Teddy has been in the wars

Thursday 1st – Friday 16th February 2018

Well February started out ok. Here is Teddy with his friend Louis and Louis’ Mum, Tina, on a nice sunny morning on Canford Heath.

With our friends Tina and Louis

Then on the 2nd Teddy and I went over to Upton Heath for our walk, where Teddy posed to show off his nice collar.

Teddy shows off his new collar

En route home Teddy had a very brief run in with a white, aggressive German Shepherd that lives around here, but at the time I thought nothing of it. We got home and had snuggles on the sofa in the sun.

Snuggling in the sunshine Kisses for his Mum

And then Chris walked in and said, “What’s that on his side?” And, as you can see, that was a large hole.

Oh no! How did I miss that?

So it was off to the vet pretty sharpish. I had to leave Teddy who needed sedation and stitching. He was bright enough when I bought him home, though, and hadn’t lost his appetite.

All stitched up

The vet who stitched him up said he thought it was a dog bite, hence my comment about the German Shepherd. And if Teddy was scared of them before, he’s even worse now.

Other than that, Teddy was fine. Her he is posing on the bed in one of Chris’ old t-shirts (to stop him licking his wound).

Chillaxing on the bed in Dad's T-shirt

And on the sofa

Sun puddle

On 5th February I had to take him back to the vet for a check-up, so for our walk we went out to Kingston Lacy. The house was looking nice, as ever, in the sun.

Kingston Lacy house

And in the gardens the snowdrops were out.



My birthday fell on a Wednesday, so I went to see my Dad as usual in the morning. In the afternoon I took Teddy over to Canford Heath for a walk. That’s Jezebel’s old coat he’s wearing, which is why it’s a bit small. It protects his wound while he’s out, however. As you can see, he’s starting to look a bit shaggy.

Teddy is starting to look a bit shaggy

At the weekend we had a bit of a cold snap, and the pool by the boardwalk on Upton Heath was slightly frozen.

Frozen pond

The following week-end (beginning on 16th Feb) my cousin and her husband were supposed to come to stay, but on the Thursday our boiler packed up and needed major repair which couldn’t be done until the following week. So we were left without central heating and had to cancel our visitors. We did go down to Poole on the Friday evening, however, to see their Festival of Lights. I have to say we were really disappointed. To say we were underwhelmed would be and overstatement. I took the camera, though, and so here’s a photo of Chris and Teddy under one of the installations on Poole High Street.

Teddy and Chris under one of the installations

The only decent installation was a squirrel on Poole Quay.

Squirrel Squirrel


And for good measure I took a photo of Poole Quay itself.

Poole Quay

Rain then some sunshine

Sunday 10th September to Saturday 16th September 2017

Yes, we went over to Upton Heath for our walk on Sunday and we got wet again! Although it wasn’t as bad as yesterday my walking boots decided enough was enough and let water, so I came home with wet feet. Teddy wasn’t particularly happy about the state of affairs either.

Wet again! Teddy's not very happy

Monday was a good day – we didn’t get wet! And on Tuesday we actually had sunshine for our walk on Canford Heath. Here is Teddy, backlit by the sun.

Backlit on Canford Heath

And letting me know that all this photo-taking malarkey can get a bit boring.

Well this is boring!

When we do get sunshine a lot of Red Admiral butterflies are taking advantage, and we saw this lovely one as we headed down towards Knighton Heath.

Red Admiral Butterfly

I also spotted quite a large fungi and was trying to get a photo of it, but Teddy thought he’d take a leaf our of Max’s book and photobomb the shot.

Teddy takes a leaf out of Max's book and learns to photobomb

We continued on round and Teddy met a young Cocker Spaniel for the second time and they had a really good play. After which, of course, Teddy had to find the nearest puddle in which to cool down.

Teddy poses for Tongue out Tuesday

I particularly like this photo of him.

Time to cool down in a puddle

Needless to say he got out covered in mud!

Tuesday would have been Jezebel’s 10th birthday, so the day was tinged with sadness. But she loved cake, so in her honour I made a chocolate marble cake in the afternoon which Chris and I have been enjoying. This photo of Jez was taken on her birthday last year.

Jez on her 9th Birthday

On Wednesday I went to Dad’s in the morning as usual. I am pleased to say he has suffered no ill effects as a result of his fall last week, other than a very sore thumb where he cut it. In the afternoon I took Teddy over to Canford Heath, although I didn’t take any photos as once again it looked as though it could tip down with rain at any minute. After our walk we dropped round to Pat’s to take her her birthday presents: she will be 97 on Thursday.

On Thursday Teddy and I headed out to Badbury Rings for our walk. We didn’t get that far, though, as Teddy decided to whine and bark in the back of the car. Instead I called into Kingston Lacy which was closer.

Unfortunately the main part of the Woodland Walk is closed.

No Woodland Walk for us today

We did manage to do one small loop in the woods though, and then headed back past the house to the gardens. This view of the house was taken as we were walking back from the Woodland Walk.

Kingston Lacy House

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but in the woods in one part of the gardens they are using pigs to clear the undergrowth. They’ve always been too far away for me to get a photo before, but today they were by the fence. Here is the big one (I think it might be a Gloucester Old Spot, but I can’t actually see any spots so I might be wrong).

Clearing the undergrowth in the gardens the natural way

And here is one of the Kunekunes.

This Kunekune is hoping to be fed a few apples

He came over to the fence as there is a shoot there. You can buy apples and feed the pigs. Sadly I didn’t have 50p on me for the apples, so he had to go hungry.

Over in the Kitchen Garden the dahlias are looking lovely.


There was supposed to be an orchid flowering there somewhere but I couldn’t find it. I did find the little autumnal scene in one of the outhouses though.

Autumn's harvest in the Kitchen Garden

And one final shot of the house as we walked back to the car.

Kingston Lacy House

On Friday we walked over Upton Heath again and although I took the camera we spent time walking round with a dog walker so I didn’t take any photos. I did take the camera when we went on Saturday though, despite the forecast of rain. There was a very misty and moody view over Poole Harbour, looking towards Arne.

A misty view across the heath

And yes, we got wet, but not very. Just a couple of fairly light showers. So I’ll leave you with a panorma of the heath and hope that the forecast is right and we will not have a few days without rain.

Panorma across Upton Heath

Jez digs her heels in

Sunday 17th May 2015

It was quite a nice day, albeit a bit breezy, so I thought I would take the dogs out to Badbury Rings this afternoon for a change. So we drove over there, parked and got out of the car and headed for the rings. We walked through the gate and, as I listened to the skylarks singing up above, started to head out along our normal path. Jez came a few feet then stopped. She didn’t want to go that way. We tried another way. No, she didn’t want to go that way either. I tried putting her lead on her and taking her along various routes, but she was having none of it. She just dug her heels in and refused to budge. In the end we went back to the picnic tables where she lay for a while, before I eventually managed to get her back to the car.

So we left Badbury Rings and headed in the direction of the river. I had to go through Pamphill so, on a whim, decided to park up and walk down to the bluebell wood. It was a bit busy. but I was lucky with a parking space. It was a good choice. Jez had never been there before so this was somewhere to explore. From not wanting to walk she was now trotting along on the path ahead of me.

Jez wanders down the path

The bluebells are almost over, but this seat still looked like a nice, tranquil place to sit.

a nice place to sit

Here’s Max having a good sniff of the bluebells.

Max sniffs the bluebells

And a little poem, hung in the woods, that I didn’t manage to get a good enough photo of last time we went.

"The Bluebell"

Back at Pamphill I loved the bluebells and other wild flowers, such as the campions, growing by the road.

Wildflowers at Pamphill

We walked back to the car and I drove on down to the river, where the dogs were able to cool down and have a drink.

The River Stour from Eye Bridge

So that was our walk. It wasn’t quite as I had planned it, but it was a good walk all the same.

A year ago today

Life started to get a bit hectic for me a year ago as my Dad broke his hip. Today, one year ago, was his first day in hospital, but I took Jez and Max over to Upton Heath.

Max waits patiently

A walk to see the bluebells at Pamphill

Thursday 30th April 2015

It was a lovely sunny morning, so I made the decision to take Max to see the bluebells at Pamphill. The village of Pamphill is on the Kingston Lacey estate with the whole area being managed by the National Trust. We could have parked alongside the cricket pitch in Pamphill and taken a short walk to Abbot Street Copse where the bluebells are. Instead, though, I decided to make a walk of it for Max and I so we started off at our normal walk along the River Stour at Cowgrove.

The River Stour

After playing in the river we headed up the old stream bed towards the village of Cowgrove, and instead of then turning back round towards the river we continued straight on.

On the path to Cowgrove

As we approached the road that runs through Cowgrove this was the view across Cowgrove Common.

Cottage across Cowgrove Common

We crossed the road and headed up towards All Fools Lane. En route we passed this cottage. I was told by a man walking his two labradors that their black cocker spaniel likes to come out and greet passers by, but in this shot he is heading back into the garden.


We continued on up All Fools Lane, which may once have been called All Souls Lane. It is believed the corruption came from a mis-interpretation of the ‘S’ many years ago (many of you will know doubt know that the written ‘S’ and ‘F’ used to be very similar. The woods, when we arrived at them, were well worth a visit.


The bluebells were stunning.


The National Trust have put a path through the woods, although it is not invasive.

Path through the woods

It means that you can get to see the bluebells without everyone trampling them all down. In places though some people have walked in a short distance – I’m guesssing to take photos. I occasionally took advantage of some of these places, such as when I took this photo of Max.

Max in the Bluebells

And lastly a couple of close ups.



Sadly we left the bluebell woods and headed back down All Fools Lane.

All Fools Lane

There are lots of bluebells and wild flowers down to lane too.

I called this photo of pink campions ‘Pretty maids all in a row’.

Pretty Maids all in a row

And I liked these ferns unfurling in the dappled sunlight.


Lastly a view across the fields as we approached Cowgrove again.

Across the fields

So we retraced our steps and then picked up our usual path back to the river and home. In all the walk had taken us around 2 hours. It had been a really lovely morning.

A year ago today

There was a very happy Jezebel at Broadstone Rec.

Show us your tongue!