An early Christmas Lunch

Sunday 20th December 2015

We had Christmas dinner early this year. Well, the traditional turkey dinner, that is. The reason is that I asked Dad and his ex-partner Pat over the Christmas lunch today. Pat loves a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, but she lives with her son now and he doesn’t like Christmas dinner or Christmas pudding, so I cook it for her.

I managed to get on well and by mid-morning the table was set.

The table is laid ready for an early Christmas dinner

I thought it would be nice to have some family photos this Christmas so set the camera up on the tripod.

A toast.


My favourite photo of Dad and Pat.

Dad and Pat

Me and Chris with Dad and Pat.

Chris, me, Dad and Pat

Max wants a kiss.

Max wants a kiss

Dad gets a wash.

Dad get's a wash

Dinner was good too, although I say it myself. And both Dad and Pat really enjoyed it and ate large helpings. which was good. All in all we had a lovely day.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath. Here’s Jez.



Sunday Lunch

Sunday 28th July 2013

We went to Dad’s for lunch today: boiled gammon, new potatoes, runner beans and peas, followed by meringues, strawberries and cream. All very yummy. After lunch we caught up with the BBC Springwatch programme on butterflies.


Dad watching tv

And Pat…

Pat watching tv

Both watching TV. Meanwhile, it was something outside that had caught Jez’s eye.

Something has caught Jez's eye

One could be forgiven for thinking it was a couple of baby velociraptors.

Baby velociraptor

But they were just young magpies.

I'll grow into those tail feathers one day

After all that excitement Jez had to rest. We came in from doing the washing up to find that she was hogging the entire sofa.

Jez hogs the sofa - again!

Some things never change!