Sunshine for our walk

Monday 28th November 2016

What a lovely change it made to have bright sunshine for our walk on Upton Heath this morning.

This was the view as we got up to the old railway track.

The old railway track across the heath

And looking across the lower heath.

Autumn sunshine on the lower heath

We walked on round to the pond, much to Max’s delight.

Max at the pond

I had arranged to meet Dawn there with Henry and Addy, so that I could catch up on how Addy is as she has had quite a bit of pain in her back legs and is not walking properly, despite the fact that she is not quite 2 years old. Apparently Dawn has swapped vets and Addy is booked in for Xrays on Wednesday. In the meantime she is restricted to lead walks.

Poor Addy is on lead walks only

Henry, meanwhile, is off lead and spent the whole time we were walking up the hill pestering me for treats.

Henry wants a treat

As we walked up the hill we met a couple of other people we know so spent quite a while chatting in the sunshine. Eventually I phoned Chris and got him to come and pick us up at Beacon Road.

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Jez and Max enjoy Upton Heath

Monday 15th August 2016

As it was Monday morning I got Chris to drive me and the dogs over to Upton Heath for our walk, and then to come and collect us again afterwards (just in case Jez decided to leave the heath somewhere other than where I had left the car). It was a lovely sunny morning.

A sunny morning on Upton Heath

Sadly we didn’t meet any friends to play with today, but the dogs enjoyed themselves at the pond. Jez doesn’t like having her photo taken, and here she keeps a wary eye on me.

Jez keeps a wary eye on me

She’s still checking out what I’m doing once she’s waded across to the other side of the pond.

Jez in the pond

Eventually, though, she gets out of the pond and finds other things to distract her.


Max meanwhile just want to play cone. Here we waits at the edge of the pond. What’s great about this photo though is the arc of water, seemingly shooting out of his bottom (although in fact its coming off his wagging tail).

Even on the sand Max manages to splash the water around

Now you can see why I get drenched throwing things for him in the water. After we’d played at the pond we walked on back to Beechbank Avenue where Chris picked us up. We’d had a very pleasant morning.

A year ago today

We were walking at the top end of Upton Heath. Here’s Jez near Beacon Road.


I get it wrong again!

Sunday 14th August 2016

It was another hot, sunny day today. In the afternoon I took Jez and Max up to Delph Woods to take advantage of the shade and the water. But for the second day running Jez had other ideas and we ended up doing a very different walk instead.

We started out at Delph Woods: after all I parked there. But Jez immediately turned up the path the leads onto Dunyeat’s Heath.

Walking up the hill on Dunyeat's Heath

It was very pretty up there, although a bit hot. This silver birch provided a bit of shade.

Silver Birch

We got to the top of the hill. To the south it drops away to Dunyeats Road in Broadstone. If you turn east, however, you head towards Gravel Hill and the path that leads back to Delph Woods. From the top of the hill there are two paths leading this way.

The ‘path’ we always used to take turns out to be a fire break and there are barriers and signs saying no entry. Unfortunately the dogs can’t read and this is the way they’ve always gone.

Jez and Max can't read the sign that says not to walk on the fire break

That’s the old, filled-in rubbish tip to the north of Canford Heath that you can see in the background, by the way. At the end of the firebreak we picked up the path again and headed down the hill towards the pond.

Heading down the hill to the pond

Jez was happy to get there so that she could cool down.

Jez has a long cool  down

I wished I could have joined her.

Max, meanwhile, was content to stand in the mud!

Max has found the mud

From the pond we continued on, back to the lake in Delph Woods, where the dogs had another dip and Max washed off the mud. Then we headed onto the Scout field where we met our friend Jasper the lurcher and his owners, before we all headed back to our cars and home.

And one more photo for today: of Max in the evening, with his Monkey which he is systematically destroying.

Max and Monkey

A year ago today

We met our friend Fox on Upton Heath. She’d been splashing about in the mud.

Fox has been jumping in muddy puddles

Dogs on Upton Heath

Monday 18th July 2016

We went over to Upton Heath for our walk this morning and met several doggy friends. First of all we bumped into Henry and Addy (Ariadne), the two English Pointers. Poor Addy, she just wants to be Max’s friend.

Addy just wants to be friends with Max

But Max is having none of it.

Max is having none of it

She’s just too young and bouncy for him. Addy is very persistent though.

I love you Max

Very, very persistent.

Oh Max, please!

Meanwhile, Jez just sat under a tree and let them get one with it.

Jez rests in the shade

Don’t get me wrong, though. The dogs get on ok together. Max just gets a bit grumpy when she first goes up to him. After that they walk around with each other perfectly happily.

After standing and chatting in the shade for a short time we moved onto the pond. Here’s Addy in the pond.

Addy in the pond

And Henry and Addy in the pond.

Henry and Addy

Dawn and I had to laugh: Jez was wading around in the water as usual, and I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but the tip of her tail sticks out of the water. Addy seemed to think that it was something that she should be stalking.

Addy thinks Jez's tail is something to play with

And then we were joined by Zeus. Zeus is a rescue from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and moved into his forever home about 8 months ago. We have met him on the heath a number of times, ever since the first week of his adoption and he is a big, bouncy, gentle giant.

Meet Zeus, a rescue from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

You just have to watch that he doesn’t knock you over in his enthusiasm, which he did to poor little Jez today.

Finally, here’s another photo of him, this time with Addy.

Addy and Zeus

It was a very hot day, so we stayed at the pond for ages so that the dogs could keep cool. And then we slowly made our way back to the car and back home.

A year ago today

We were walking higher up on Upton Heath, and I took this photo of Jez.


Two days, two dogs, two heaths

Monday 27th June & Tuesday 28th June 2016

On Monday Jez, Max and I went to Upton Heath, where we basically walked to the pond and back, so I only have a couple of photos.

I like this one of Max in the pond with the water sparkling beside him.

Max and sparkles in the pond

And here’s Jez posing by the side of the pond.


It wasn’t a long walk (although at Jez’s pace it took over an hour) but at least we had sunshine.

On Tuesday we went to Canford Heath. Jez led the way, but when she got to the pine trees and stopped I thought we might not get very far.

Here she is having a rest.

Jez resting

And here’s Max waiting for me to throw his ball.


We eventually moved on and headed across the hill towards Steeple Close. This was the view over Poole and the Purbeck Hills.

Looking towards Poole and the Purbeck Hills

We walked past Steeple Close and headed round to the pond there. While Max stood at the edge waiting for me to throw his cone Jez waded in.

Jez in the pond

She stayed in for quite a while wading around in the deep water.

Jez in contemplative mood

When she eventually came out I got this photo of her reflected in the water with the blue of the sky.

Jez reflected

Then it all slowed down. We got to the crossraods at the top of the Redbrick Path and Jez decided she wanted to stay there and wait to see what dogs came along. There was no moving her. We must have been there for at least 20 minutes before I managed to get her up the hill, where she stopped again at the next big crossing. I took this photo of the beautiful clouds looking down the hill while I waited for her.

Pretty clouds

She eventually condescended to continue on up the hill, where both dogs when in another pond, and finally I managed to lead her on up the hill and then back round to the car. She’s not supposed to have long walks. Today we were out for 2 hours 15 minutes!

A year ago today

Chris and Max in the garden.

Chris and Max relax in the garden

Another inquisitive cow

Saturday 25th June 2016

Jez went out with Chris this morning so I thought it best to let her rest in the afternoon which meant that I only had Max with me when I went over to Upton Heath. It was also very overcast and I thought it might rain, which is not good if you have Jez in tow.

We started off by walking to the pond.

Pond time

We walked around the back of the pond as I wanted to try and get a photo of the Bog Asphodel which are now in bloom across the boggy areas of the heath.

The Bog Asphodel are out

After that we headed up the hill. My logic was that if it did rain we could walk back under cover of the trees along the Roman Road. En route we met the cows. Most just got on munching the grass. This one was happy to just stare at us from a distance.

Are you looking at me?

But there was one that was very inquisitive and had to come over to meet us. It made for a good photo though.

Mr Inquisitive

And Max was very good: he didn’t bark once.

We walked on up the hill and the sun came out and I had to take my coat off. So much for thinking it was going to rain!

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The other end of Upton Heath

Sunday 24th April 2016

For our Sunday afternoon walk I took Jez and Max up to the other end of Upton Heath at Corfe Mullen. Jez was not so keen to walk today. She wandered across to the patch of pine trees up there and then stopped.

Time for a rest

So I played with Max for a while.


Eventually I managed to move her on to the little pond, but it was a struggle. She did get to have a cool down in the pond though (and, of course, Max got me to throw his cone for him).

Jez in the pond

After Jez came out of the water she had a short wander to investigate the area that Dorset Wildlife have been cutting back. While we were there I noticed this litte shoot on one of the lopped branches.


And then we headed back to the car. Only a short walk today.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath, and on the way back through Creekmoor I saw some lovely blossom.