Sunshine for our walk

Monday 28th November 2016

What a lovely change it made to have bright sunshine for our walk on Upton Heath this morning.

This was the view as we got up to the old railway track.

The old railway track across the heath

And looking across the lower heath.

Autumn sunshine on the lower heath

We walked on round to the pond, much to Max’s delight.

Max at the pond

I had arranged to meet Dawn there with Henry and Addy, so that I could catch up on how Addy is as she has had quite a bit of pain in her back legs and is not walking properly, despite the fact that she is not quite 2 years old. Apparently Dawn has swapped vets and Addy is booked in for Xrays on Wednesday. In the meantime she is restricted to lead walks.

Poor Addy is on lead walks only

Henry, meanwhile, is off lead and spent the whole time we were walking up the hill pestering me for treats.

Henry wants a treat

As we walked up the hill we met a couple of other people we know so spent quite a while chatting in the sunshine. Eventually I phoned Chris and got him to come and pick us up at Beacon Road.

There are no photos from a year ago today


Jez makes her presence felt

Thursday 17th November 2016

I seem to have been running around in circles this week, due to the fact that our new kitchen is being fitted over the next 2-3 weeks. Quite a bit of my spare time, therefore, has been spent clearing the contents out of the existing kitchen. In a way it has helped that we have been resting Max up quite a bit.

So here we are at Thursday and at 4.15am I had a rude awakening. Yes, it was Jezebel, wide awake and whining at the side of my bed.

Jez wakes me at 4.15am

Turns out she wanted food, then she wanted to go out, and then eventually she settled down to sleep: which was more than I did as I lay awake for the next couple of hours and only managed to go to sleep a short time before I had to wake up again!

For our walk today we went to Upton Country Park. In the Woodland Walk the beech trees are a beautiful golden colour.

In the Woodland Walk

And this is looking towards the Dark Age Dwelling.

In the Woodland Walk

We walked over to the stream, although I didn’t throw anything for Max as his legs still aren’t great. Then we walked around to the dog run where we came upon a year old English Pointer, Woody, so we went in to say hello.

Jez and Max meet Woody

Jez was really pleased to have a bit of a play with him.

Jez is happy to play with Woody

After the dogs had played for a while we headed on back to the car, but not before I’d taken some more photos in the Woodland Walk. Here the sun is coming through the leaves.

Sunlight through the trees

And a nice shot looking up through the branches.

Autumn leaves

The walk hadn’t taken too long but it had been very pleasant.

A year ago today

Max and I were on a wet Canford Heath.

Big puddle time

Upton Heath for the 3rd day running

Monday 31st October 2016

Yes, our usual Monday morning walk meant that we were back on Upton Heath. This time we walked to the pond and then met Dawn with Henry and Addy and walked up the hill to the viewpoint. So although we have been here 3 days running each walk has been different.

At first it was quite dull and a little misty.

A misty start

But the sun soon broke through. By the time we were approaching the pond this little Russula, nestled in a tussock of grass, was in bright sunshine.

Russula in a tussock of grass

At the pond Jez decided to wade in while Max waited to play.

Jez and Max at the pond

Here I’ve got his attention by holding his cone in the hand I’m using to press the shutter.

Max in the pond

We left the pond and started to walk up the hill, where I was took this photo of Max sitting in the sun.


As I said, we met Dawn with Henry and Addy. We also came across the cows. Jez had to investigate, but is a lot more wary of them now she is older.

Jez says 'Hello'

Henry had to investigate too.

Henry and a cow

And after that we continued on up to the Viewpoint and I phoned Chris to come and pick us up at Beacon Road.

A year ago today

Another walk on Upton Heath. Here’s Jez in the afternoon sun, covered in mud.

Jez with mud splashes up her neck

Back on Upton Heath

Tuesday 25th October 2016

Usually I take the dogs over to Upton Heath on a Monday morning before I do my grocery shopping. This week, though, I had to take Max to the vet to have his stitches removed. The vet was pleased with him and Max is pleased that he can go back in the water again, which I did when I called in to walk him on Canford Heath on the way home. It was grey and murky though, and starting to rain, so there are no photos.

On Tuesday morning I did my Monday morning walk: Chris ran me and the dogs over to Upton Heath and dropped us off. Here’s Jez standing my the gate just after we’d crossed the Roman Road.

Jez stands by the gate

Here’s Max on the path to the pond.

The path to the pond

Excuse the fact that when I edited this I didn’t realise that the lens cap had not been on properly and is showing in the top right corner!

At the pond at last – after nearly 2 weeks!

Max waits by the pond

As you can see it started off a bit grey and murky, but by the time we moved away from the pond the sun was trying to break through. You can see the difference in this photo of Jez sniffing the air just a few yards from the pond.

Jez sniffs the air

And by the time Jez decided she wanted to walk up the hill it was really rather nice.

Max waits for us

Having been kept away from water for so long Max was keen to stand in every little drop he could find.

Will you throw my cone Mum?

Part way up the hill we were caught up by Dawn with Henry and Addy, so we continued on with them.

By one of the little gullies I found some lovely fungi all tumbled over.

Broken fungi

I had trouble keeping Addy out of the photo though.

And finally for today, here’s Henry at the top of the hill, doing his bit for Tongue out Tuesday.

Henry's entry for Tongue Out Tuesday

So after a dull start we’d had a really lovely walk on the heath.

A year ago today

We were walking on Upton Heath in the afternoon close to where we ended up today.

Walking across the field in the late afternoon sun

Three days on Upton Heath

Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd October 2016

I’ve had a few days of walking on Upton Heath. On the Saturday afternoon (can it really be October already?) Max and I drove over and walked around the lower heath. Jez decided not to come as she had been out with Chris in the morning. I was surprised to see a big Parasol fungus right at the edge of the pine trees. Surprised for two reasons: it’s not a fungus I have seen anywhere on the heath before and it was about the only fungus that hadn’t been kicked over by people walking along.

Large parasol

It was quite a sunny afternoon as you can see from this photo of Max taken as we were leaving the pond he plays in.

Max on the heath

And back on the subject of fungi, in amongst the silver birch trees I found this pretty little Grisette.


So that was our Saturday walk. On Sunday I drove up to Corfe Mullen and we walked around the very top of the heath. Here are the dogs at one of the small pools in the gravel area where local boys like to ride their bikes.

Puddle time

On the whole it was a fairly uneventful walk, but I did get super excited when I came across a beautiful little Amethyst Deceiver by the reservoir.

Amethyst Deceiver

And so onto Monday when we were back on the lower heath. I was really surprised to see the Parasol fungus still in tact. Here’s a photo of it with my foot included so that you can get some idea of the size of it.

Parasol fungus (indication of size)

We walked onto the pond and met our friends Henry and Addy.

Henry and Addy

Max, of course, pretty much ignored them and just waited for me to throw his cone.


And that was about it. Apart from the fact that, now I have to have the kitchen floor replaced I’ve decided it might be a good time to have the whole kitchen replaced. It is long overdue. The cabinets are now 34 years old and the doors are falling off. So in the afternoon a lady came round from Magnet kitchens to measure up and produce a design for us.

A year ago today

Sheep at Upton Country Park on 1 October.

The sheep's in the meadow

Henry and Ariadne

Thursday 8th September 2016

This morning Max and I went over to Upton Heath fairly early and bumped into our friend Dawn with her two English Pointers, Henry and Ariadne (Addy). I didn’t take Jez as she had a hydro-fit session at noon.

So here are Henry and Addy at the pond, playing tug with a small stick.

Addy and Henry

Of course, Addy won as always.

Addy with her stick

Back around our side of the pond I was trying to get a photo of Henry, but Addy just had to be in the photo too.

Good photobomb Addy!

I eventually got my photo of Henry though.


After visiting the pond we all walked on around the lower heath together, meeting our friends Twink and Tink along the way. And then I bought Max home and took Jez to her hydrotherapy session which went well today. She also had the first in a new course of Cartrophen injections to help with her joints, which she didn’t like as it hurt her for some reason. Poor little soul.

A year ago yesterday

There are no photos from a year ago today, so here’s one from a year ago yesterday when, coincidentally, we met Henry and Addy on Upton Heath. This photo is of Max, however.

Happy Boy

We meet friends Henry and Addy

Monday 8th August 2016

This morning, as usual we went over to Upton Heath for our walk. The weather was a bit mixed, but it was fairly warm.

View across the lower heath

We were walking along the old railway line when along came our friends Henry and Addy, the two English Pointers, with their Mum, Dawn. Addy, now 18 months old, is still cautious when meeting Max in case he tells her off.

Addy finds her best bet is to roll over when she first meets Max

Henry used to be like that when he was young but now he and Max co-exist quite happily.

Max and Henry

We all walked round to the pond, where I was able to get a nice photo of Henry.


And here’s Max waiting for me to throw his cone.


And here’s Jez, just hanging around.


Max is such a slowcoach that Addy usually leaps in the water ahead of him and steals his cones which he just stands there. Today was no exception and Addy managed to steal several of Max’s cones. After a while Dawn and I turned round to see this.

It looks like they are snuggling

It looks like they are snuggling up, doesn’t it? But on closer inspection it turns out they are having a game of tug with one of the cones.

No - they are in a tug of war over one of Max's cones

Addy won, as usual, and took her prize to the far side of the pond to chew up.

Looks like Addy has won the tug of war as usual

Henry just had to settle for a drink.

Henry has a drink

And then they were off racing around together.

Time for a run

They are such lovely dogs and we had a really nice time with them. Eventually, though, we said goodbye and headed back the way we had come to the car.

A year ago today

We went for a walk around Creekmoor Ponds where I took this photo of Jez watching the ducks. I just love this photo.

Jez watches the ducks