Two walks in the sunshine on Upton Heath

Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th November 2017

Oh dear! I’m so sorry. I’m over a month behind. I’m afraid that inspiration to take photos and motivation to write this blog seems to be somewhat lacking at the moment. I will do my best to play catch up, however.

So back to the end of November. On Wednesday 22nd November I took Teddy over to Upton Heath. We did our ‘Saturday walk’ as we hadn’t done it on Sunday (I can’t quite recall why, but it had been Chris’ birthday), and we walked up the Roman Road. By the old railway bridge we came across an abandoned car.

Abandoned car along the Roman Road

There was some low sunshine, and I took this shot of Teddy at Pinesprings.

Pinesprings in Autumn

Once out on the heath the sky was beautiful.

Fabulous skies over Upton Heath

But by the time we had walked down the hill the sun was starting to go down.

The sun sets over Upton Heath

The next time I took the camera out was on Saturday and we did the same walk all over again. The sun looked lovely on the trees up at the Beacon Road entrance to the heath.

Upton Heath in the Autumn

I’m hoping you can see what I mean in this next photo, but coming down the heath I was surprised by vertical lines in the clouds.

Vertical lines in the clouds

I also took a photo of Teddy in the afternoon sunshine.


Once we got to the silver birch grove on the lower heath Teddy made a new friend: Arthur, a Wire-haired German Pointer. They had great fun playing. Here Teddy had Arthur on the ground.


And I love this action shot of them playing.

Teddy and Arthur had a great time playing

And that’s all for that particular week.


Just up to Pine Springs today

Saturday 27th August 2016

As is often the case on a Saturday afternoon I got Chris to drive me and the dogs over to Upton Heath and drop us off. As is often the case on a Saturday (don’t ask me how she knows the day) Jez took us up the Roman Road to Pine Springs.

Firstly, though, the dogs had to cool down in the little stream by the old railway bridge.

Top to tail

After that we slowly made our way up to Pines Springs where Jez lay in the sun while I threw a ball for Max. I try not to overdo it with Max at the moment because of his back legs, so encouraged him to have the occasional rest.


Jez doesn’t need any such encouragement.


And here she is in a somewhat contemplative mood.

Deep in thought

So we stayed there for maybe 20 minutes or more before Jez led us along the footpath that leads to Pinesprings Drive, where Chris came and picked us up.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Heading up the hill

Up the Roman Road to Pine Springs

Saturday 6th August 2016

It was fairly hot this afternoon. I got Chris to drive me and the dogs over to Upton Heath and we headed up the Roman Road as a lot of this is in the shade. First stop was the little pool in the stream next to the old railway bridge.

Max in the stream

From there we walked up the Roman Road until Jez turned off into Pine Springs.

Jez and Max

At Pine Springs we did a lot of sitting around, or in my case lying on my back in the sun having a little rest. I eventually moved Jez on to the next little field where she turned up the footpath that leads to Pine Springs Drive. But not before she’d had another rest.

Jez and Max I phoned for Chris to come and pick us up and he met us on Pine Springs Drive. It hadn’t exactly been a long walk.

A year ago today

It was a bit of a miserable day and we went with Linda to Upton Country Park.


I thought we were going to Upton Heath

Saturday 2nd July 2016

Once again there are a lack of photos this week, due to a combination of a lack of dog walking on my part and poor weather. So here we are in July and I’m still waiting for summer to arrive.

After heavy rain on Saturday morning (while my washing was on the line) and just before we went for our walk in the afternoon the sun actually made an appearance for our walk, although the wind still had quite a chill to it. I thought we were going for a walk on Upton Heath, and, in fact, I did park at Beechbank Avenue and we did walk onto the heath. But then Jez turned up the Roman Road and headed for Pinesprings.

Once at Pinesprings Jez settled down in the shade of a tree so I sat at the little picnic table there and threw Max’s ball for him. He had been in the stream coming up the Roman Road, and as you can see, was going to need a bath when he got home.

Mucky boy needs a bath

Jez didn’t seem interested in continuing on through Pinesprings and wanted to turn onto the housing estate, so as I thought it would make a more even surgace for her to walk on I put the dogs on the lead and we walked through the housing estate to Pinesprings Drive. Here Jez had to have two more rests. She seemed oblivious to all the traffic and at one point insisted on hanging over the curb.

Jez needs a rest

Most drivers seemed to find it quite funny that she was lying flat out on the grass verge while I was standing there like a lemon!

We continued on down the hill and then I picked up the Castleman Trailway.

Heading home along the Castleman Trailway

You can just about make Max out in the distance in that photo. We continued along the Trailway but didn’t get as far as the heath before Jez turned off again and we walked back through the housing estate to the car.

A year ago today

Well, actually a year ago yesterday, as I don’t have any photos from the 2nd July last year. So a year ago yesterday I took Dad out to Sculpture by the Lakes, near Dorchester in Dorset.

"The Chase"

Week-end walks on Upton Heath

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2016

We went to Upton Heath for both our walks this weekend.

On Saturday we parked at Beechbank Avenue and as soon as we got on the heath Jez turned right into the woods to head up the Roman Road. This was taken just as we were about to walk into the trees.

Max and Jez

We walked up the Roman Road and under the old railway bridge and then both dogs took the opportunity to cool down in the little pool in the stream there.

Time to cool down

Half way up the Roman Road Jez turned off into Pinesprings. Just before we reached the grassy area she turned off into the woods and I saw her investigating something. Turns out someone had lost a teddy bear.

Lost Teddy

It looks rather forlorn lying there, and judging by the amount of green on it, has been there some time.

After that we walked up to the grassy area and Jez lay in the shade while I threw the ball for Max. After than I managed to steer her back to the Roman Road and back down to the car.

On Sunday we also parked at Beechbank and once again Jez turned to go up the Roman Road. Today, though, she went up over the old railway bridge and we eventually ended up at the pond. Here Jez took the opportunity to cool down.

Time for Jez to cool down

At one point while she was sitting in the pond she was joined by a boxer.

Jez sits down in the pond and is joined by a boxer

After which she came and sat on the bank.

Jez sits and waits

Max, meanwhile, just wanted me to throw his cone as usual.

Max just wants to play

Or, in this case, two cones.

Max wants to play some more

After we left the pond we walked back through the old pits where Jez had a rest.

Rest time

And Max waited patiently.


Then it was back to the car. It had been a long walk for Jezebel.

A year ago today

A nice view of Upton House, at the Country Park, taken on 28th May 2015.

Upton House on a sunny morning

Weekend walks on Upton Heath

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October 2015

We walked on Upton Heath on both Saturday and Sunday this week-end. The weather wasn’t great on Saturday, so I only have a few photos. And Sunday’s walk was a bit odd, so I don’t have that many photos from then either.

So, on Saturday afternoon Jez, Max and I drove over to the corner of Beechbank Avenue, parked up, and started our walk. Jez led the way (from behind) and took us through Longmeadow Lane woods towards the Roman Road. Max was a happy boy, though, as that meant a sweet chestnut hunt for him.

Max goes in search of sweet chestnuts

Here he proudly shows off his prize.

Max with his prize

I thought Jez would head up the Roman Road to Pinesprings, but instead she turned up onto the old railway line, so we ended up walking to the pond and then round the lower heath. Max found more sweet chestnuts along the old railway line.

Double bubble

It had been a good day’s questing for him.

I only have one other photo from today as it was so murky out: of some lovely bright red blackberry leaves.

Colourful Blackberry Leaves

And so on to Sunday. On Sunday I drove up to Beacon Road in an attempt to walk to upper heath. Jez had other ideas though, and immediately led us down to Pinesprings, which was looking very inviting in the autumn sunshine.

A sunny afternoon at Pinesprings

It was obvious that she wasn’t feeling up to much of a walk, so I sat on the seat and found a stick for Max.

Max has got a stick

He was happy playing with it, though.

Max posing with his stick

Meanwhile Jez lay in the sun. She wandered about a bit at one stage, and then something caught Max’s attention.

Something has caught Max's attention

After a while Jez moved on down the hill. She only got to the next field, though, before she turned off down a little footpath that comes out on Pinesprings Drive. So that was the way we went. Down the footpath, up Pinesprings Drive, back onto the heath at the top of the Roman Road, and then back to the car. Like I said, a bit of a strange walk today.

A year ago today

It was another grey day on Upton Heath.

View over Upton Heath

The weather has changed

Saturday 3rd October 2015

Well, there goes the sun! It was a bit of a dull and murky afternoon for our walk on Upton Heath today.

Looking across the heath

The conditions did make for some nice reflections in one of the little boggy pools on the heath.

Reflections on the heath

We walked up the hill, out onto the Roman Road and then came down into Pinesprings, where I took a couple of photos of Jez.

Jez has a rest

Although I was obviously boring her.


Instead of walking all the way down through Pinesprings, which I knew would involve quite a bit of lying down on Jez’s behalf, I managed to steer the dogs back onto the Roman Road, which made our walk back to the car slightly quicker. I took this shot just as we passed under the old railway bridge.

Along the Roman Road

And lastly, some sweet chestnut leaves which were starting to turn.

Sweet Chestnut leaves

Unfortunately the forecast for the next few days isn’t good. We can expect rain.

A year ago today

We were monitoring progress on the new paths at Upton Country Park.

Progress at the Country Park