I thought we were going to Upton Heath

Saturday 2nd July 2016

Once again there are a lack of photos this week, due to a combination of a lack of dog walking on my part and poor weather. So here we are in July and I’m still waiting for summer to arrive.

After heavy rain on Saturday morning (while my washing was on the line) and just before we went for our walk in the afternoon the sun actually made an appearance for our walk, although the wind still had quite a chill to it. I thought we were going for a walk on Upton Heath, and, in fact, I did park at Beechbank Avenue and we did walk onto the heath. But then Jez turned up the Roman Road and headed for Pinesprings.

Once at Pinesprings Jez settled down in the shade of a tree so I sat at the little picnic table there and threw Max’s ball for him. He had been in the stream coming up the Roman Road, and as you can see, was going to need a bath when he got home.

Mucky boy needs a bath

Jez didn’t seem interested in continuing on through Pinesprings and wanted to turn onto the housing estate, so as I thought it would make a more even surgace for her to walk on I put the dogs on the lead and we walked through the housing estate to Pinesprings Drive. Here Jez had to have two more rests. She seemed oblivious to all the traffic and at one point insisted on hanging over the curb.

Jez needs a rest

Most drivers seemed to find it quite funny that she was lying flat out on the grass verge while I was standing there like a lemon!

We continued on down the hill and then I picked up the Castleman Trailway.

Heading home along the Castleman Trailway

You can just about make Max out in the distance in that photo. We continued along the Trailway but didn’t get as far as the heath before Jez turned off again and we walked back through the housing estate to the car.

A year ago today

Well, actually a year ago yesterday, as I don’t have any photos from the 2nd July last year. So a year ago yesterday I took Dad out to Sculpture by the Lakes, near Dorchester in Dorset.

"The Chase"


Surprise Sunday sunshine

Sunday 20th October 2013

The forecast for today suggested it was going to be bucketing down all afternoon. Consequently my Sunday morning wasn’t so lazy: I cleared up the early leaf fall before the garden bin is emptied tomorrow. I also took the opportunity to clean my deep fat fryer. I know it goes in the dishwasher, but dishwashers just don’t get all the sticky gooey stuff off the edges that comes from deep frying.

I was pleased Jez went for a walk in the morning – I didn’t expect to get her out in the afternoon. At lunchtime the deluge started, and it was so bad I didn’t think Max and I would be going either. Then the sun came out. Then it rained again. When the sun came out for the second time I thought I’d grab my chance while the going was good. And I was really surprised that Jez decided to come too. I was expecting to get soaked, so rather than take the car and get the inside soaking wet on the way home I walked over to Upton Heath again. We went a slightly different way and joined the Castleman Trailway in Creekmoor, where I took this photo of a particularly swampy patch of ground.


Although it wasn’t raining, there was a lot of rain coming off the trees, which, a bit further along the Trailway, made for a rather nice photo.

Sunlight filters through the wet trees

By the time we got onto the Heath the weather was much nicer.

After the deluge ... the sun

The little birch copse on the lower heath (where all the fly agaric grow) was looking particularly lovely in the autumn sunlight.

Silver Birch Copse

And lastly for today, still in the birch copse, a shot of the sunlight filtering through the trees (with Jez just visible in the foreground).

Sunlight and Shadows on the Heath

In the end it was a really lovely walk – and I couldn’t believe that not only did we get wet, but we had all that lovely sunshine while we were walking on the Heath.

And Jez came too

Friday 23rd August 2013

Another warm day, although starting to cool a little ahead of the Bank Holiday week-end. My day was a bit turned around. As we’re away at our God-daughter’s wedding in Oxfordshire this weekend I did my main weekly cleaning this morning while Chris walked the dogs. So by the time the afternoon came around Jez decided that she would come out for a walk with me. We only went over to Upton Heath, but it was a nice little walk nevertheless.

Jez wanted to cut up the footpath to the Castleman Trailway, rather that go on the Heath at the main entrance at the corner of Beechbank Avenue. She keeps wanting to do this of late, which is a bit of a pain as Max has decided he doesn’t like going that way. So I’m a long way up the footpath before he’ll decide that he needs to come after us. He just sits at the start of the footpath and stares at us. Anyway, we eventually got onto the Trailway.

Castleman Trailway at Creekmoor

I’ve not got many photos today. There is this one of Jez sitting waiting for treats while Max is in the pond.

Jez has a rest and waits for treats

And Jez and Max in Creekmoor Ponds on the way home (yes, Max had rolled in something again, so I dunked him then shampooed him when I got home).

Time to cool down and clean off

Here’s Max clutching his cones in his mouth. Sometimes he gets a bit confused and forgets to drop them.

Sometimes Max forgets he's supposed to drop his cones when he's fetched them

This especially happens when there are other dogs around. Today there was a Labrador, who was busy with a big stick, and a 9 month old Labradoodle that was a total bundle of energy and never stopped. I tried to get a photo, but in vain…

Jez goes to investigate the blur that is a young Labradoodle


The rain is back!

Thursday 7th March 2013

And with it the mud. Jez seems to be improving, but she doesn’t like walking in heavy rain at the best of times, so once again it was just me and Max. I had been planning on taking him to Canford Heath until I got in the car and saw how heavy the rain was, so we went to Delph Woods in Broadstone instead. At least there we had some measure of cover.

Rather than park in the Woods themselves, as we normally do, I parked in Broadstone and walked Max up the Castleman Trailway.

Max on the Castleman Trailway, Broadstone

The Trailway takes us past Broadstone Golf Club. As you can see, the golfers were undeterred by the weather, although I’m surprised they could see the green at the end of the fairway.

The rain didn't deter the golfers

Max didn’t care though. Once in the woods he had fun playing in the ponds…

Max in the pond at Delph Woods

…and in the stream.

Playing in the stream