And a cold start to 2017

Sunday 1st January – Saturday 7th January 2017

The cold spell has been continuing into the new year, although we had some rather welcome sunshine on Monday 2nd January. To celebrate Max and I went for a walk on Upton Heath as usual on a Monday.

New Year - Same old pond

Near the pond we met the 3 Weimeraners, including Hazel who had one of her usual ‘small’ sticks. Here she is having a good old chew at it.

Hazel's found herself a stick

We walked on round the lower heath and when we got to the Roman Road Max got in the stream as usual. The light on his was lovely.

Max in the stream

And lastly for today, here is a shot of the Roman Road where the stream crosses it.

The Roman Road in winter

On Tuesday it was a cold and frosty start, so I chose to take Max out to Kingston Lacy. When we got there Max was a bit worried by the warning sign at the entrance.

The sign has got Max a bit worried

But he needn’t have worried as the paths weren’t slippery at all. The grounds were looking lovely in the frost and sunlight though.

A clear, frost morning

This photo was taken along the Cedar Avenue.

Sun throught the cedars

As was this one of a frosted bench.

Frosted seat

These frosty leaves also caught my eye.

Frosty leaves

It was only towards the end of our walk that we began to see many other people. This couple passed us as we walked through the gardens, though.

Waling through the gardens

We walked on round to the Japanese garden, which looked nice in the frost and sun.

The Japanese Garden

And I rather liked the light and shade around this little ornament.

Stone ornament

After that we continued on through the woodland walk and finally back to the car.

Wednesday I went to see my Dad as usual and on Thursday we once again had a heavy frost so I decided to take Max down to Lychett Bay. The tide was out and the shoreline was rather icy.

An icy Lychett Bay at low tide

Max was not happy as he couldn’t get anywhere near the water.

Max is not happy that the tide is out

We walked on round to the small beach at Turlin Moor, where the boats looked lovely in the still water.

Reflections on a cold morning

Round here the seaweed on the beach was frozen.

Frozen seaweed

As was the fishing gear left in the boats.

Fishing nets and float Frosted float

There was also frost over this discarded bag left on the beach.


Max finally managed to get down to the water round here, but he also got very muddy paws in the process.

Mr Muddy Paws!

After that we headed back to the car but before we left we went to see the new viewing platform that has been built overlooking the bay.

The new viewing platform

And this is the view it gives.

Lychett Bay from the viewing platform

And one last photo from our walk: a frozen seed head.

Frosty seedhead

You may be wondering where Jez was while Max and I were doing all this walking. Well, she was busy snoozing in the sun at home.

Jez snoozing in the sun

And who can blame her?

A year ago

From the same week a year ago I’ve chosen this photo, taken out at Badbury Rings, which is also part of the National Trust Kinston Lacy estate.

Circle of light


An afternoon at Kingston Lacy

Saturday 23rd July 2016

This morning Linda and I took both dogs over to Upton Heath for a walk. Although I took the camera I only ended up taking video of Max walking to show to the vet. His back legs are very wobbly now and he spends a lot of time with his knees bent. I will need to make an appointment for him next week.

In the afternoon, though, while Chris walked the dogs, Linda and I had a trip to Kinston Lacy. Once again it was a lovely, sunny afternoon.

Linda at Kingston Lacy

The flower beds close to the house were a riot of colour.

Colourful borders at Kingston Lacy

We had a leisurely stroll around the grounds, but didn’t go into the house. This was the Japanese garden looking lovely in the summer sun.

The Japanese Garden

We climbed up the bank opposite and made our way to a little bamboo hut with a seat in it and I got a nice photo of Linda.


After that we walked down to kitchen garden, and then back around the lime avenue and through the Victorian fernery before we headed back to the car.

From Kingston Lacy we drove to the Pamphill farm shop where Linda bought a birthday present for a friend before we sat and had a nice close drink and an ice cream.

We’d had a really nice afternoon.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park, and then I came home and took photos of bees in the garden.

Drinking the nectar

A spring walk at Kingston Lacy

Tuesday 19th April 2016

So we have been to see the bluebells at Badbury Rings, and we’ve been to see the bluebells at Pamphill, both of which are part of the National Trust Kingston Lacy estate, and today it was the turn of Kingston Lacy itself.

Kingston Lacy House

Max and I wandered across to the Woodland Walk, and today decided to explore the section north of the play area, towards the main road. It’s looked too muddy up until now to go that way. I have to say, though, it was a tad boring and I’m not sure I’ll bother again unless I’m looking for a slightly longer walk. There are nowhere near as many bluebells in the woods here, but there were one or two banks of them, like this one here.

Bluebells in the Woodland Walk

And I quite like this photo of the individual flowers.


Further on round the wild garlic is coming into flower, and the smell was really pungent.

Wild Garlic

Such a pretty little flower.

In the formal gardens the blossom is out: seen here with daffodils.

Blossom and daffodils

And here, on it’s own.


The Japanese garden is starting to look pretty too.

Japanese Garden

And last, but by no means least, a near-perfect camellia bloom.

A near-perfect Camellia

Isn’t that beautiful?

A year ago today

I don’t have any photos of a year ago today, so instead I’ll include another one from a year ago yesterday: this time of Chesil Bank (leading out to Portland Bill) and The Fleet.

Chesil Bank and the Fleet