A grey, miserable week

Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd December 2017

On Sunday Chris caught the coach to London to visit his family. Normally we would have both gone and taken the car, but Teddy whines most of the time in the car so would never manage the journey to London. He’s not keen on people either, so wouldn’t have coped with lots of people gathered for a pre-Christmas get together. That meant I walked Teddy twice, but it was gloomy and I didn’t take the camera.

Monday was sunny, though, and I took these photos on Upton Heath.

Teddy in the sunshine

Teddy in the sunshine

En route home I took this photo of the cormorant on Creekmoor Ponds.


And after that the weather was so miserable I took no photos at all!


In the Garden

Friday 25th August 2017

Oops – sorry! I’m further behind than I thought. As you can see from the title, today is mainly about photos taken in the garden, although Teddy and I did go for a walk over Upton Heath and I took this photo at Creekmoor Ponds on the way home.

A blacck headed gull

So, back to the garden and in the afternoon I attached my 100m lens to the camera and tried a few photos of bees. I have three I really like.

Coming in to land.

Coming in to land

A bit of a stretch.

A bit of a strech

And close up.

Collecting pollen

I also took a few photos of Teddy – just because I could.


Cheecky chappie


I love the middle one. I think It shows his charachter.

And that’s it for Friday.

Introducing Teddy

Saturday 10th June 2017

After losing Jez and Max in such a short space of time Chris and I found ourselves with a huge hole in our lives. Our whole routine changed, and although we did still go out for walks from time to time, it just wasn’t the same. So we started to search for another companion. Last weekend we found Teddy at a local rescue.


He is a young lurcher of some description (I believe they are also known as Longdogs in the US), approximately a year to 18 months old. The centre had called him Yeti. They didn’t know his name as he was picked up as a stray by a local dog warden. He had been microchipped but his details hadn’t been updated. He is very gentle and was very calm and we said we’d have him. We went back a few times over the course of the week, during which he was neutered. This was taken on one of our visits.

Teddy licks his lips

And today he officially became ours and we bought him home.

Teddy's home

He’s a very pretty boy, as you can see.


And very good on the lead. Once he’d had a while to settle in I took him round Creekmoor Ponds for a little walk.

Teddy's first walk with me

But with all of the things that had happened to him during the day he was soon worn out.

I think Teddy's settling in ok

And it wasn’t long before he made himself at home and discovered the joys of a sofa.

I just about managed to squeeze onto the sofa

There was just about room for me.

After which it was time for another snooze.

Teddy has worked out where he wants to sleep

I thought we were walking on Upton Heath

Saturday 13th August 2016

At least, we started off on Upton Heath. And as usual on a Saturday afternoon Jez made her way up the Roman Road.

Jez and Max along the Roman Road

That was as far as we got, however. She didn’t want to walk that way after all. Instead she took us back to the bridge you can see in the photo and up onto the Castleman Trailway, which runs along the course of the old railway line from the bridge, up through Broadstone.

We only walked along to the first junction, and then turned down the footpath that leads back in the direction of Creekmoor Ponds. The plan had been for us to walk and then for Chris to come and pick us up. But in the end I decided that the walk home could be our walk. So we walked onto Creekmoor Ponds.

The sun is shining on he ponds

There Jez had a good wade around in the water while Max chased his cone.

Max wants his cone thrown

And then we headed home. En route, though, I came across a nice Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Apparently their numbers have gone up considerably in recent years, which may explain why I see quite a lot of them around the ponds.

A year ago today

Max enjoys a pigs ear on his return from the groomer.

Max, back from the groomer and clutching his pig's ear

An evening walk for Jez and I

Wednesday 18th May 2016

I didn’t get a walk today as Wednesday is the day I go over to see my Dad and help his sort through his post etc. So after Chris took Max for his evening walk and Jez seemed like she wanted to go after all I took her for a short walk around Creekmoor Ponds. I only had my iPhone with me, but I did get one or two photos.

We walked round the top of the small pond next to us and then went into the woods by the larger pond. By this time the sun was starting to set.

The sun sets over Creekmoor Ponds

Here’s Jez bathed in the light of the setting sun.

Jez in the light of the setting sun

And here she stands and watches the swans glide past.

Watching the swans

As we headed for home Jez went for a dip in the smaller pond which you can see here.

Sunset over Creekmoor Ponds

It had been a very pleasant little walk.

Note there are no photos from a year ago today.

Four seasons in one day (almost)

Tuesday 26th April 2016

Since it’s a weekday and I’m therefore on morning walks, it was just Max and I who headed to Canford Heath this morning, while Jez snoozed on at home. It was a nice sunny day again, although the breeze is still a bit chilly and there were quite a lot of clouds about. Not that any of that bothered Max who just likes to go for a walk.

Here he is in the water-filled gully that he likes so much.

In the water-filled gully

This is a general view across the heath taken from the stream crossing.

Canford Heath

Its also the time of year when the silver birches are getting their leaves.

Silver birch

The afternoon was a very different story, however. For while Chris had the dogs up at Delph Woods, we had SNOW!


It was only for a few minutes, and it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, but it was a bit of a shock.

By the evening though we were back to better weather. This was a shot of Creekmoor Ponds I took when I took Max out for his evening walk.

Creekmoor Ponds at Sunset

Such a strange day!

A year ago today

Max and I went to Canford Heath where I took this photo of him. That’s the end of a fir cone in his mouth, by the way.

What's that in your mouth, Max!

I try walking Jez

Saturday 2nd April 2016

Poor little Jez is going a bit stir crazy, so we’re trying her on very short walks. Today I took her round the small lake next to our house (the smaller of the two Creekmoor Ponds). It was a slow progress and we had quite a long stop at the place where people feed the ducks.

Jez takes her time

But Jez was happy enough to have a paddle (although I had to make sure she didn’t step out into deeper water).

Time for a paddle

Of course, after that I had to take Max out. Ah well, the exercise will do me good!

There are no photos from a year ago today.