Teddy has been in the wars

Thursday 1st – Friday 16th February 2018

Well February started out ok. Here is Teddy with his friend Louis and Louis’ Mum, Tina, on a nice sunny morning on Canford Heath.

With our friends Tina and Louis

Then on the 2nd Teddy and I went over to Upton Heath for our walk, where Teddy posed to show off his nice collar.

Teddy shows off his new collar

En route home Teddy had a very brief run in with a white, aggressive German Shepherd that lives around here, but at the time I thought nothing of it. We got home and had snuggles on the sofa in the sun.

Snuggling in the sunshine Kisses for his Mum

And then Chris walked in and said, “What’s that on his side?” And, as you can see, that was a large hole.

Oh no! How did I miss that?

So it was off to the vet pretty sharpish. I had to leave Teddy who needed sedation and stitching. He was bright enough when I bought him home, though, and hadn’t lost his appetite.

All stitched up

The vet who stitched him up said he thought it was a dog bite, hence my comment about the German Shepherd. And if Teddy was scared of them before, he’s even worse now.

Other than that, Teddy was fine. Her he is posing on the bed in one of Chris’ old t-shirts (to stop him licking his wound).

Chillaxing on the bed in Dad's T-shirt

And on the sofa

Sun puddle

On 5th February I had to take him back to the vet for a check-up, so for our walk we went out to Kingston Lacy. The house was looking nice, as ever, in the sun.

Kingston Lacy house

And in the gardens the snowdrops were out.



My birthday fell on a Wednesday, so I went to see my Dad as usual in the morning. In the afternoon I took Teddy over to Canford Heath for a walk. That’s Jezebel’s old coat he’s wearing, which is why it’s a bit small. It protects his wound while he’s out, however. As you can see, he’s starting to look a bit shaggy.

Teddy is starting to look a bit shaggy

At the weekend we had a bit of a cold snap, and the pool by the boardwalk on Upton Heath was slightly frozen.

Frozen pond

The following week-end (beginning on 16th Feb) my cousin and her husband were supposed to come to stay, but on the Thursday our boiler packed up and needed major repair which couldn’t be done until the following week. So we were left without central heating and had to cancel our visitors. We did go down to Poole on the Friday evening, however, to see their Festival of Lights. I have to say we were really disappointed. To say we were underwhelmed would be and overstatement. I took the camera, though, and so here’s a photo of Chris and Teddy under one of the installations on Poole High Street.

Teddy and Chris under one of the installations

The only decent installation was a squirrel on Poole Quay.

Squirrel Squirrel


And for good measure I took a photo of Poole Quay itself.

Poole Quay


More filming

Thursday 1st September 2016

I had a very busy day today. First of all I took Max for a walk over Upton Heath. I din’t take Jez as she had a hydro-fit appointment at mid-day. So after I had returned home with Max and had a shower I got Jez in the car and we went to her hydro session. I had been hoping to hear what the orthopaedic specialist had to say about Max, but the vet hadn’t heard back from them.

And then after a quick lunch I loaded up the tripod and the camera and went down to Poole Quay to do some more filming for Chris, and that is where today’s photos are from. There are only 3 of them though as I was busy filming.

This is the view looking down the Quay.

Looking down the Quay

While I was there the land train came along and was busy picking up passengers.

The Land Trail

And as it was a warm, sunny afternoon people were also busy buying ice creams.

Anyone for an icecream?

The pubs were pretty full too, with lots of people sitting out front on the Quay. However, I was so busy filming I don’t seem to have taken a photo of that! After just over an hour I had to get the car back to Chris so he could take the dogs out. Then, after putting the vacuum cleaner around, I could have a rest, which was a good job as I was worn out.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Crossing the heath

Linda & I go on a Poole Harbour boat trip

Friday 22nd July 2016

Friday morning was pretty much like every Friday morning: grocery shopping followed by Jez’s hydroptherapy. The only difference was that this week Linda came with me. In the afternoon, however, while Chris took the dogs out, Linda and I went down to Poole Quay in order to take a boat trip around Poole Harbour. This sailing ship was moored up against the quay when we got there.

Queen Galadriel

As you can see, it was a beautiful, hot day. At first we thought we were going to be unlucky as we had just missed one boat, but then we found that one of the Brownsea Island boats goes out to the island and then on round the harbour. This was ideal as it also gave us the option of getting off at Brownsea Island and having a short walk around.

Linda bought our tickets and the boat trip was soon underway. I took this photo of Poole Quay boat haven as we passed.

Poole Quay Boat Haven

And here’s one of the Brownsea Island ferries returning to the quay.

Brownsea Island Ferry

We were sat on the top deck of the boat in the sun and the breeze, so it was a lovely trip.


As it was such a lovely day there were lots of boats out in the harbour, both sail…

Sail boat

…and power.

Power boat

At Brownsea Island, where Baden Powell held the very first Scout camp, we made our way to the viewpoints. Here you can see the chain ferry that goes between Sandbanks and the Studland Peninsula.

Sandbanks to Studland Chain Ferry

And here is a panorama of the Studland Peninsula.

Studland Peninsula and Poole Harbour

We didn’t have time to walk too far but in the end walked around for over and hour before we made our way back to the National Trust shop and bought an ice cream before catching the last boat (at 5pm). As we left we passed the old castle entrance. The castle, which is now a private hotel, was built by Henry VIII as a defensive fort in the 1540s.

Castle Entrance

The trip around the harbour was lovely and there was an interesting commentary. This was Newton Bay.

Newton Bay

The problem was the light and direction of the sun wasn’t great for photography, so I scrapped most of the photos I took. Here we are coming back towards Poole Docks and the Quay.

Poole docks and quay

And here is Poole Quay.

Poole Quay

I also have a very nice photo of Linda.


We eventually got home around 6.30pm. Linda had thought I’d overdone it when I bought a 4 hour car park ticket, but we needed all 4 hours of it. It was a bit late to start cooking when we got in, so Chris went and picked up Fish & Chips, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Before that, though, there was time for Linda and I to raise a glass of fizz.

Me and Linda

A year ago today

We were at Wareham Forest, and there were some big black clouds.

Jez heads towards the viewpoint

Sunshine and sea

Friday 14th November 2014

We had some sunshine again this morning, which meant that while Jez stayed snoozing in the sun Max and I went down to the Baiter and Whitecliff Park in Poole for our walk. Max was happy to be back by the sea and after we’d walked along to Whitecliff Park he made a B-line for the steps and the water.

Max in the sea at Whitecliff Park

Sadly many of the cones I’m picking up at the moment sink, so although I threw a cone in for him to retrieve he couldn’t find it. He spent quite a while looking though.

We walked back towards the Baiter and Max headed for his next watery playing place.

Max hoping to play

It’s such a shame that he won’t go in the water and play around of his own volition. He just stands there waits for me or Chris to throw something for him. Today I chose not to throw anything at this spot (due to the sinking cone problem) and so we walked on to the beach area where he was a very happy dog.


You might be able to spot that there are quite a few dogs in the background playing in the water too.

We continued on round past the Baiter car park and headed in the direction of Poole Quay.

Looking from the Baiter to Poole Quay

If you are wondering what has caught Max’s attention in that photo I can tell you that it is a large, bloated, dead fish that was rolling around in the waves at the water’s edge. Max was scared of it!

We walked a few yards further and I threw a cone for his a couple of times more to wind up his walk along the beach. As you can see, waiting for someone to throw your cone is a very serious business.

Waiting for your cone to be thrown is a serious business

After that I put Max on the lead and we turned inland, as I wanted to go to a nearby shop to get a final birthday present for Chris (his birthday is next Tuesday). Max liked it in the shop. He got a big fuss made of him by the girl on the checkout, as well as a couple of doggie biscuits. He’ll be wanting to go back.

A year ago today

We were by the sea again, this time at Lake Pier, Hamworthy, where the canoe club had lined up their canoes on the beach.

Canoeing Club

An ‘Ocean Cruise’ with Dorset Wildlife Trust

Friday 20th June 2014

Of course, it wasn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds. It was a cruise out of Poole Harbour round to Swanage Bay and Dancing Ledge, in celebration of World Oceans Day which had been on 6th June. So after lunch with Dad I went home and spent the afternoon pottering about, before Poole dropped me down in Poole to catch the boat which left at 6.30pm from Poole Quay. It was nearly a disaster: I had spent ages checking my camera equipment only to find that I had no memory card in it once again. Fortunately, though, I had my main camera bag with me which had a spare in. I took lots of photos. I won’t post them all here, but if you want to see more just click on my Flickr stream to the right to see the rest.

So down at Poole Quay a big 3 rig sailing, operated by the Jubilee Trust, was tied up.

Junilee Sailing Trust ship - Tenacious

The Quay was really busy, partly due to the many groups of Cubs and Brownies heading over to Brownsea Island for a week-end camp. This is one of the boats taking them over.

Cubs and Brownies en route to camp on Brownsea

We left the Quay promptly. This view, looking back, shows the old and the new: the 3 rigger on the right and on the left brand new Sunseekers are tied up.

Junilee Sailing Trust ship - Tenacious

Meanwhile a cat’ was coming into the marina.

Poole Harbour

We left the harbour and went along the coast past Studland Bay to Old Harry Rocks.

Sandbanks and Old Harry Rocks

A closer view of Old Harry Rocks (can you spot the canoeists beached there?).

Old Harry Rocks

And from behind.

Old Harry Rocks

We went past Tilly Whim Caves.

Tilly Whim Caves

And Anvil Point with it’s lighthouse.

Anvil Point

Along the way we passed fishermen…


… climbers …


… and swimmers.


Eventually we got to Dancing Ledge, where there were lots of Guillemots, all crowding on the ledges.


A Cormorant.


And Puffins.


After that we headed home. This is Swanage at dusk.

Swanage at dusk

And with the sun setting over Swanage Bay.

Sunset over Swanage Bay

Old Harry Rocks looked particularly nice at sunset.

Old Harry Rocks at Sunset

As we came back to Poole people on the boat had a treat watching the sun go down.

Watching the sun set

It was a lovely sunset.

Sunset Off Studland Beach

And here’s another one.


Finally we came back into Poole Harbour, and this was the final photo, taken across the Brownsea Lagoon.

Sunset over Brownsea Lagoon

It was a very pleasant evening, although the boat could have done to have been a bit less crowded. In all the ‘cruise’ took 3 hours. And, big treat, I got to sleep in my own bed that night!

A year ago today

I was busy with my macro lens in the garden. Here’s one of the iris growing in the pond.


Sunshine in Parkstone Bay

Friday 28th February 2014

I can’t believe its the end of February already. Once we get January and February out of the way I always feel that winter is pretty much behind us and spring and summer are on their way. And despite the forecast for rain later, today certainly started out with a springlike feel to it. Which meant Jez stayed on the bed snoozing while Max and I went to The Baiter and Whitecliff Park for our walk. Even the little scuzzy pond on the Baiter looked beautiful this morning.

Reflections in the Baiter Pond

And alongside the railway line the daffodils were out.

Daffodils by the railway line

Adn the blue skies framed the train nicely.


I’m also pleased to say that all the litter that’s blown up against the fence was about to be picked up by a litter-picking team following along behind me.

In fact, there was an awful lot of debris over the path and some of the grass where the storms two weeks ago had whipped up the sea. In places chunks of the sea wall have moved, and in others the soil between the wall and the path have washed away. Today, though, Poole harbour was like a millpond, and Max (seen here at the bottom of the steps) was a happy boy, playing in the sea.

Waiting for your cone to be thrown is a serious business

By the time we had walked back to the Baiter end of the bay the storm clouds were starting to gather.

View of Poole Quay from the Baiter

That was the view from the Baiter towards Poole Quay.

The rain started as we drove home, and the temperature fell. Then it kept raining on and off all afternoon. But that was Chris’ problem, not mine.

Surely it can’t be September already?

Sunday 1st September 2013

Where has this year gone? It’s true what they say, you know: time does pass more quickly when you are older.

My Sunday morning was spent making two batches of bread (a white loaf for lunch and ale rolls for dinner), plus catching up with photo editing and my blog. Early afternoon saw me heading down to Poole armed with my DSLR and a tripod as Chris wanted me to take some video of people for use in one of his company’s DVDs. So at the same time as taking the video I took a few shots of Poole for you. I had started off at the top end of the High Street, but couldn’t really get the shots I wanted there so had to head down to the Quay. This view is of the older end of the High Street, heading towards the Quay.

Poole High Street

The older part of Poole has quite a lot of charachter, such as this pub, The King Charles.

The King Charles

Nowadays the Quay itself is a place to relax…

Relaxation Time

…and snack…

Snacks on the Quay.

The serious business of the working port is on the other side of the waterway into Holes Bay. This includes one of the Sunseeker yards.

How the other half live

I think they just moor them up there so that people can wander along the Quay and dream.

So, filming done, I headed home and then, after a short rest, took Jez and Max over to Upton Heath.

Looking towards Poole Harbour and Arne

Today I drove over, though, so that Jez didn’t get the chance to decide she wanted to go somewhere else. Even so, when we got there Max decided he didn’t want to get out of the car and it took me ages to persuade him to get out.

Once we got on the Heath Jez decided we were going to walk up the Roman Road towards Broadstone. Part way up a house built out onto the Heath sells eggs, but they always seem to be sold out.

All sold out

Once we turned onto the Heath we spotted a buzzard overhead…

Buzzard overhead

and bracket fungi growing all the way up one of the silver birches that were cut back earlier in the summer.

Fungi growing up a silver birch

Jez led us up to the Beacon Road entrance to the Heath, which was fortunate as we met our friend Jasper, the lurcher, there.

Our friend Jasper

We walked down across the Heath together. Part way we met a man we knew who had a new friend for us. We know the man as he used to have a huge old Deerhound called Murphy, who is sadly no longer with us. But he has a new Deerhound who is 10 months old and still growing. Meet Ozzie.

Meet Ozzie

Yes he’s a bit of a handful. Jez likes Deerhounds (she likes any big dog really) and was quick to get to know him. Max was a lot more reticent though.

Meet and Greet

We carried on down to the pond where the dogs had a play and a wade and then headed home.

All in all it was a good Sunday.