We meet Rockley Watersports

Tuesday 24th May 2016

Today was a lovely sunny day, although there was a bit of a chilly breeze, so I chose to take the dogs down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy. As usual Max jumped out of the car and raced to the water’s edge to wait for me to come and throw cones for him.

Waiting to play

After a short time he was joined by Jez.

By the sea

While we were playing a crocodile of canoes from Rockley Watersports pulled up on the beach.

Canoe train

There was another group a little way behind them.

Heading for the beach

Max wasn’t too bothered by what was going on.

Between the canoes

But Jez had to go and say hello and then investigate the boats.

Jez investigates

Their leaders got them playing a tag game on the beach so I decided it would be a good idea to take the dogs back along towards the pier. We crossed to the beach that lies between the pier and the marine base, and as we started to play one of the dredgers that keeps Poole Harbour free from silt moved from it’s mooring further out in the harbour.

Harbour dredger

We walked along that short section of beach and back, at the end of which I took a short video clip of Jez struggling to walk on the dry sand.

Poor little soul is happy enough though.

And on the subject of Jez I’m pleased to say that she had a second heart scan yesterday and the vet was pleased with her. He says she was slightly improved for her last scan 3 months ago, thanks to her medication. We also chatted about the practice’s Pet Fit Hydro at their Bournemouth practice and as a result I took Jez there this afternoon. The vet took ages with her and at the end introduced her to the water walker (without the water on this occasion) and tried some sensory water therapy on her. This basically involved showering her back and legs. Poor Jez – she doesn’t do baths and showers, but she was a good little dog. We are going back a week on Friday for a proper session.

A year ago today

We went to Lychett Bay for our walk.

Strolling down the path

A sunny afternoon at the beach

Saturday 30th April 2016

We had more sunshine today, although there was quite a chill to the breeze. That meant I wrapped up well when I took the dogs down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy – which was a mistake! Down there we were pretty sheltered and I was soon quite hot. I got some good photos though.

As ever, Max was really excited to be on the beach. Here he waits at the water’s edge for me to go and play with him.

On the beach

I had chosen the beach again as Jez’s physio had suggested the sand might help her work out what her back legs are going. The poor little soul really struggled though. She found it very hard going and was wobbling everywhere. She, too, was really pleased to be on the beach, though, and loved the water.

Jez is happy to be in the sea

And the water was looking very inviting today.

Poole Harbour

And here’s a close up of that boat that you can see on the right of that photo.


Max, as ever, just wanted me to throw things into the sea for him.


And, for today, one last photo of a very happy Jezebel.


After we’d been on the beach Jez decided she wanted to walk to the lake. I was worried it was a bit far for her, but she managed well. And at least it meant I washed the salt and sand off the dogs before taking them home.

A year ago today

Max and I parked by Eye Bridge then walked up to Abbot Street Copse in Pamphill to see the bluebells.

Max in the Bluebells

Search and Rescue

Saturday 16th April 2016

As we had Jez with us for our walk this afternoon I wanted somewhere where she could potter about. In addition, her physio had suggested that sensory stimulation, such as sand or long grass, to her back feet and legs might help her. So with that in mind we went down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy.

I was aware from Facebook that the Search and Rescue teams were out and about in Hamworthy as an older gentleman had gone missing from there earlier in the day. When we got to the car park the teams were still there.

Search and Rescue at Lake Pier

Sadly, as I write this (10 days later) I believe that they still haven’t found him. It must be such a worrying time for his family. Max, meanwhile, was happy to be back on the beach and I spent all of my time there throwing a cone into the sea for him while Jez pottered about. We only wandered back and forth along the beach today, and didn’t walk up around the cliff top and lake, as I needed to keep Jez’s walking to a minimum. She was happy though, until she went along the pier. It’s an old wooden pier, and she got half way along before she realised she really wasn’t coping very well with the slats where her hind legs weren’t working properly. So we quickly headed back to the car park, but not before I had snapped Max, who, whilst we were on the pier, wandered around in the water below.

Max from the pier

And one last photo from today: of one of the boats that’s always moored out near the marine base.


I thought it looked good in black and white.

A year ago today

Here’s Jez, on a nice sunny day, in the River Stour at Cowgrove.

Jez in the River Stour

Oh what a beautiful morning

Wednesday 13th January 2016

The thermometer in the car said it was 2.3C, but the sun was shining and there wasn’t a breath of wind. So I wrapped up well and took Max down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy, having checked the tides first. What a great choice. My one complaint? I was way too hot!

I took loads of photos, but have tried to be selective in the ones that I have uploaded to post here.

So, firstly, as we set off there were a couple of canoeists preparing for a morning out in Poole Harbour.


It may have been calm today, but as I mentioned yesterday, we had quite a bit of wind. So there was still quite a lot of foam about on the water. Here Max ignores a ‘foamberg’.

Max ignores the 'foamberg'

There has been an old tree stump washed up on the beach recently, and this morning with the calm conditions and high tide it was reflected nicely in the water.

Reflected tree stump

I thought this yacht on the calm sea made for a very tranquil scene.


And I love this one of the reflected clouds.

Above and below

Another photo of Max for you, taken at the end of our walk and after his swim in the lake.


And I will leave you today with a panorama across Poole Harbour, taken as we walked along the beach.

Poole Harbour We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

A year ago today

We were at Upton Country Park where I took this great photo of one of the calves.

A good trick if you can manage it

Sunshine and clouds for a beach walk

Thursday 31st December 2015

We had a bit of a nicer morning today, although it is still very windy here. As the tides were right I decided to take Max down to the beach at Hamworthy for a treat.

Poole Harbour

Max was so excited and very keen to play.

Max wants to play

As I said, it was windy…

Caught in a gust

… which meant there were chunks of flotsam on the beach, like this stern from a small rowing boat (at least, I think that’s what it is).

Someone is missing a bit of their boat

There was also a very large timber washed up at the bottom of the steps.

A large timber has washed up

We walked along the beach playing, then up the steps and round the nature reserve. One of the seats on the cliff top looked very welcoming in the sun.

A place to sit

We walked onto the lake where Max played for a while and then headed back to the beach, where Max temporarily left his mark…

Footprints in the Sand

… until the waves washed them away again.

And lastly, I’ll leave you with a photo of Max.


What a beautiful boy he is!

A year ago today

Max and I were out at Badbury Rings where I took one of my favourite photos of the year.

Looking south from Badbury Rings

Happy 60th Birthday Chris

Wednesday 18th November 2015

My husband Chris was 60 years old today. That’s pretty scary. I don’t like the thought of us getting old. But, I wasn’t going to let that spoil the day. So we woke up and had presents (we’d gone out yesterday evening and bought his main present: a new office chair, which will hopefully arrive in a couple of weeks time.

It had been extremely windy overnight, but nonetheless I chose to take Max down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy. Sometimes after high winds you find all sorts of interesting things washed ashore (like boats!). Today I questioned the wisdom of my choice as I got out of the car as I was nearly blown away. Not only that, but there was nothing interesting on the beach at all.

But what we did have was a mixture of stormy skies and blue sky, which made for some good photos. This one was taken from the beach looking back to Lake Pier.

Lake Pier As we were in Poole Harbour the waves weren’t very big, but they were quite foamy, and Max was a very happy boy playing in the sea. Happy Dog

As ever, once we left the beach and walked up to the cliff top the wind subsided. I know that seems the wrong way round, but it’s always the same here. I think it’s where the wind whips across the open expanse of Poole Harbour.

Anyway, we walked around the cliff top, and then went to Ham Common Lake, where Max had a nice swim, before heading back to the beach and the wind, which was playing havoc with Max’s ears.

Max's ears were getting blown about by the wind We walked back along the beach to Lake Pier. Lake Pier

And then we walked down onto the short stretch of beach between the pier and the marine base. There was a young guy taking photos down there, all kitted out with his tripod. Walking the dogs I don’t get to carry a tripod with me (I have too much else to carry!), so I just have to content myself with hand-held photos. I didn’t think this one was too bad though.

Boat After that we came home and had lunch. And then I embarked on my next project: a birthday cake for Chris. I roughly followed the recipe that Nadiya, the winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off used in the final. So it’s a lemon drizzle cake, filled with lemon curd and lemon butter cream and covered in fondant icing (which I’ve never used before). I was quite pleased with the result. Chris' birthday cake

And it tastes good too!

In the evening we had an Indian take-away, a bottle of Champagne, and we watched The Apprentice. So all in all I think it was quite a good birthday for Chris.

A year ago today

Obviously it was Chris’ birthday, and we went out to a local pub for lunch.
The birthday boy pulling a silly face

A beautiful morning at Lake Pier, Hamworthy

Friday 2nd October 2015

After I’d finished my grocery shopping this morning Max and I went down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy. It was a beautiful morning.

Lake Pier

Max loves to be down at the beach, and the second I open the boot of the car he jumps out and races down to the water.

Go one then Mum

As we haven’t had any storms to churn the harbour up recently the water was lovely and clear.

Max in the sea

We walked along the beach and then on round the cliff top path before heading back to the lake in the middle of Ham Common. En route I took this photo of a tree, long dead, but looking lovely with the sun behind it.

Dead tree

At the lake Max had a short swim (well, I throw his cones out quite a way so that he has to swim to retrieve them). Here he is waiting for me to throw the cone again.

Max in the lake

And another one of him in the lake, this time cone in mouth.

Cone in mouth

We headed back down to the beach and I took one final shot across the harbour.

Enjoying the view

It had been a lovely walk.

Unfortunately I had to come home and, after lunch, return to this week’s task of taking all the cuttings from the Monster Hedge round to the local recycling centre. This afternoon I was in for a pleasant surprise. One of the employees had his Harris Hawk there.

Look who I saw at the local recycling centre today - a Harris Hawk

What a beautiful bird she was.

A year ago today

It was the day of my cousin Susan’s funeral. I took this photo of the lake at the burial ground.

Hinton Burial Ground