At last, a bit more sunshine

Sunday 13th August to Saturday 19th August 2017

Normally I take Teddy over Upton Heath on a Saturday, but as we went to the Dorset Dogs Festival instead I took him over on Sunday afternoon this week. We were greeted on our arrival by this beautiful Red Admiral on the path.

Red Admiral

We turned left into Longmeadow Lane woods where the beech trees were looking lovely in the sunlight.

Beech Trees

Then we made our way up the Roman Road before turning onto the heath and heading towards the viewpoint. En route I spotted this pretty little Grisette. I rather liked the setting with the moss surrounding it.


We walked down the hill and eventually came to the pond where Teddy set about eating the soil – something he seems to like to do quite a bit here. Jez used to lick the soil here too, so I’m guessing it’s full of minerals. Perhaps I should try it!

Teddy likes to eat the soil by the pond

From there we walked around the lower heath where I spotted another Grisette.


Finally we walked back along the Roman Road before heading home. Monday morning, of course, we were back there again. And once again Teddy was sticking his muzzle in the soil, as you can see.

Teddy's been digging with his nose again

Tuesday was a lovely sunny morning so we headed out to Morden Bog, which is looking beautiful where the heather is in full bloom.

Heather in full bloom at Morden Bog Looking back up the hill

In this photo you can see Decoy Pond.

Decoy Pond behind the heather

And here’s a photo of Teddy in the heather.

Teddy in the heather

We walked on and as we headed towards Henry’s Pond we met our friends Tink and Twig. We walked on round with them. At one point they disappeared into some shrub. I heard a rustle, and then a young roe deer popped out onto the path between me and Teddy. I don’t know which one of us was more surprised. It ran off into the trees on the opposite side of the path and after thinking about it for a moment Teddy thought he’d follow. But he was a good boy and came back when I called, after which Tink and Twig re-appeared and took off after the deer in totally the wrong direction, so Teddy had to follow them. The next time we saw Teddy he was a really long way away, still chasing the non-existent deer. So we walked in his general direction with me calling him, and after a short time he came running back to me. I was so proud of him!

After all that running, though, the dogs were hot and had to cool down in a bit puddle.

Teddy, Tink and Twig cool down in a muddy puddle

And finally for Tuesday, one last view of Decoy Pond and the heather taken from the top of the hill as we headed back to the car.

Looking across to Decoy Pond

On Wednesday morning I went to see my Dad, and in the afternoon I took Teddy over to Canford Heath.

Teddy admires the view

Unfortunately I struggle to find good photos on Canford Heath these days, but I quite liked this one of the trees along the path that runs next to the Crematorium.

Trees and clouds

And here’s a slightly different view, taken as we walked up the hill from Steeple Close.

Trees, clouds and heather

And so onto Friday and another walk on Upton Heath.  Along the old railway line the honeysuckle is now in bloom.

Wild Honeysuckle

But there are no other photos from Friday. We did meet Charlie, the dog walker, though, with 6 dogs so Teddy had a good play.

And, of course, Saturday afternoon it was back to Upton Heath. As usual on a Saturday we walked up the Roman Road, across to the viewpoint, and then down the hill. Today, as we passed to two pine trees on the hill, the sky behind them was fabulous.


We continued on to the pond where Teddy spotted a pigeon on the far bank.

Teddy has spotted a pigeon

And then I threw him a stick and he started to play.

I don’t know what he thought he was doing. Although he picked that stone up at the end he immediately dropped it and then went back to digging in the deeper water. He was doing this for nearly 15 minutes while I sat watching him and laughing.

And then we walked on around the lower heath, along the Roman Road and came back to the car. And although he spotted the ponies along the way and showed an interest he came away when I called him. I’m sure it won’t always be like that though!


Getting out and about

Sunday 2nd July to Saturday 8th July 2017

When Jez and Max were younger and able to walk longer distances we used to take them for nice long walks. Over time our walks have got shorter, and in the past year even the shortest of walks were getting too long. With Teddy, therefore, we are starting to get out on some of the slightly longer walks that we haven’t done in a while.

Our fist ‘new’ walk this week was out at Badbury Rings, the Iron Age hillfort just outside Wimborne. It was a warm, muggy day with a lot of cloud cover. This first photo is looking out across the Point to Point course.

View across the Point to Point course

Looking across the wheat field.

Wheat fields

After Saturday’s off-lead walk we are starting to let Teddy off lead a lot more. Here he is heading up the path to the north of Badbury Rings.

Teddy is allowed off-lead sometimes now

We walked around the outside of the old oak wood (there’s no access to the public) and then he had to go back on the lead to come along the track through King Down farm. As we walked by, though, a young buzzard flew out of the barn.

Young buzzard

We continued our walk back towards Badbury Rings and then turned through High Wood, before heading back to the Rings. This is a good place for butterflies, and today there were a lot of Marbled Whites out.

Marbled White Butterfly

After that we walked around the outer embankment back to the car. I tried to take some photos of the wild orchids, but I think my Powershot is playing up and none of the photos were any good.

Back at home Teddy settled on the sofa in my sitting room where he tried out his Trump comb-over.

Teddy tries out the Trump comb-over look

On Thursday it was another new walk for Teddy: to the River Stour at Cowgrove. It’s not very long but it was a hot morning and there’s lots of water there – obviously!

Teddy was off the lead all the time. We did our usual loop, walking and playing with the other dogs there, and then I bought him back to the shallow bay in the river and waded out into the river with him. Unfortunately Teddy decided to wander down the river to investigate a swan.

Teddy investigates the swan

Fortunately the swan eventually flew off. When Teddy came back to me I threw one of Max’s old conesfor him that I found in my bag.

Teddy retrieves a cone

Here he is kneeling down to try and chew it in the water.

Time to chew the cone

When he tried to grab it, he pushed it under with his nose though.

Nose in the water

And eventually it was time for a drink.

Time for a drink

And then time to investigate something he’d spotted under the water.

Now what's he seen in the water?

Finally, from the river, here’s a short clip of video I took of him.

On Friday we went to Upton Country Park first thing, and once again Teddy was off the lead. He found lots of dogs to play with, and had a really good game of chase with a young spaniel at the stream. I didn’t get any photos though.

So onto Saturday afternoon and we went over Upton Heath as usual. En route we met a few cows in the Pinesprings sanctuary. Teddy had to say hello.

Teddy meets and greets the cows

We walked up the Roman Road and then turned onto the heath, which is looking very green.

The heath is still very green

We had had some cloud cover earlier, but we came down the hill in full sun and Teddy got hot. So he decided he had to lie down in the muddy gully to cool off.

Teddy had to cool down in the muddy gully

Just look at the state of him when he came out.

Wet muddy dog

Further on down the hill he disgraced himself my running off and scavenging something (I don’t know what). So I put him on the lead, which was a good job as a few yards further on we came across a young adder in the middle of the path. I just managed to grab a quick shot of it as it slithered off into the undergrowth.

An adder slithers off

I took Teddy onto the pond where I threw kibble into the water to get him in deep enough to wash the mud off.

Washing the mud off Teddy

And one last photo of him – making ripples in the pond.

Ripples in the pond

I hope you are enjoying the new adventures of Teddy.

A sunny morning on Upton Heath

Friday 19th June 2015

Being Friday morning I started the day by going to Waitrose in Wimborne to do my grocery shopping. That meant that my walk with Max was slightly later than usual. It is now becoming my habit to walk him over to Upton Heath after I’ve finished the shopping, and that’s where we went today.

It was a lovely sunny day, and when we got to the ponds there were loads of dragonflies dashing around. The difficulty with them is trying to guess where they will land and then hoping they stay there long enough for you to get a photo.

The first pond (where there are also normally lots of newts) is the domain of a couple of broad bodied chasers. The males are a beautiful shade of blue, but alas one would not land for me. I did get this photo of a female though.

Femal Broad Bodied Chaser

We walked on to the pond where Max plays, and again there were several broad bodied chasers flying around, but none of them would oblige me by slowing down long enough for me to get a photo. The small weed covered pond nearby was a dfferent matter though. This is the Emperor dragonflies’ haunt, and one of the females was kind enough to stop to lay her eggs.

Female Emperor Dragonfly ovipositing

After taking a few photos I returned my attention to Max, who was standing in his pond intent on his cone.

Max is intent on his cone

Eventually we left the ponds and continued on round. As we neared the Roman Road we came across the Exmoor Ponies sensibly keeping in the shade.

The ponies are keeping in the shade

And then it was back home via Creekmoor Ponds so that Max could have a swim.

Can't you read Max?

And one last photo, taken by the ponds – a lovely Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Speckled Wood butterfly

What a nice walk it had been.

A year ago today

Jez and I came home from Dad’s for a couple of hours and I took this photo of Max.

Max looks whistful

I get a 48 hour pass

Wednesday 9th July 2014

But firstly an apology. I’ve been a bit busy, so I’m afraid I’m running over a week behind with these posts. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon.

So, a 48 hour pass – well actually more like a 44 hour pass. Dad is a lot better, so I am going to have 2 nights at home. So I cooked Dad’s lunch and then headed back to Poole on a scorching hot day. I managed about half an hour’s rest before I headed off out again with the dogs. Today, as it was hot, we went to the River Stour at Cowgrove.

Mid stream

They were happy dogs. Jez found herself a nice little spot to cool down.

Jez lurks in the reeds

And Max got to have a swim.

Please Mum

Wandering along the path this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly landed in front of me, and I managed to snap it before Max lumbered along and scared it off.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

After walking the ‘loop’ we were back at the river, and a chance for Jez to wade out into the centre.

Jez in the river

And for Max to try out his blow-up doll impressions.

Close your Mouth Max

It was a lovely walk and lovely to be home. And knowing I didn’t have to rush off again in the morning I was able to relax more.

A year ago today

Jezebel tries her hand at tree-climbing.

No-one told Jez dogs can't climb trees

A butterfly finds my boot attractive

We went to Morden Bog for our walk this morning as it was hot and there’s lots of water there for the dogs. There were a lot of silver studdied blue butterflies around as usual, but also this one, which I think might be a common blue.
30 June 2011