It Turns cold

Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th December 2017

On Sunday Teddy and I walked on Canford Heath. It was dull and miserable, so I didn’t take the camera. I did take this photo of Teddy resting after his walk when we got home though.

Teddy resting after his walk

He’s a funny dog. Amongst other things he has a strange idea about what makes a good pillow.

Well that's a strange pillow

Tuesday was cold and icy, and I took the better camera when we walked on Canford Heath. As we walked past the scuzzy pond near the Gravel Hill entrance I was taken by the sunlight on the trees and ice.

Sunlight and ice

Here’s Teddy backlit by the sun.

Teddy in the sunshine

And a colour photo of the trees that I shared last week in black and white.

Alongside the pit lane

And a different black and white one of them.

Trees in black and white

Out on the heath the puddles were frozen solid in pretty patterns.

Ice 1

Ice 2

We walked across the heath in front of the old pit, and then into the woods on the other side, where I loved the effect of the sunlight through the trees.

Winter sunlight through the trees

In the trees there was a huge birch bracket fungus. Although I took a photo of it last week, this one is better.

Birch bracket fungus

We turned back across the heath where I took this photo of Teddy by one of the frozen puddles.

Teddy on a cold heath

He was having a lot of trouble with that ice. He’s race off and then hit a frozen puddle and legs would go in all directions. And either playing on the ice or playing with dogs earlier he managed to cut his back leg. It has taken ages to heal as he kept opening it up, but is just about better now.

On Saturday we went over to Upton Heath as normal. It was still very cold but the skies were good again.

Sundown over Upton Heath

And so we head towards the Winter Solstice and Christmas.

Time to see the vet

Monday 21st November 2016

No, that’s not Jez or Max but the cows on Upton Heath. Jez, Max and I went for our walk over there this morning and were passed by a Land Rover full of people, which it turned out were going to round up the cows to take them for their vet check. A short time later we saw them coming back down the hill with the cows in hot pursuit. I moved the dogs off the path and took this rather murky shot as they passed us, trotting after the Land Rover.

The cows were following the land rover - heading for a vet check

Little did they know!

Otherwise, as you can see, it was rather murky and I only had my phone with me. We walked to the pond, although Max had a puddle stop on the way…

Puddle time

.. and from there walked on up the hill towards the Viewpoint and Beacon Road. En route I took this photo of Max in one of his little watery pools.

Max finds more water

Normally I’d call Chris to pick us up at Beacon Road, but today the kitchen fitters moved in and are stripping out our old kitchen. I have Jez on her anti-anxiety meds, but as she was coping well with the walk we all walked back down the Roman Road to Beechbank Avenue where we’d started out. So a nice long walk to wear the dogs out.

Over the week-end I took some photos of the old kitchen before it was removed, and I’ll take photos of progress on the new kitchen as it goes in. But I’ll include them all as a single post once the work is complete (well, excluding the flooring as I can’t get that done until the New Year).

A year ago today

I messed up again on the last post and the photo of Juno, the whippet, I posted, was from a year ago today. So here’s her stop-brother, a beautiful Saluki, from the same walk.

Backlit Saluki

Sunshine and water on Canford Heath

Tuesday 29th March 2016

Max and I took advantage of the sunshine and went to Canford Heath this morning for our walk. I parked in Steeple Close and we walked on the heath and the up the hill to South Drive. This was the view of Poole from the top.

Overlooking Poole

And here’s Max looking very serious at the top of the hill – most probably because he is waiting for me to throw his cone.


But he soon found the puddles, so was a happy dog (not that you can tell from that photo where he still looks really serious).

Puddle time!

We cut across the heath and he played in the stream too…

In the stream

… before moving onto the first of two ponds. Then we headed back to the main hill up from Canford Heath where I washed him off in the second pond before returning to the car.

A year ago today

It was a bit of a grey blustery day, and we went for a walk on Upton Heath.

A bit of a dull afternoon on Upton Heath

So its just me and Max then

Monday 28th March 2016

As you will know, we are resting Jez. It was easy yesterday. As it was Easter Sunday I had Dad and Pat over to lunch, so we didn’t have our usual walking routine. And she didn’t want to come out with me this morning, so so far so good.

Max and I walked over to Upton Heath. Last night we had an awful lot of rain, thanks to Storm Katie, so the puddles are back, much to Max’s delight.

The big puddles are back

It also meant the stream along the Roman Road and through Longmeadow Lane woods is quite full, enabling me to get this photo.

Longmeadow Lane Woods

So I had my walk, I went to do the grocery shopping, and then I had a rest for the remainder of the day.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath, where Jez met one of the cows.

If only they could talk

That’s better

Thursday 28th January 2016

After all the rain yesterday morning Max and I had bright sunshine for our walk at Upton Country Park ahead of my pilates class.

Looking over to Pergin's Island

The lake was looking good.

Looking across the lake

Even the big puddle in the field looked nice.

Big puddle

And, as ever, Max was happy playing in the stream. Here he’s giving me those spaniel eyes while he waits for me to throw his cone.

Max in the stream

How much better everything seems when the sun is shining.

A year ago today

We were also at the Country Park, but it was a very different story.

Max in the stream

A very wet walk

Wednesday 27th January 2016

As yet another storm passes over us (the remnants of the big storm that dumped all the snow on the east cost of the USA over the week-end), I got drenched taking Max for a walk this morning.

We had had a lot of rain overnight, and this morning it was still raining hard and blowing a gale. My plan was to kit up in full waterproofs and walk Max over to Upton Heath. That was until Jez decided she wanted to come. We were so surprised but were convinced she wouldn’t really want a walk in this, but after wandering around the drive she stood at the back of the car waiting to be let in. So I drove her and Max over to the heath. When we got there Jez soon thought twice about wanting to walk. I got her as far as the pine trees on the far side of the Roman Road, and then she was having no more of it and headed back to the car. To be honest, I didn’t blame her. I didn’t want to walk in those conditions either!

So after I dropped her back home I reverted to the original plan and walked Max back over to the heath. He didn’t care about the wind and the rain.

The rain didn't stop Max playing in the pond

In fact, he positively revelled in all of the puddles.

Max enjoyed the ever-expanding puddles

He was a bit of a soggy doggy though.

Drowned rat

And talking of being soggy, the Exmoor Ponies didn’t look as though they were enjoying it too much.

The Exmoor Ponies were very wet too

When we got to the Roman Road we found that it was flooded (fortunately you can walk along the raised bit to the left in the photo), although it wasn’t the worst we’ve ever seen it.

Flooding along the Roman Road

And after that we came on home via Creekmoor ponds, where I dunked Max in the ponds to wash him off. They were so deep though I didn’t need to throw a cone for him – even the shallow bit came up to the top of his shoulders. And can you believe that in all that weather we met up with several people to chat to on our walk – all other dog walkers of course! Meanwhile, back home, Jez had the right idea.

Jez shows us how to spend a wet, windy morning

Oh, and one other thing: I think I need a new waterproof coat. I was a bit damp in places when I got home.

A year ago today

We met this Foxy lady on a walk on Canford Heath.

She's certainly a Foxy lady

Bye, Bye Spaceboy

Monday 11th January 2016

People who know me will know that I have been a David Bowie fan for many, many years. So today, with the announcement of his death this morning, has been a difficult day for me. Although this blog isn’t the right place for me to comment on his passing and what it means to me, I couldn’t let the day pass with no mention of it at all. So I just want to say that wherever he is, I hope he is at peace. He has left a huge musical legacy, influenced many others, and changed a lot of lives. And I would like to thank him for that legacy.

Actually, after the news it was good to take Max over to Upton Heath. It was a bright sunny morning, although you wouldn’t know it from this photo of the oak trees reflected in the drive.

Reflected oaks in the drive

Although, as I have said, it was sunny, it was another cold morning, and a bank of fog hung above the hill line on the heath.

Fog on the hill line

As we were approaching the pond we met Dawn with Henry and Addy, the two English Pointers, and I stood talking to her for a long time as we hadn’t seen each other since before Christmas. Then I took Max onto the pond before continuing to walk around the lower heath. Just as we were approaching the Roman Road we came across the Exmoor ponies, one of whom thought he’d wander over to say hello.

An Exmoor Pony comes over to see me

After that we walked on home, via Creekmoor Ponds which looked rather nice in the winter sunshine.

Sun through the trees

I’m so lucky to be able to get out and walk in such lovely places.

A year ago today

Max, Jez and I went for a walk on Canford Heath, where there were some pretty large puddles.

Now that's what I call a puddle