Another short walk today

Sunday 28th August 2016

Now they have re-opened the car park at the very top of Upton Heath in Corfe Mullen I thought we would go back there for our walk this afternoon. It’s never a long walk.

Today as we walked around a buzzard was flying around overhead making a lot of noise about something, but I couldn’t get a decent photo of him. I was able to take a photo looking west from the top of the heath where a lot of trees and undergrowth have been cleared this summer though.

View towards Lychett Matravers

I have to say this isn’t the most interesting of walks so it’s difficult to find things to photograph. The only thing of interest I spotted today was a bee on some wild buddleia.

Bee on Buddleia

Oh, and I took a photo of Jez’s very elegant way of sitting on the path.

How elegant Jezebel!

And that was pretty much it for today.

A year ago today

Max and I had a nice walk on Upton Heath.

Looking across the heath

I thought we were walking on Upton Heath

Saturday 13th August 2016

At least, we started off on Upton Heath. And as usual on a Saturday afternoon Jez made her way up the Roman Road.

Jez and Max along the Roman Road

That was as far as we got, however. She didn’t want to walk that way after all. Instead she took us back to the bridge you can see in the photo and up onto the Castleman Trailway, which runs along the course of the old railway line from the bridge, up through Broadstone.

We only walked along to the first junction, and then turned down the footpath that leads back in the direction of Creekmoor Ponds. The plan had been for us to walk and then for Chris to come and pick us up. But in the end I decided that the walk home could be our walk. So we walked onto Creekmoor Ponds.

The sun is shining on he ponds

There Jez had a good wade around in the water while Max chased his cone.

Max wants his cone thrown

And then we headed home. En route, though, I came across a nice Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Apparently their numbers have gone up considerably in recent years, which may explain why I see quite a lot of them around the ponds.

A year ago today

Max enjoys a pigs ear on his return from the groomer.

Max, back from the groomer and clutching his pig's ear

Sunday afternoon in Wareham Forest

Sunday 7th August 2016

The trouble with warm weather in this area is that you can never get anywhere near the water as everywhere is packed with holidaymakers and locals alike. So today I thought we’d go to Wareham Forest. I was hoping to get the dogs down to the heath area where there are lots of small pools, but Jez had other ideas.

We started out as normal heading along the path that looks towards the Purbeck Hills.

A seat with a view towards the Purbeck Hills

Normally its Jez who is lagging behind, but today it was Max – well, at this point anyway.

Jez and Max head down the slope

There isn’t any water in this part of the forest – apart from the one muddy puddle that Max managed to find.

Trust Max to find a nice muddy puddle

Jez wouldn’t head down the hill towards the water, but instead chose to walk in a large circle back to the car.

Out for a walk in Wareham Forest

One thing I noticed about the forest though: there were more butterflies and dragonflies here than I’ve seen elsewhere this year. We saw lots of these Small Heath butterflies.

Small Heath butterfly

And this Common Darter obligingly landed on some bell heather at the side of the track.

Common Darter on Bell Heather

And, lastly, here are Jez and Max heading back towards the car.

Jez and Max head back to the car

It had been a nice little walk, if not quite the walk I had planned.

A year ago today

We were playing in the River Stour near Eye Bridge with my cousin Linda.

Linda with Jez and Max

Lychett Bay

Friday 5th August 2016

This morning Jez did not have a hydro-therapy appointment, so we went to Lychett Bay for our walk. I knew, based on yesterday, that it would be high tide.

Lychett Bay

Most of our time was spent walking around Turlin Moor Rec, although we did get down to the little beach by the bird hide so that Jez could cool down in the water. As you can see, she had got quite hot.

Jez needs a rest

This is the area where in the past I have found lots of Cinnebar Moth caterpillars, and today was no exception. They are getting quite big now, though.

The cinebar moth caterpillars are growing

Rather than walk on down to where the boats are we cut back across to the children’s playground. It was lovely to see some beautiful wildflowers growing along the side of the road there.

Pretty flowers

The rec itself was looking quite nice in the sun with some pretty dark clouds behind it.

Looking across Turlin Moor Rec.

We were sitting near the flowers when I took that and all of a sudden we heard a man flying a model plane further over in the field. That was it: Jez was off to investigate. She took off at what she now calls a run.

We stopped and had a chat with the man when he had landed his plane and then made our way onto the rugby pitches, where I took this photo of Max.

Max waiting for his ball

And then it was back home and some lunch for us.

A year ago today

We took my cousin, Linda, over Canford Heath for a walk.

Linda regrets coming for a walk when she sees the hill

A dull day at the Country Park then sunshine

Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd August 2016

It was a bit of a dull morning on Tuesday with a spinkling of rain, so Jez decided to stay at home. Max and I went to Upton Country Park and fortunately the showers stopped as soon as we got there. It was a bit of a dull day though, as this view across to Poole shows.

High tide in Upton Lake

Not that Max cared. He’s happy if he can get in one of the streams to play.

Max in the stream

Wednesday, on the other hand, was much nicer. We went to Dad’s in the morning and had a short walk over Nea Meadows. In the afternoon I took the camera into the back garden where the bees are now gathering on my oregano.

bee on oregano There are still very few insects around, though, which may explain why my marrows aren’t setting.

A year ago today

On 2nd August Jez was meeting and greeting in the River Stour.

Jez goes to meet the family out in their canoe

A walk around Badbury Rings

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Linda went home on Sunday, and although I took the dogs out Sunday afternoon and Monday morning I didn’t take any photos. Today, though, I took the Powershot with me when I took the dogs out to Badbury Rings. I should have checked it over first, though. I had last used it when we were down the beach and didn’t realise Max had splashed seawater all over the lens. The first few photos from today therefore have a bit of a blurry patch on them. Luckily, this isn’t over the main subject of the photo.

So today, as on our last visit, we walked through the centre of the old hill fort and then walked around the top of one of the embankments to the south. Today we chose the central embankment.

Although the day was overcast it was warm and there were lots of wild flowers out, like this selfheal.


Walking along I came across several of the beautiful, delicate little harebells.

Delicate Harebell

And I think this is a new one for me: a Pyramidal Orchid. They are only supposed to bloom until June, but I guess the cold damp weather we had in May and June has delayed them this year.

Late flowering Pyramidal Orchid

I was also pleased to see a 5 spot Burnett moth.

5 spot burnett moth on ragwort

It flew along with us for a while so I was able to get another photo of it.

5 spot burnett moth

There are so few insects around this year though. I have hardly seen any butterflies and a local photographer recently said on Twitter that he’s stopped taking his camera with him due to the lack on insects that are around.

Of course, I took some photos of the dogs. Here’s Jez.


And here’s Max.


I also took this profile close-up of Max.

Best not ask what Max has been eating!

Not nice – best not ask what he’s been snacking on. This might give you a clue though.

Here come the cows

Dogs! You’d think he was never fed

A year ago today

We’d obviously had a lot of rain. Here’s Max in a puddle on Canford Heath.

Puddle + cone = Play time

More inquisitive cows

Thursday 7th July 2016

Today I chose to take the dogs to the River Stour at Eye Bridge as my pilates class was cancelled. It was a bit of an overcast day, but not particularly cold.

Across the Stour

We walked along to the big bay where the dogs play and they both went in the river. Here is Jez by the reed beds.

Jez in the river

I expected Jez to be happy to walk on round again, but after yesterday’s longer walk she simply wanted to return to the car, so distance-wise, it was a bit of a short walk for us.

The weather this spring and summer has meant that the foliage has grown like mad, and the grass and wildflowers are high. I thought this hogweed flower was pretty as it is young and still has some pink in it.

Hogweed flower

I have noticed a distinct lack of insects though and have hardly seen any butterflies at all this year. I suspect the damp conditions and the winds are to blame. I was pleased to find this bee on what I think is a sowthistle.

Bee on a sowthistle

When we walked along to the bay the cows had been in the middle of their field. By the time we walked back several of them were over by the fence. They are mainly Red Devons on this farm.

Red Devon

I walked up to the fence and this one came to see me.

Nosy #1

He was very nosy, and, as you can see, his nose was a bit bloodied.

A bloodied nose

And I love this close up of his eye.

Eye sees you

But there were other cows in the field today too. Being black and white I would guess they are Holstein Friesians, but their markings are unusual. Anyway, this one was also very nosy.

Nosy #2

And I loved it’s white eyelashes.

White eyelashes!

We eventually got back to the bridge and I nipped up there to get a photo across the weir. Max thought we were going over to the other bank and dashed off in front of me.

Max crosses Eye Bridge

Unfortunately Jez doesn’t feel she can cope with the bridge at the moment, so I contented myself with a photo down stream and then rejoined her.

View across the weir

It took me a while to get Max back though.

Both dogs had another dip in the river at the ford and then we went into the field adjacent to where I had parked. They had cut the long grass and whilst it’s not good for Max’s allergies it did allow me to get some photos of the dogs. So, to finish, here’s Jez…


… and here’s Max.


Oh, and that short walk took us a couple of hours!

A year ago today

I came home from Upton Country Park to find a buzzard perched in the oak tree in our drive.