Rain then some sunshine

Sunday 10th September to Saturday 16th September 2017

Yes, we went over to Upton Heath for our walk on Sunday and we got wet again! Although it wasn’t as bad as yesterday my walking boots decided enough was enough and let water, so I came home with wet feet. Teddy wasn’t particularly happy about the state of affairs either.

Wet again! Teddy's not very happy

Monday was a good day – we didn’t get wet! And on Tuesday we actually had sunshine for our walk on Canford Heath. Here is Teddy, backlit by the sun.

Backlit on Canford Heath

And letting me know that all this photo-taking malarkey can get a bit boring.

Well this is boring!

When we do get sunshine a lot of Red Admiral butterflies are taking advantage, and we saw this lovely one as we headed down towards Knighton Heath.

Red Admiral Butterfly

I also spotted quite a large fungi and was trying to get a photo of it, but Teddy thought he’d take a leaf our of Max’s book and photobomb the shot.

Teddy takes a leaf out of Max's book and learns to photobomb

We continued on round and Teddy met a young Cocker Spaniel for the second time and they had a really good play. After which, of course, Teddy had to find the nearest puddle in which to cool down.

Teddy poses for Tongue out Tuesday

I particularly like this photo of him.

Time to cool down in a puddle

Needless to say he got out covered in mud!

Tuesday would have been Jezebel’s 10th birthday, so the day was tinged with sadness. But she loved cake, so in her honour I made a chocolate marble cake in the afternoon which Chris and I have been enjoying. This photo of Jez was taken on her birthday last year.

Jez on her 9th Birthday

On Wednesday I went to Dad’s in the morning as usual. I am pleased to say he has suffered no ill effects as a result of his fall last week, other than a very sore thumb where he cut it. In the afternoon I took Teddy over to Canford Heath, although I didn’t take any photos as once again it looked as though it could tip down with rain at any minute. After our walk we dropped round to Pat’s to take her her birthday presents: she will be 97 on Thursday.

On Thursday Teddy and I headed out to Badbury Rings for our walk. We didn’t get that far, though, as Teddy decided to whine and bark in the back of the car. Instead I called into Kingston Lacy which was closer.

Unfortunately the main part of the Woodland Walk is closed.

No Woodland Walk for us today

We did manage to do one small loop in the woods though, and then headed back past the house to the gardens. This view of the house was taken as we were walking back from the Woodland Walk.

Kingston Lacy House

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but in the woods in one part of the gardens they are using pigs to clear the undergrowth. They’ve always been too far away for me to get a photo before, but today they were by the fence. Here is the big one (I think it might be a Gloucester Old Spot, but I can’t actually see any spots so I might be wrong).

Clearing the undergrowth in the gardens the natural way

And here is one of the Kunekunes.

This Kunekune is hoping to be fed a few apples

He came over to the fence as there is a shoot there. You can buy apples and feed the pigs. Sadly I didn’t have 50p on me for the apples, so he had to go hungry.

Over in the Kitchen Garden the dahlias are looking lovely.


There was supposed to be an orchid flowering there somewhere but I couldn’t find it. I did find the little autumnal scene in one of the outhouses though.

Autumn's harvest in the Kitchen Garden

And one final shot of the house as we walked back to the car.

Kingston Lacy House

On Friday we walked over Upton Heath again and although I took the camera we spent time walking round with a dog walker so I didn’t take any photos. I did take the camera when we went on Saturday though, despite the forecast of rain. There was a very misty and moody view over Poole Harbour, looking towards Arne.

A misty view across the heath

And yes, we got wet, but not very. Just a couple of fairly light showers. So I’ll leave you with a panorma of the heath and hope that the forecast is right and we will not have a few days without rain.

Panorma across Upton Heath

Dad’s rehabilitation continues

Monday 7th July 2014

One thing we had to wait at least 6 weeks after his operation for was for Dad to be able to drive again. In the end it has been 7 weeks, but today I got him to drive us to Sainsburys to do the grocery shopping.

Dad's driven for the first time since his operation

He managed absolutely fine, so I am a step nearer being able to return home and leave him to his own devices. He’s also fine pushing a trolley around these big stores.

Dad shopping in Sainsburys

In the afternoon we went out to the farm shop at Bashley and I got him to drive there and back too. At the farm shop we had a little wander round and found a fenced off area containing several pigs.

Pig at the farm shop

And lastly, I took the opportunity to nip across the road to take a photo of the very picturesque cottage opposite.


I always think it looks like something that should be on a jigsaw puzzle.

All of today’s photos were taken on my iPhone, by the way.

A year ago today

Here’s Max my his swimming spot in Creekmoor Ponds.

Max at his swimming spot

A trip to Kingston Lacy

Tuesday 26th November 2013

It was a lovely sunny morning, which meant that Jez decided to stay on the bed and sleep in the sun. Max, too, was still sleepy and still recovering from the after effects of the anaesthetic. So after undertaking a few chores I decided to take the camera and go to Kingston Lacy. Kingston Lacy is a 17th century country house, now in the hands of the National Trust, just outside Wimborne Minster. I have posted photos from the estate before, and in particular Badbury Rings, but today I was headed for the gardens.

As you enter, the first thing that greets you is the stable block, now home to a restaurant.

The stables block, Kingston Lacy

This is the back of the house.

Kingston Lacy house

And here a close-up of one of the lions.


I was lucky to get that photo, as the staff and volunteers were busy boxing up all of the planters, and later the two lions, in preparation for winter.

Boxing up the plants ready for winter

Elsewhere it was nice to see the gardeners happy in their work.

Happy Gardeners

The gardens were very colourful.

The gardens

Especially the acers which looked glorious with the sun shining through their leaves.

Acer Leaves

This is the little Japanese garden.

Japenese Garden

And this a grove of lime trees.

Lime Trees

I don’t know what it is, but I loved the bark on this particular tree.

Ringed bark

Update: I’ve been told by the kind people from the National Trust that this tree is a Tibetan Cherry (prunus serrula).

Kingston Lacy has actually been in the news this past week as 3 of their 200 year old cedars are badly diseased and have to be felled. One of them was apparently planted by the Duke of Wellington, famous for his part in the Napoleonic wars. You can see the trees in this photo.

The cedars

And this is a crop of that notice, explaining why the trees have to be felled.

Notice about the cedars

One of the gardeners spoke to me and was keen for me to photograph them. He was clearly upset that they were going to lose them.

And now for an ‘Ahhh’ moment. Out in the kitchen gardens there are three young Kunekune piglets. Sadly their mother has died. It’s not a great shot of them, but I couldn’t get close enough to get a good photo.

Kunekune piglets

After all that it was back to the house. This is a shot of it from the side with it’s outbuildings, now housing the shop and a small library.

Shop, Library and House

Finally, after I’d left the house I drove towards Badbury Rings to get a photo of the beech avenue. This was planted to run from Blandford Forum all the way to the house – a sort of grand entrance.

Beech Avenue

At this time of year and in the spring it is lovely.

I’m pleased to report that by early afternoon Max had made a full recovery and was well enough to go for a walk with Chris and Jez, so it looks as though we will be back to normal tomorrow.