I thought we were walking on Upton Heath

Saturday 13th August 2016

At least, we started off on Upton Heath. And as usual on a Saturday afternoon Jez made her way up the Roman Road.

Jez and Max along the Roman Road

That was as far as we got, however. She didn’t want to walk that way after all. Instead she took us back to the bridge you can see in the photo and up onto the Castleman Trailway, which runs along the course of the old railway line from the bridge, up through Broadstone.

We only walked along to the first junction, and then turned down the footpath that leads back in the direction of Creekmoor Ponds. The plan had been for us to walk and then for Chris to come and pick us up. But in the end I decided that the walk home could be our walk. So we walked onto Creekmoor Ponds.

The sun is shining on he ponds

There Jez had a good wade around in the water while Max chased his cone.

Max wants his cone thrown

And then we headed home. En route, though, I came across a nice Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Apparently their numbers have gone up considerably in recent years, which may explain why I see quite a lot of them around the ponds.

A year ago today

Max enjoys a pigs ear on his return from the groomer.

Max, back from the groomer and clutching his pig's ear


Down by the river

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

The river in question is the River Stour at Cowgrove. Max and I hadn’t been there since the autumn, and as I had to go to Wimborne to pick up meds for Jez from the vet I thought it would make a nice change, especially as it was a nice morning.

The River Stour at Cowgrove

Of course Max was in his element. First of all we had a play at the playing place.

Bringing back the cones

And then a bit further on he had a swim.

Swim time

Here he is waiting for me to throw his cone again.

Max in the River Stour

It was nice to see that we are well into spring now. The blossom was looking lovely.


And I was really pleased to see an Orange Tip butterfly.

Orange tip butterfly

The Red Ruby Devon cattle were getting in on the act too and there were two young calves in the field. This is one of them.

A new life

And then it was back round to the playing place before we headed back to Eye Bridge where we were parked.

River and clouds from Eye Bridge

Of course, we had to go over the bridge for a quick play in the river there before we headed back to the car.

Max on Eye Bridge


A year ago today

Max, Jez and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Like ships that pass in the night

Max and I walk on Upton Heath

Friday 21st August 2015

Max and I did a slightly different walk on Upton Heath today. I drove him over there and we walked to his pond, then we headed up the big hill, but instead of taking the main track we skirted round the boggy area and took the path that runs between the main track and the Roman Road. Here’s Max in the heather.

Trotting through the heather

Eventually we turned left and took a path to join the main track, where I took this photo, looking up the hill.

Looking across Upton Heath

Once we joined the main track we turned back down the hill.

There are lots of Grayling butterflies around at the moment, but they are difficult to spot until you are on top of them, at which point they fly off. I did manage to get a photo of one, though.

Grayling Butterfly

We continued our walk on round the lower heath and met the Exmoor Ponies, one of whom who decided to follow us for a while.

Exmoor Pony

And then we headed back along the Roman Road to the car. Today, though, rather than following the Roman Road all the way back we cut through the woods along Longmeadow Lane, where I took this photo of Max in the stream.

Another stream, another cone

And that was about it for today.

A year ago today

Another shot of Max in the heather – this time on Canford Heath.

Max in the heather

Sunday morning in the garden

Sunday 16th August 2015

Rather than photos from our walk today (Upton Heath again, but I took video of Jezebel for her vet check-up on Tuesday) I took some photos in the garden today.

The first is of one of my nasturtium flowers.


You may recall the Holly Blue butterfly from yesterday. Well it turns out they love runner bean flowers, so I was able to get some better photos. I really like this one.

Holly Blue butterfly on a runner bean flower

The colours seem to perfectly compliment each other.

And here’s another.

Holly Blue butterfly on a runner bean flower

We also had a Speckled Wood Butterfly in the garden.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

I was only reading a few days ago how they are dying out in many parts of the country. We get a lot of them around here though.

As I was coming indoors I spotted a squirrel running along the fence, and followed it up into the oak tree.

Squirrel in the oak tree

It looks as though it had been scavenging the bread someone had left out for the birds.

Someone's been stealking the bird's bread

Little tinker!

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath. It looks as though it was a bit cloudy.

Cloudy skies

We walk the top part of Upton Heath today

Saturday 15th August 2015

As we walked round the lower heath yesterday I took the dogs up to Beacon Road to walk the northern section of the heath today. Jez led the way, albeit fairly slowly, and when we got to the seat by the top of the hill she had to have a little rest.


I had planned to walk round the back of the hill to the little boggy pond, but Jez had other ideas and we headed towards the tip. There were a few puddles en route, but, much to Max’s disappointment, they weren’t really big enough to play in.

That puddle's not really big enough to play in, Max

We headed up the steep slope to the path round the edge of the tip, and looking back, I took this photo over the heath and Poole harbour.

View from the hill

Jez then proceeded to lead us all the way up to the top viewpoint and on round the reservoir, where I took the last photo for today, of a Holly Blue butterfly that was flitting around us.

Holly Blue butterfly

At this point Jez got a bit confused and headed for the car park in Corfe Mullen, which was not, of course, where we were parked. So I had to lead both dogs down Corfe Lodge Road and back along the streets to the car (although we did pick up the heath again right at the end so they had another little off-lead run).

A year ago today

We were at the River Stour at Cowgrove. Here’s Jez wandering across the top of the small weir.

On the edge

Another grey, cloudy day on Canford Heath

Tuesday 28th July 2015

I’m beginning to think, “Summer, what summer?”. As you can see from this photo of the heather in bloom, there wasn’t much sun about for Max and my’s walk on Canford Heath today. But at least it didn’t rain.

Heather in bloom on Canford Heath

We walked across the heath, in front of the old tip, through the woods and out onto the old coach road, where, as you can see, there are lots of puddles, so Max was happy.

Even more puddles

And I liked the fact that he was reflected in this puddle.

Puddle reflection

Back at home I picked the first of my marrows from the plant that is making a bid to take over the entire garden!


We had it (well, part of it) stuffed for dinner.

I also finally managed to get a photo of a beautiful Comma butterfly that has been hanging around the garden.

Comma Butterfly

Notice that by the time I took that photo, while Chris was on his walk, the sun had come out!

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath, but back at home I found two young blackbirds sunning themselves in the garden.

Then there were two

Turlin Moor Nature Reserve

Wednesday 15th July 2015

I don’t seem to have any photos from our walk on Monday (Upton Heath), and there were none yesterday as I didn’t go for a walk since I had to take my Dad to the eye clinic at the hospital. Today, though, Max and I went down to Lychett Bay for our walk. Rain threatened but it wasn’t particularly cold. I’m not sure how long the signs have been there (I’ve most probably missed them in the path) but apparently where we walk is officially Turlin Moor Nature Reserve. Whatever it is called, though, Max was happy to be there.


As you can see, the grass and the reeds have grown up a lot since our last visit. That meant that they were attracting quite a lot of insects. Here are a few.

A rather splendid peacock butterfly.

Peacock Butterly

A caterpillar of some sort.


A Marbled White Butterfly.

Marbled White Butterfly

And a Cinabarr moth caterpillar on a ragwort flower.

Cinabarr Moth Caterpillar on Ragwort

Some ragwort plants are just smothered in these at the moment.

There was also a roe deer down by the water’s edge across the bay. It disappeared into the long grass before I could get a photo of it though.

Moving on we came to the boats.


Where the bay was calm they were being reflected nicely in the water.


And someone has splodged bright pink paint on the side of that old rotting boat.

Pink Patch

We had a little game of cone in the water (I’m still being careful not to throw the cone so that Max jumps for it because of his elbows) and then headed back. By the bird hide, though, I spotted this little egret feeding.

Little Egret

And that’s about it for today. I hope you have enjoyed the photos.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went down to Hamworthy on a warm, sunny day.

Jez in the sea