A foggy morning at Kingston Lacy

Thursday 27th October 2016

Once again, apologies for the delays in posting. I was almost up to date and then everything went to hell in a handcart again.

So, back to a foggy Thursday in October. I took Jez and Max to Kingston Lacy for our walk. I didn’t actually expect it to be foggy. It had just about cleared at home and I drove through Broadstone and Corfe Mullen in bright sunshine. But the fog had closed in again by the time we got to Kingston Lacy. This was the entrance.

A damp start at Kinston Lacy

You get a better feel for it from this photo of people heading towards the Woodland Walk.

A foggy morning at Kingston Lacy

We didn’t go to the Woodland Walk, though, as I wanted to go to the Acer Glade again. As we walked along the path that runs down behind the house of took this photo of it in the fog.

Hidden in the fog

But the fog meant that the cobwebs were great today.

Bejewelled web

Web on grass

And this plant was covered.

Covered in cobwebs - just in time for Halloween

The fog still lingered as we reached the Acer Glade.

Acer Glade in fog

But the sun was starting to break through and the leaves were stunning.

Acer leaves

I love the cobweb on this one.


And I rather like this photo of a single leaf.

Acer Leaf

This was Lady’s Walk. As you can see the fog was clearing.

Lady's Walk

When we got around to the Cedar Avenue I saw a tree stump I hadn’t really noticed before.

Tree stump in the Cedar Avenue

It tells you when the tree was planted (1835)…


… when it was felled (2007) …


… and points in between.

Recent history

This was the Cedar Avenue in the sunshine.

Cedar Avenue

And the house.

Kingston Lacy house

A view across the park to the front of the house.

Looking towards The Ponds

Roses in the gardens.

Bejewelled rose

There were also Halloween preparations in full swing.

Halloween Preparations are in full swing

Back at the entrance Max had to investigate the pumpkin display.

Max examines the pumpkins

And finally, a photo of Max taken fairly early on in our walk.


There are more photos from today over on my Flickr stream if you want to take a look.

A year ago today

We went to Broadstone Rec for our walk and then I gave Max a trim.

New clipper - new haircut

Max has his operation

Thursday 13th October 2016

I got up bright and early this morning to take Max to the vet to have his lump removed. After I had dropped him off I came home and took Jez to Upton Country Park. We didn’t have a very long walk. First of all she had a rest outside the walled garden…

Resting at the Country Park

… then she had a rest inside the walled garden.

Jez in the walled garden

The flowers were pretty, though.

Autumn colour in the gardens

And the bees were still collecting pollen from the dahlias.

A bee is still hard at work

And then we walked back to the car.

After we got home Jez decided to hide under the coffee table for some reason.

Peeking out from under the coffee table

In the afternoon I went to pick Max up from the vet. The operation had gone well but he was pretty groggy for the rest of the day (and most of the next day too).

Sleepy after his operation

And yes, its normal for him to turn his eyes up so that only the whites show when he’s asleep.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Max in the stream

Flowers in the rain

Friday 19th August 2016

It was raining this morning when I took Jez to the vet for her hydro-therapy. Her session went better this week, although she’s still very stiff in her left elbow, so she didn’t do too much.

In the afternoon, once the rain had stopped and the sun was occasionally peaking through the clouds, I took the camera out into the front garden.

This first flower is on a shrub in my neighbours’ garden, but it was so pretty.

After the rain

Here’s one of my osteopermums.


And I loved this leafy branch lying on one of my hebes.

Leaves on Hebe

And lastly a fuchsia.


That shrub is huge, but I cut it right back to ground level a few months ago. It’s grown right back up again and looks lovely.

A year ago today

We had a bit of a damp walk at Broadstone Rec.

Time to sit down

Lychett Bay

Friday 5th August 2016

This morning Jez did not have a hydro-therapy appointment, so we went to Lychett Bay for our walk. I knew, based on yesterday, that it would be high tide.

Lychett Bay

Most of our time was spent walking around Turlin Moor Rec, although we did get down to the little beach by the bird hide so that Jez could cool down in the water. As you can see, she had got quite hot.

Jez needs a rest

This is the area where in the past I have found lots of Cinnebar Moth caterpillars, and today was no exception. They are getting quite big now, though.

The cinebar moth caterpillars are growing

Rather than walk on down to where the boats are we cut back across to the children’s playground. It was lovely to see some beautiful wildflowers growing along the side of the road there.

Pretty flowers

The rec itself was looking quite nice in the sun with some pretty dark clouds behind it.

Looking across Turlin Moor Rec.

We were sitting near the flowers when I took that and all of a sudden we heard a man flying a model plane further over in the field. That was it: Jez was off to investigate. She took off at what she now calls a run.

We stopped and had a chat with the man when he had landed his plane and then made our way onto the rugby pitches, where I took this photo of Max.

Max waiting for his ball

And then it was back home and some lunch for us.

A year ago today

We took my cousin, Linda, over Canford Heath for a walk.

Linda regrets coming for a walk when she sees the hill

An afternoon at Kingston Lacy

Saturday 23rd July 2016

This morning Linda and I took both dogs over to Upton Heath for a walk. Although I took the camera I only ended up taking video of Max walking to show to the vet. His back legs are very wobbly now and he spends a lot of time with his knees bent. I will need to make an appointment for him next week.

In the afternoon, though, while Chris walked the dogs, Linda and I had a trip to Kinston Lacy. Once again it was a lovely, sunny afternoon.

Linda at Kingston Lacy

The flower beds close to the house were a riot of colour.

Colourful borders at Kingston Lacy

We had a leisurely stroll around the grounds, but didn’t go into the house. This was the Japanese garden looking lovely in the summer sun.

The Japanese Garden

We climbed up the bank opposite and made our way to a little bamboo hut with a seat in it and I got a nice photo of Linda.


After that we walked down to kitchen garden, and then back around the lime avenue and through the Victorian fernery before we headed back to the car.

From Kingston Lacy we drove to the Pamphill farm shop where Linda bought a birthday present for a friend before we sat and had a nice close drink and an ice cream.

We’d had a really nice afternoon.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park, and then I came home and took photos of bees in the garden.

Drinking the nectar

Bloomin’ Beautiful

Thursday 9th June 2016

Today is all about flowers.

At Upton Country Park the wildflower meadow that was sown last year is now in bloom. It mainly consists of Oxeye Daisies, with the occasional poppy thrown in.

Wild flower meadow

Meanwhile, one of the banks alongside the new car park has been planted with cornflowers, poppies and whatever those yellow flowers are.

Wildflower bank by the car park

Back at home I was inspired to stick the 100mm Macro lens on the EOS 6D and venture out into the garden.

My geraniums are now in bloom.


Here they are backlit.

Bokeh geraniums

This bunch of Salvias are looking very nice too.


And finally a pot of Osteopermums that I bought last summer and which are blooming again.


I like this time of the year.

A year ago today

Max and I went out to Morden Bog for our walk.

Panorama of Morden Bog

Pre-pilates at the Country Park

Thursday 19th May 2016

As usual on a Thursday Max and I walked at Upton Country Park this morning. This was the view over Upton Lake towards Poole as we walked around.

View over Upton Lake to Poole

Max likes the Country Park: he gets to play in the stream.

Waiting for his cone

Today we saw the buzzard – we haven’t seen him (or is it her) for ages.

Its been a while since we've seen the buzzard on his perch

The blossom was looking rather nice this morning.


And here’s a shot of the blossom looking up through the branches of the trees.

Blossom covered branches

And lastly for today, we came across this lovely rhododendron as we walked through the gardens.


A year ago today

I grabbed the camera when I saw this blackbird sunbathing in the garden.

Playing dead