Feeling very Mediterranean

Friday 26th August 2016

I didn’t go for a walk yesterday as in the morning I had to take Jez to the vet for a heart scan. I’m pleased to say this went well. There is a slight deterioration in her condition, but apparently nothing to worry about, and she doesn’t have to go back until the New Year.

This morning it was a lovely, bright sunny morning and so I thought I would take the dogs down to the Baiter (Poole Harbour) for a change. We haven’t been there for ages. Jez hadn’t wanted to go for a walk after her scan yesterday, but when we got to the Baiter today she was very excited and spent most of her time trying to run around as best she can.

It was certainly a lovely morning down there.

The beach at the Baiter

The dogs were soon in the sea. Here’s Jez (notice the spray in the foreground of the photo from Max’s tail).

Jez enjoys the sea (notice the spray from Max's tail in the foreground)

And they weren’t the only ones.

A nice place for the dogs to play

Max, of course, just wanted me to throw his cone.

Max waits to play

You can start to see how weak his back legs are getting in that photo.

I thought we would walk along the beach, but Jez had other ideas and went back up onto the grass. There her attention was soon caught my a man flying a model plane.

Messing around with a model plane

She had to go over and investigate and the man was very good and let her sniff it. But she soon decided it wasn’t that interesting so we started to walk back towards the beach, chatting to other dog owners on the way. And while I talked Jez had a rest from all her running about.


We made our way back to the beach by the slipway where Max was waiting for us, having lost his ball. There was lots of activity around the slipway.

Messing about in boats

And after a while the two jet skis were off.

The jet skis are off

We had one last paddle there before we walked back to the car. And here is Jez in the water demonstrated that you don’t have to go to the Mediterranean to feel that you are there.

Jez doesn't need to go to the Med

Just come to Poole on a nice day.

A year ago today

It was a nice sunny day for a walk in Wareham Forest.

Log piles on the Sika Trail


I go back to Highcliffe

Thursday 3rd July 2014

How nice to wake up in my own bed! But it’s shortlived. After a morning spent cleaning the house for Chris I had to head back to Highcliffe to get Dad’s dinner. We didn’t get out in the afternoon, but after tea I suggested going down to Mudeford Quay. It was a lovely evening, as you can see from this photo, which shows Dad starting to stride out.

Dad wanders on Mudeford Quay

I think that photo shows how much he’s improved in the past couple of weeks.

On the Quay the lobster pots were looking nice in the evening sun.

Lobster Pots on Mudeford Quay

And people were heading back into the harbour after an early evening on the water. Here a jet ski…

Jet-ski coming up the Race at Mudeford

… and here a motor boat.

Heading into the Harbour

I don’t know if you can see the water in that shot. The tide is going out, so the Race is running full-tilt out of the harbour. It’s a really strong rip current that runs when the tide is turns. You can see it here in the contrast between the turbulant waters of the Race and the calm along by Hengistbury Head.

Hengistbury Head from Mudeford Quay

After we’d walked around the Quay we sat in the sun and had a drink at the pub there. Then, as the sun went down, Dad headed back to the car while I walked around the Quay one last time.

Mudeford Quay

And one last shot – taken by the sailing club.

The sun is setting

It was a very pleasant evening.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath, where I took this photo of a Bog Asphodel.

The bog asphodel is out on Upton Heath