A new experience for Max

Sunday 11th – Saturday 17th December 2016

But first we were back at Corfe Mullen and Upton Heath on Sunday 11th. First we visited the scuzzy pond.

Max in the scuzzy pond

Here’s Jez backlit by the sun.

Jez, backlit by the afternoon sun

Then we went out on the heath.

Max waits for me and Jez

Where the dogs were contemplating heading in different directions.

They say opposites attract

Moving on to Friday 16th December, and I took Max for his first ever session in the water walker in an attempt to strengthen the muscles supporting his poorly hips.

Max gets to try out the water walker,  but I don't think he's too sure about it

As you can see, he wasn’t entirely sure about the experience.

And finally, on Saturday 17th, which was dull and damp, we went over to Upton Heath. I didn’t take the camera but then spotted this fungi. At first I thought it was a Hare’s Foot Inkcap, but it was way too big and it’s the wrong time of year. I think it’s a Snowy Inkcap – a first for me.

I think this is a Snowy Inkcap - it was way too big for a Hare's Foot Inkcap

Isn’t it pretty?

A year ago this week

We went to see Corfe Castle lit up in the run-up to Christmas.

Shadows from the past


Jez has another hydro-fit appointment

Friday 24th June 2016

I’m sorry there’s a bit of a gap in posts this week, but I’ve had a busy week with few walks. On Tuesday I had a physio appointment in the morning, and then Chris took the dogs out in the afternoon. Then Wednesday morning’s I go to see Dad. We did go to the Country Park on Thursday but I don’t have any photos. So that brings us to today and this morning it was Jez’s turn for physio. Here she is all alone in the water walker.

Jez waits in the water walker She was joined by the vet and her treatment began. She is getting a lot better on the treadmill which is turned on for slightly longer periods (but only 30-40 seconds at a time). It’s also faster than it was to start off with so Jez has to stride out more. Here she is demonstrating how good she is at it now.

I’m really pleased with her progress though. She’s walking much better and wants to walk further.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went to Wareham Forest.

Jez starts our walk with a rest

Jez goes to hydro-therapy

Friday 3rd June 2016

Today was Jez’s first proper hydro-therapy session. I packed up her rucksack with towels and a bag of chopped up chicken for treats and we made our way over to her vet’s in Bournemouth. We got there really early, which was great as we got to spend time with this little chap. Meet Copper, a 13 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

We met Copper (13 weeks)

Eventually it was our turn and we went on through to the hydro-therapy room where Jez had a rest while we waited for the vet to change into her wetsuit bottoms.

Jez waits in the Pet Fit Hydro

Jez wasn’t keen on the shower treatment but was happy enough to walk into the water-walker when the time came.

What are we doing in here?

She wasn’t even too put out by the noise of the walker filling with water.

Aly gently massages Jez

That is Aly the vet gently massaging her.

I also took a bit of video of her, including right at the end when Aly turned the walker on.

She really coped very well with it, but was quite tired afterwards. We’re going again for another treatment next week.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park where we saw the heron.

The heron is back

Back to the dermatologist then onto Wareham Forest

Wednesday 21st October 2015

Max had a follow-up appointment with his dermatologist today, which was a good job as he has been getting worse, not better, and has chewed one of his hind paws raw. This is one time Jez doesn’t mind going to the vet as she knows it’s not her appointment. So she took the opportunity to have a quick snooze in the consulting room.

Jez waits in the vet's surgery

We left the vet loaded up with medication: tablets to counter the yeast infection, anti-biotics to see off any bacterial infection, steroids to try and knock everything on the head, and his usual anti-itch tablets. Poor dog has more tablets than breakfast of a day!

After the vet we went on to Wareham Forest. It was getting fairly late and Jez doesn’t do very well with long walks these days, so we walked the north side of the Sika Trail for a change. That was after we cut through a couple of the small forest paths, like this one.

A forest trail

Under the trees the bracken has turned bronze as it dies back.

In amongst the trees

We passed some pretty bracket fungi along the way, too.

Fungi in the forest

It had been a very overcast day, but by the time we got down to the path by Decoy Heath the sun came out.

Sunshine on a cloudy day

It made the heath look lovely.

Decoy Heath

We walked to the Gruffalo Pool where Max had a quick play, and then we turned and headed back up the hill towards the car.

Heading back to the car

In the end we had had a nice walk, which surprised me given the weather when we set out.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park.

The path to Hamworthy

Time to go home

Friday 21st November 2013

It came around far too quickly – time to go home. First, though, just time for a cup of coffee in bed before we pack up.

There were three in a bed ...

We were all packed up and away by 9.45am. We decided not to stop on the way back, so were home before 1pm. And look what was waiting for us when we got home. Jez is a cover girl now …

Cover Girl

… not to mention Miss January.

Miss January

In case you don’t remember, or have joined us since, that was a photo I took back in January, which won a photo competition at the vets in the summer.

So after that excitement it was time to unpack and get back to our usual routine.

Out on Canford Heath

Tuesday 29th October 2013

We have sunshine. So that means that Jez is lying on the bed soaking up the rays and refusing to come out for her morning walk. So as it was just Max and I, and as half of the Gravel Hill car park has been taken over by Wessex Water who have dumped loads of stuff for their sewer works there, we parked in Asda and walked up the Redbrick Path to Canford Heath. There was a bit of an obstacle along the way.

Tree down across the Redbrick Path

Once we got onto the Heath and into the sunshine it was really warm, and I had to take my waterproof off and carry it.

A sunny day on Canford Heath

Max was happily going from puddle to puddle, discovering that all of his little pools of water are back and expecting me to be able to throw a cone for him in a patch of water that’s about 3 feet round.

Anothe day, another puddle

We had a lovely walk…

Max waits for me to catch up

And I followed a little path a few yards into the heath to get a slightly different panorama shot.

Canford Heath Panorama

In the afternoon we had a phone call from the vet with the results of Max’s blood tests. His calcium levels are still too high, which is worrying, so they will have to try and find the underlying cause. The vet is concerned in case it is cancer, so on Friday he is going in for more XRays, an ultrasound scan and further blood tests. We are obviously hoping the cause is something much less serious.

In the evening I went to a talk given by the the vet practice (Lynwood Vets), on arthritis in dogs, the perils of adders & ticks, and a strange disease that has been identified this year, Acute Kidney Infection. It was all really interesting, and the talk on arthritis convinced me that I really must try and get Max’s weight down again. It also featured video I’d taken of Jezebel. And what was especially nice was that I bumped into two old work colleagues whom I hadn’t seen for quite a few years. It was lovely to see them and have a catch up.

Lynwood Vets Fun Dog Show

Sunday 19th May 2013

Guess what we did today? Chris walked the dogs in the morning, and then at lunchtime we went to the Fun Dog Show organised by Jez and Max’s veterinary practice in aid of charity. Max took it all in his stride, but as usual at such events, Jez got very excited. She pulls us round and round the event area, in a desperate hurry to get somewhere, although she’s not too sure where. Occasionally she got really lucky and found another dog whose owner was willing to let it play with her: like Freddie, below, a poodle/golden retriever cross who she got on really well with.


We were also suprised and very pleased to see that one of the photos I had entered for their photo competition had come first in its category.

A photo of Jez won first prize in the Photo Competition

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, and occasionally it rained, although it wasn’t too heavy. Jez soon found the answer to this problem, when, during one such shower, she took herself off to the vet nurses’ caravan.

Jez finds herself a place out of the rain

At this point I should point out that several of the photos that follow are courtesy of my husband, Chris.

I entered both Jez and Max for one of the show categories: best rescue dog. Here we are in the ring.

Chatting in the show ring

Of course, waiting for the judges decision can be nail-biting stuff.

Awaiting the judging can be nailbiting stuff

Some just stand and look on…

Young Dalmatian

Others prefer to watch the action lying down…

Watching the action in the ring

And then there are those who just prefer to snooze…

Time for a snooze

While some just watch from their owner’s lap.

Lap Dog

Sadly we didn’t win anything, but then at these events its all about the taking park.
Just before we left there was a display by the police dog handling division. Here the dog is simply walking to heel.

Police Dog demonstraion

And here he’s demonstrating how he attacks.

Police Dog demonstraion

Rather that policeman than me, that’s all I can say.

All in all it was a pleasant outing. Jez was absolutely shattered when she got home and had to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. Max and I, on the other hand, went for a walk round the Country Park.