A cold end to the year

Sunday 25th December – Saturday 31st December 2016

Christmas Day was a wet, miserable day, so Chris and I didn’t do our ‘traditional family’ walk with the dogs until Boxing Day (the 26th) when we took the dogs out to Kingston Lacy after lunch. It was pretty cold, so I made sure Jez had her nice warm jumper on. Here’s Chris with the dogs

A Boxing Day Walk

The sun going down behind the trees.

A chilly afternoon

And, yes, it’s treat time again.

Time for a treat

The next morning was cold and frosty, and while Jez stayed snuggled in bed, Max and I went over Upton Heath.

Entrance to a frozen heath

We almost met the cows, but they passed us by.

A procession of cows

I like this photo of one of the Exmoor Ponies with the mist lying low across the heath.

Exmoor Pony

The grass around the boardwalk was frosted…

Frozen Grass

… and the water icy (not that that bothered Max).

Max in the icy water

So a pleasant but cold walk.

The next day was cold and frosty again and this time Max and I went to Upton Country Park.

I liked these leaves, covered in frost but with the sun just touching them.

Frosted leaves in the sun

The picnic tables were pretty frosty too.

Frosty picnic tables

The sun was low along the stream.

By the stream

But Holes Bay was looking lovely in the sun.

View across Upton Lake to Poole

And so on to Friday 30th December, and Max and I went over to Canford Heath where the sun was low through the trees.

Light and shade on Canford Heath

It was quite misty too.

A foggy morning

Which made for a few nice shots.

Max waits for me Overlooking Canford Heath estate

But by the time we got up onto the main heath the sun was out, although the wind was bitter.

Me and Max in the sunshine Heading towards the stream

There was lots of ice on the water though.

The ice doesn't bother Max

And finally to the last day of the walk and and a chilly, grey walk on Upton Heath with both Jez and Max.

A grey end to the year

So here’s Max signing out with his last game of cone in 2016.

Last game of cone in 2016

And Jez waiting patiently for 2017 to arrive.

Jez waits

Happy New Year to you all.

A year ago

Max and I saw 2015 out down on the beach at Lake Pier, Hamworthy.


A different day, a different heath

Tuesday 8th November 2016

As Jez is still doing her ‘lying in the sun in the morning’ routine I took the opportunity to take Max over to Canford Heath today. I try and avoid taking Jez as she likes to lie at the crossroads in the middle of the heath and wait to see who comes along. Consequently with her in tow our walks there can last a couple of hours.

So, this was Canford Heath this morning.

An Autumn morning on Canford Heath

I finally found a nice fly agaric fungus this morning, which cheered me up. I’ve only seen one or two slug-eaten ones so far this year.

Fly AGaric

Here’s Max on the path in front of one of my favourite trees on the heath (I like the shape of it).

Max on the path

And here he is heading towards the stream.

Heading to the stream

I let him have a short play in the stream…

Max in the water-filled gully

… and then we cut across to Longfleet Drive and walked down towards Hotchkiss Cross.

Longfleet Drive

At one point I’d got a little bit tired of walking on Canford Heath, but it was nice to go back there for a change.

A year ago today

We went to lunch with my Dad and then went for a very cold, blustery walk along the beach at Barton-on-sea. I think you can tell how happy Chris was to be there!

A cold, blustery walk at Barton on Sea

Back to Canford Heath

Tuesday 4th October 2016

It has been a long time since I’ve taken the dogs to Canford Heath, the reason being that Jez was taking 2 hours to walk not very far. But today she declined to join us on our walk so I took the opportunity to take Max there. It was a bit cloudy but not too cold.

View across Canford Heath

There was good visibility giving a good view across Poole towards the Purbeck Hills.

View over Poole

I took us for a reasonably long walk, made longer by the fact that we met our friend John and his dog. As we hadn’t seen them for ages we stopped chatting for quite a while.

Eventually I circled around to the stream and then started to walk down Longfleet Drive towards Hotchkiss Cross and Steeple Close where I had parked. Along Longfleet Max got a little confused. He stood in an empty gully waiting for me to throw his cone for him. I had to explain the water had all gone.

Max, there's no water in the gully

It was looking nice and autumnal as we approached Hotchkiss Cross.

Autumn along Longfleet Drive

And, of course, there were lots of Sweet Chestnuts for Max to seek out.

Here he is with his prize.

Max with his sweet chestnut

After that we walked back to the car and came on home.

A year ago today

Max, Jez and I went for a walk on Upton Heath. Here’s Jez.

Jez watches someone approach

Two days, two dogs, two heaths

Monday 27th June & Tuesday 28th June 2016

On Monday Jez, Max and I went to Upton Heath, where we basically walked to the pond and back, so I only have a couple of photos.

I like this one of Max in the pond with the water sparkling beside him.

Max and sparkles in the pond

And here’s Jez posing by the side of the pond.


It wasn’t a long walk (although at Jez’s pace it took over an hour) but at least we had sunshine.

On Tuesday we went to Canford Heath. Jez led the way, but when she got to the pine trees and stopped I thought we might not get very far.

Here she is having a rest.

Jez resting

And here’s Max waiting for me to throw his ball.


We eventually moved on and headed across the hill towards Steeple Close. This was the view over Poole and the Purbeck Hills.

Looking towards Poole and the Purbeck Hills

We walked past Steeple Close and headed round to the pond there. While Max stood at the edge waiting for me to throw his cone Jez waded in.

Jez in the pond

She stayed in for quite a while wading around in the deep water.

Jez in contemplative mood

When she eventually came out I got this photo of her reflected in the water with the blue of the sky.

Jez reflected

Then it all slowed down. We got to the crossraods at the top of the Redbrick Path and Jez decided she wanted to stay there and wait to see what dogs came along. There was no moving her. We must have been there for at least 20 minutes before I managed to get her up the hill, where she stopped again at the next big crossing. I took this photo of the beautiful clouds looking down the hill while I waited for her.

Pretty clouds

She eventually condescended to continue on up the hill, where both dogs when in another pond, and finally I managed to lead her on up the hill and then back round to the car. She’s not supposed to have long walks. Today we were out for 2 hours 15 minutes!

A year ago today

Chris and Max in the garden.

Chris and Max relax in the garden

Four seasons in one day (almost)

Tuesday 26th April 2016

Since it’s a weekday and I’m therefore on morning walks, it was just Max and I who headed to Canford Heath this morning, while Jez snoozed on at home. It was a nice sunny day again, although the breeze is still a bit chilly and there were quite a lot of clouds about. Not that any of that bothered Max who just likes to go for a walk.

Here he is in the water-filled gully that he likes so much.

In the water-filled gully

This is a general view across the heath taken from the stream crossing.

Canford Heath

Its also the time of year when the silver birches are getting their leaves.

Silver birch

The afternoon was a very different story, however. For while Chris had the dogs up at Delph Woods, we had SNOW!


It was only for a few minutes, and it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, but it was a bit of a shock.

By the evening though we were back to better weather. This was a shot of Creekmoor Ponds I took when I took Max out for his evening walk.

Creekmoor Ponds at Sunset

Such a strange day!

A year ago today

Max and I went to Canford Heath where I took this photo of him. That’s the end of a fir cone in his mouth, by the way.

What's that in your mouth, Max!

Meeting dogs on our walks

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th April 2016

On Tuesday Max and I went to Canford Heath for our walk.

Looking across Canford Heath

En route round we met Luna, the French Bulldog. I don’t know if there are any of you reading this who would remember Luna, but we first met her when she was 6 months old, in 2013. She had been hit by a car and her jaw shattered, which meant it was plated and wired. Here’s a photo I took of her at the time.

Luna's jaw is plated and wired

And here she is now!


As you can see she made a full recovery. She’s a lovely little dog and very friendly. As for Max, well, he was happy to play in the pond.

Two cones to throw

In the afternoon I took Jez to the vet so that Duncan could have a look at her. He was quite pleased with the progress she seemed to have made since I took the video and sent it to him, so suggested we continue with a regime of short, frequent walks to keep her moving, maintain her muscle bulk, and to provide stimulation. Unfortunately he thought that her heart murmur sounded louder. He will scan her as planned at the end of May, though.

On Wednesday I took Max to Upton Country Park. The weather wasn’t great and I only have one photo to share with you. Meet Basil, a 13 week old Weimaraner.

Meet Basil, 13 weeks

What a beautiful little pup.

A year ago today

Max was looking mean and moody on Upton Heath.


Sunshine and water on Canford Heath

Tuesday 29th March 2016

Max and I took advantage of the sunshine and went to Canford Heath this morning for our walk. I parked in Steeple Close and we walked on the heath and the up the hill to South Drive. This was the view of Poole from the top.

Overlooking Poole

And here’s Max looking very serious at the top of the hill – most probably because he is waiting for me to throw his cone.


But he soon found the puddles, so was a happy dog (not that you can tell from that photo where he still looks really serious).

Puddle time!

We cut across the heath and he played in the stream too…

In the stream

… before moving onto the first of two ponds. Then we headed back to the main hill up from Canford Heath where I washed him off in the second pond before returning to the car.

A year ago today

It was a bit of a grey blustery day, and we went for a walk on Upton Heath.

A bit of a dull afternoon on Upton Heath