadchurch.

The beach at Eype

But I’ll leave it to Chris to sum up what he thought of our visit to Eype.

Happy Holidays

In the afternoon we went into the town of Bridport, where we got well and truely rained on. I was hoping to find some small shops to wander around but, as with many high streets nowadays, there were very few small shops of any interest. In the end the only shop we ventured into was the pet shop, and that was to try and buy a new lead as one of our has broken.

We did find a poster in the carpark though, which shows the main locations used for filming Broadchurch.

Poster showing Broadchurch locations

I hope you can make that out.

In the evening we went back into Bridport to meet an old friend, Mandy, who used to be a fellow actor on Murder Weekends (something we used to do from 2000 – 2008. We had a lovely evening chatting with her and catching up on old times and old friends.

A year ago today

Max and I had a wet walk at Upton Country Park.

Max in the Woodland Walk

A walk around ‘Broadchurch’

Tuesday 14th October 2014 (Part 2)

So we had our lunch and a short rest and then mid-afternoon we walked down to the harbour and beach at ‘Broadchurch’, aka West Bay. I took loads of photos – far too many to share here – so I’m going to select a few for you. As I said previously, if you want to see all of them then please click on my Flickr stream to the right of the page and it will take you to my Flickr account where you can look through them all.

This is a view across the original harbour.

The harbout, West Bay, Dorset

A different view across the harbour, together with the fishing boats.

West Bay Harbour

Time for a snack.

Snack time

The new pontoons at the harbour end of the new Jurassic Pier.

New ponttons under black skies

Beachside cottages.

Beachside cottages

The cottages from a slightly different angle.

Hiding behind the beach

Those famous cliffs.

The cliffs at West Bay, Dorset

The west beach.

West Bay

Heading back to the caravan.

Parkdean Caravan Park

And finally, this is where we were staying.

The caravan we stayed in

There will be more holiday adventures and photos tomorrow.

In which we go on a short break

Monday 13th October 2014

A few weeks ago I booked us a short, 4 day break in a caravan at West Bay in Dorset. Many of you won’t know where West Bay is, but it is the small port attached to the west Dorset town of Bridport, and in recent times is better known as Broadchurch from the TV detective series of the same name. Chris and the dogs had never stayed in a caravan before, so I was hoping that they were going to like it.

We were told check in was from 4pm so we were in no hurry. We packed during the morning and loaded the car after lunch – in the pouring rain. The rain continued throughout the hour-long drive down to West Bay. We arrived at 3pm and fortunately were able to check into the caravan early. By the time we had unpacked the rain had just about stopped, so we took the dogs for a walk down the beach. As you can see, it was a little bit bleak, but those cliffs in the background are easily recognisable if you watched the TV series.

It was a bit bleak on the beach at West Bay

As you can see, Chris wasn’t too sure about the weather, but the dogs were really happy to be there.

After a short walk it was back to the caravan, where Chris and the dogs settled down for the evening.

Comfy cosy in our caravan

Unfortunately rain is forecast for most of the week, but I’m hoping to get out and about with the camera.

A year ago today

My Sunday morning baking resulted in a batch of egg custard tarts.

Egg Custard Tarts