A cold end to the year

Sunday 25th December – Saturday 31st December 2016

Christmas Day was a wet, miserable day, so Chris and I didn’t do our ‘traditional family’ walk with the dogs until Boxing Day (the 26th) when we took the dogs out to Kingston Lacy after lunch. It was pretty cold, so I made sure Jez had her nice warm jumper on. Here’s Chris with the dogs

A Boxing Day Walk

The sun going down behind the trees.

A chilly afternoon

And, yes, it’s treat time again.

Time for a treat

The next morning was cold and frosty, and while Jez stayed snuggled in bed, Max and I went over Upton Heath.

Entrance to a frozen heath

We almost met the cows, but they passed us by.

A procession of cows

I like this photo of one of the Exmoor Ponies with the mist lying low across the heath.

Exmoor Pony

The grass around the boardwalk was frosted…

Frozen Grass

… and the water icy (not that that bothered Max).

Max in the icy water

So a pleasant but cold walk.

The next day was cold and frosty again and this time Max and I went to Upton Country Park.

I liked these leaves, covered in frost but with the sun just touching them.

Frosted leaves in the sun

The picnic tables were pretty frosty too.

Frosty picnic tables

The sun was low along the stream.

By the stream

But Holes Bay was looking lovely in the sun.

View across Upton Lake to Poole

And so on to Friday 30th December, and Max and I went over to Canford Heath where the sun was low through the trees.

Light and shade on Canford Heath

It was quite misty too.

A foggy morning

Which made for a few nice shots.

Max waits for me Overlooking Canford Heath estate

But by the time we got up onto the main heath the sun was out, although the wind was bitter.

Me and Max in the sunshine Heading towards the stream

There was lots of ice on the water though.

The ice doesn't bother Max

And finally to the last day of the walk and and a chilly, grey walk on Upton Heath with both Jez and Max.

A grey end to the year

So here’s Max signing out with his last game of cone in 2016.

Last game of cone in 2016

And Jez waiting patiently for 2017 to arrive.

Jez waits

Happy New Year to you all.

A year ago

Max and I saw 2015 out down on the beach at Lake Pier, Hamworthy.



A day of two halves

Friday 7th June 2013

We woke up to light rain this morning. It wasn’t supposed to be raining: it was supposed to be sunny. I hung around for a while to see if it would ease off before I took the dogs out and it got worse. By the time I took Max out (I didn’t even bother disturbing Jez) it was raining hard. So I wrapped up and took Max to the Country Park, where at least he and the ducks didn’t seem to mind the rain.

Nice weather for Max & the ducks

It finally stopped raining about half way through our walk, but was still overcast. Max, meanwhile, got confused during our game of fetch on the front lawn. He was looking everywhere for his ball – everywhere except in his mouth!

It's in your mouth!

By the afternoon the rain had cleared and the sun had come out, although there were still a lot of dark clouds around. So while Chris took the dogs for a walk I decided to take myself off along Holes Bay (part of Poole Harbour) with my new camera. I wore a cardigan and took my waterproof. Mistake! Within 10 minutes the clouds had pretty much cleared and we were left with hot sunshine. Not the best of weather to try out my camera. Plus I hadn’t put any sunscreen on.

Anyway, here is a pick of the photos from this afternoon.

Firstly, Upton House from the front lawn.

Upton House

And then from the back.

Upton House (rear view)

The flower garden.

Flower gardens at Upton Country Park

Along the shoreline a seat we used to sometimes sit on has broken.

Broken Seat

A view across Creekmoor Lake and Holes Bay towards Poole.

View towards Poole looking across Creekmoor Lake

Looking back towards Pergins Island (on the left) and the Country Park.

View towards Pergins Island and Upton Country Park

Shelducks feeding at low tide.

Shelducks feeding at low tide



I was hot and tired by the time I got home.

Birds – Holes Bay, Poole

Birds – Holes Bay, Poole, originally uploaded by Julia Livesey.

This morning it was bright and sunny, and as a local photographer had taken some really good photos of spoonbills at Holes Bay (Poole Harbour) on Thursday I thought I’d go down there with the camera. As you can see there were lots of seagulls, ducks, swans and waders.
30 January 2011