Not much to talk about

1st – 31st January 2018

I’m really sorry everyone, but it’s been one of those months when I’ve hardly taken any photos as all. Life also followed it’s usual, predictable pattern during the month so there ha been nothing really to post about. As we start February, though, I’ve edited the few photos I did take and can share them with you now.

So 2018 dawned cold, wet and miserable here. Just to prove it, here are the Exmoor ponies on Upton Heath on 2nd January.

Exmoor Ponies

I got very excited at the beginning of January as a pair of bullfinches decided that they would visit my feeders.


On Sunday 7th January Teddy and I went to Canford Heath for our afternoon walk, and once again we were treated to some beautiful skies. This was the view over Poole.

Cloudbank over Poole

And a couple more of the skies over the heath that day.

Canford Heath skies

Canford Heath skies

As the weather improved a bit so the first crocuses came out. I took this photo on 19th January in Creekmoor.

Early crocuses

And here is a photo of Teddy from that same walk, as he surveys the old pits on Upton Heath.

Teddy surveys the old pits

On 30th January we had a beautiful sunny morning and for a change I took Teddy down to Lake Pier, which is in Poole Harbour. I used to go there a lot with Max who loved the sea, but Teddy is not so fussed and as it’s not a very long walk I’ve only taken him once. Here he is on the beach.

On the beach

We walked up onto Ham Common and met a beautiful boy: Wellington the English Mastiff.


I’m told he’s what’s known as an apricot brindle.

After we walked around part of Ham Common we headed back to the beach and I threw stones into the water for Teddy. Here he is hunting for one of them.

Looking for his stone

And a lovely one of him reflected in the mill-pond like sea.

Two Teddies

I quite liked this silhouette of the pier.

Lake Pier

And I will leave you today with a clip of Teddy sniffing around in the sea.


Max and I go to Lake Pier

Friday 30th September 2016

It was a sunny but blustery morning, and Jez didn’t want to come for a walk having found herself a patch of sun to lie in, so I took Max down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy.

The beach

You might just be able to spot him there waiting on the shoreline.

As I said, it was blustery and a windsurfer was taking full advantage of the wind.


There were also quite a few people fishing from the pier.

On the pier

Max and I walked along the beach as I threw his cone in the water for him, and then we turned up the steps and walked around the cliff path. We came back to the beach and finally I took him up to the lake on Ham Common so that I could wash the salt off him. Here he is at the water’s edge.


He was eager for a swim.

Swimming back to me

Bringing his cone back to me.

Rising out of the lake

And finally, not a great photo of Max, but I love the water arc produced by the swish of his tail.

With a swish of the tail Now you can see why I stand well back when he comes to the water’s edge. If I don’t I can get drenched.

A year ago today

We were out and about on Upton Heath.

Looking down across the heath

On the beach

Thursday 4th August 2016

The tides were right for us to go down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy this morning. I always check the tides as if the tide is out too far the beach is just mud and Max can’t get into the sea to play. And he likes being in the sea.

Max waits

Jez wades out into the water from time to time, but a lot of the time she just wanders along the beach, or, as in this photo, just sits.

Jez sitting on the beach

We walked the length of the beach and then went up the steps and headed for the lake on Ham Common.

Looking over Poole Harbour

Both dogs had another long spell in the lake as, although it was quite cloudy, it was also quite warm.

Jez and Max in the lake

Then we headed back to the beach. En route we met our lurcher friends Twink and Twiglet and walked with them. Back at the beach the tide was coming in rapidly and we met some people who were having fun messing about in boats.

Messing about in boats

Oh, and Max lost his cone in the sand!

What a daft dog he is!

A year ago today

We were also down at Lake Pier with my cousin Linda.

Max tries to anticipate where Linda's throwing the cone and gets it wrong

Lake Pier with Linda

Thursday 21st July 2016

As I said yesterday, my cousin Linda has arrived to stay for a few days. So this morning she came with us on our walk to Lake Pier, Hamworthy.

When we got to the beach the Wareham River Cruise boat was just passing.

The Wareham River Cruise Boat

It’s a boat trip I’d like to do someday.

Jez was happy to be down the beach and after a while wandered into the sea.

Jez in the sea

Here’s Linda with both Jez and Max.

Linda with Jez and Max

And a photo of Linda with the Rockley Sailing School in the background.


We walked along the beach and then onto the lake. Max has got Linda well trained: he knows that she will always throw his cone or his ball for him.


And Linda duly obliges.

Max has got Linda well trained

Here’s one last shot of Linda for today.


We walked on back to the beach and played some more there. It might look grey and cold but it was actually very warm, so we had a lovely morning.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath. Here he is in the heather.

Max in the heather

A beautiful morning at Lake Pier, Hamworthy

Friday 2nd October 2015

After I’d finished my grocery shopping this morning Max and I went down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy. It was a beautiful morning.

Lake Pier

Max loves to be down at the beach, and the second I open the boot of the car he jumps out and races down to the water.

Go one then Mum

As we haven’t had any storms to churn the harbour up recently the water was lovely and clear.

Max in the sea

We walked along the beach and then on round the cliff top path before heading back to the lake in the middle of Ham Common. En route I took this photo of a tree, long dead, but looking lovely with the sun behind it.

Dead tree

At the lake Max had a short swim (well, I throw his cones out quite a way so that he has to swim to retrieve them). Here he is waiting for me to throw the cone again.

Max in the lake

And another one of him in the lake, this time cone in mouth.

Cone in mouth

We headed back down to the beach and I took one final shot across the harbour.

Enjoying the view

It had been a lovely walk.

Unfortunately I had to come home and, after lunch, return to this week’s task of taking all the cuttings from the Monster Hedge round to the local recycling centre. This afternoon I was in for a pleasant surprise. One of the employees had his Harris Hawk there.

Look who I saw at the local recycling centre today - a Harris Hawk

What a beautiful bird she was.

A year ago today

It was the day of my cousin Susan’s funeral. I took this photo of the lake at the burial ground.

Hinton Burial Ground

Better weather this afternoon

Sunday 23rd August 2015

The morning had been wet again, but by the time I had finished watching the Belgian Grand Prix the weather was starting to improve, and by the time Jez, Max and I got Hamworthy it was really quite nice.

Lake Pier

And while a windsurfer prepared on the beach…


… a kite boarder was already out on the water.

Kite surfing

For some reason the settings got really screwed up on my camera, so I only have one more photo from today. We had walked along the beach and then up around Ham Common and the cliff top, before heading back to the lake. And while Max had a short swim Jez waded in to cool down.

Jez in the lake

We didn’t go back on the beach again today. Both dogs were rinsed off and I wanted to bath Max when I got him home, so didn’t want him soaked in salt water. We had had a lovely walk though, and just about the right length for Jez.

A year ago today

We went for our usual walk on Upton Heath, where we saw this Stonechat.


I forgot to take my camera

Wednesday 12th August 2015

Max and I went down to the beach at Hamworthy this morning. I was half way there before I realised that I had left my camera at home, so all of today’s photos are taken with my iPhone. But at least it was a nice morning.

A nice morning down at Lake Pier, Hamworthy (note Max photobombing yet again)

Notice Max has to get in the photo!

As ever, Max was happy to be there (not that you’d know it from his expression in this photo) and was eager to start chasing his cone.

Max wants to play

The views over Poole Harbour from Ham Common were lovely, as always.

View over Poole Harbour from Ham Common

And there are still lots of jellyfish being washed ashore. This one hasn’t got long to live, assuming it’s not dead already.

Sadly this jellyfish won't last much longer

And lastly, when Linda and I were on the beach last week we noticed one of the houses for sale, so looked it up on the Estate Agent’s site.

A snip at £3million!

It can be yours for £3 million! I couldn’t believe it. It may have lovely views over the harbour and Arne, but it fronts onto a not-particularly-nice beach and is right next to the Royal Marine base. Such is the price of property around Poole Harbour.

A year ago today

Another coincidence. We were down at Hamworthy, although the weather wasn’t so nice, the tide was much higher and it was pretty windy.

The pier is nearly engulfed

At least I’d taken my camera, though!