Max and I go to Eye Bridge

Tuesday 6th September 2016

Once again Jez did not feel like joining us for our morning walk. Today I took Max out to the River Stour at Eye Bridge and without Jez in tow we were able to do our full circular walk.

It was a lovely, still morning along the river.

Along the River Stour - going

The teasel flowers have all gone over now and I loved the backdrop of the clouds reflected in the river behind the teasel seed heads.


As usual we stopped for Max to play in the big, shallow bay in the river.

Time to play

And then we walked on to the place where he likes to have a swim.

Time for a swim

When the swans came along and started taking an interest in him, though, I decided it was time for us to continue on.


Poor lad – with the low water level and his dodgy back legs he couldn’t get out by himself and I had to hang onto a branch. lean over, grab his collar and haul him out.

As we haven’t been along here for a while I haven’t had the chance to photograph some of my favourite oak trees. So here is the oak tree in the middle of the field.

Oak Tree

And, of course, along the currently dry stream bed is what I call the ‘Oak of Many Faces’.

The 'Oak of Many Faces'

I love this really old oak and have so many photos of it. I just can’t resist.

The 'Oak of Many Faces'

And here’s a photo from a bit further on of Max in the dry stream bed.

Along the stream bed

We walked on round back to the big bay so that Max could have another play in the river. We were just leaving when some people came along with their dogs including this really cute, 13 week old, Border Terrier puppy.

Pig wants a treat

She’s called Pig because she was born on a pig farm. The lady who owns here also had a year old Springer Spaniel who was very tolerant of Pig.

Time for kisses

And Pig absolutely adored her.

I love you

We walked back to Eye Bridge and today I actually took a photo of the bridge as it was reflected nicely in the water.

Eye Bridge refelection

Here’s Max on the bridge, cone in mouth.

Max (with cone) on Eye Bridge

And here’s the view from the bridge looking upstream …

Upstream from Eye Bridge

… and downstream towards Wimborne.

Downstream from Eye Bridge

We’d had a really lovely walk.

A year ago today

We went for a walk at Broadley Inclosure in the New Forest with my Dad.

A Sunday afternoon walk in the New Forest

A dog show at Upton Country Park

Saturday 30th July 2016

Jez is still a very stiff and sore little dog after her fall on Thursday. Although she had a hydrotherapy session yesterday the vet cut it short as she clearly didn’t want to be in the water walker. So we’re letting her take it easy for a short time. She went out with Chris this morning so I thought it best not to take her this afternoon. Instead I walked Max over to Upton Country Park where Dorset Dogs were holding a dog show.

Dorset Dogs Dog Show

Mind you, we nearly didn’t get there. Max did not want to walk along the street with me and took a lot of persuading. Which remind me: I forgot to say that Max also had a vet appointment on Thursday as his hind legs appear quite weak and wobbly at times. The vet said he has ataxia and is worried about him. He’s running some blood tests initially and if they are clear Max will have to go in for an X-ray on his spine.

So, back to the dog show. We got there eventually, as you can see from the photo above, and one of the first dogs we met was this gorgeous 16 week old German Shepherd puppy.

GSD Puppy

There was another white German Shepherd 2 weeks older than him, but she was so lively I couldn’t get a decent photo of her.

Max and I started off by walking around the stalls, including the Dorset Dogs stand.

Dorset Dogs stand

They still have an old photo of Jez on the boards, although you can’t see it in that photo. Max enjoyed visiting the stands as he was given a treat at each one! We then went and sat down for a while by the show ring.

Max has a rest

We were next to a Clumber Spaniel and at one point Max went to say hello. I just love Max’s expression in this photo.

Max and Bailey, a Clumber Spaniel

After a time I took Max on to the stream so that he could cool down.

Max cools off in the stream

And then we walked round through the Woodland Walk where I noticed that Bournemouth University are building a Dark Age house.

Dark Age Dwelling being build in the Woodland Walk

Having been very hot it had, by this time, clouded over.

View ocer Upton Farm

Max had not been walking too well so I phoned Chris to come and get me, rather than walk all the way home. The plan had been to leave Jez at home but she was having none of that and was in the back of the car when I put Max in. Although by this time they were clearing away the stands at the dog show I thought I’d give her a quick walk around the lawn. She was happy to go and meet the people who were left, especially Jo and Paul who run the training classes she and Max attended. And then she had to have a rest.

Jez rests after meeting her trainers at the Tricks 4 Treats stand

It took a while but I eventually managed to walk her back to the car and we came home.

A year ago today

Actually a year ago yesterday when we went to Badbury Rings. There were brooding clouds over the Point to Point course. Brooding clouds over the Point to Point course

Its a Mini-Max

Thursday 16th June 2016

Thursday means Pilates day, so this morning before my class Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park for a walk. No sooner had we arrived that we met Millie, a 14 week old springer spaniel. Here she is saying hello to Max.

Millie (14 weeks) looks up to Max (7 years)

She was really lively, but very good, and she even managed not to annoy Max, which is quite an achievement for such a young puppy. But look: she’s a Mimi-Max.

Max and Mini-Max (aka Millie)

After we’d finished socialising with Millie and her Mum Jez led us down through the Woodland Walk, where I was surprised to see foxgloves growing.

Foxgloves in the Woodland Walk

The reason for my surprise was the amount of shade they were growing in. We walked to the stream and then did a short circuit back to the car since Jez was with us. But it did mean that we walked past the wild flower meadow where I took this photo of a poppy.


A short walk, but at least there was no rain.

A year ago today

It was a lovely sunny day for us to go down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy.

Panorama of Poole Harbour from Lake Pier

Jez goes to hydro-therapy

Friday 3rd June 2016

Today was Jez’s first proper hydro-therapy session. I packed up her rucksack with towels and a bag of chopped up chicken for treats and we made our way over to her vet’s in Bournemouth. We got there really early, which was great as we got to spend time with this little chap. Meet Copper, a 13 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

We met Copper (13 weeks)

Eventually it was our turn and we went on through to the hydro-therapy room where Jez had a rest while we waited for the vet to change into her wetsuit bottoms.

Jez waits in the Pet Fit Hydro

Jez wasn’t keen on the shower treatment but was happy enough to walk into the water-walker when the time came.

What are we doing in here?

She wasn’t even too put out by the noise of the walker filling with water.

Aly gently massages Jez

That is Aly the vet gently massaging her.

I also took a bit of video of her, including right at the end when Aly turned the walker on.

She really coped very well with it, but was quite tired afterwards. We’re going again for another treatment next week.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park where we saw the heron.

The heron is back

Meeting dogs on our walks

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th April 2016

On Tuesday Max and I went to Canford Heath for our walk.

Looking across Canford Heath

En route round we met Luna, the French Bulldog. I don’t know if there are any of you reading this who would remember Luna, but we first met her when she was 6 months old, in 2013. She had been hit by a car and her jaw shattered, which meant it was plated and wired. Here’s a photo I took of her at the time.

Luna's jaw is plated and wired

And here she is now!


As you can see she made a full recovery. She’s a lovely little dog and very friendly. As for Max, well, he was happy to play in the pond.

Two cones to throw

In the afternoon I took Jez to the vet so that Duncan could have a look at her. He was quite pleased with the progress she seemed to have made since I took the video and sent it to him, so suggested we continue with a regime of short, frequent walks to keep her moving, maintain her muscle bulk, and to provide stimulation. Unfortunately he thought that her heart murmur sounded louder. He will scan her as planned at the end of May, though.

On Wednesday I took Max to Upton Country Park. The weather wasn’t great and I only have one photo to share with you. Meet Basil, a 13 week old Weimaraner.

Meet Basil, 13 weeks

What a beautiful little pup.

A year ago today

Max was looking mean and moody on Upton Heath.


Still sunny

Thursday 14th January 2016

I had a busy day today. But, as usual, the first job was to take Max for a walk. We went to Upton Country Park and it was nice to see it looking less drab and grey.

Upton Lake

There were a lot more clouds about than yesterday, though.

Reflected sky at the Country Park

As we walked around the path at the back of the park (Hamworthy side) I was surprised to see the buzzard. We haven’t seen one there for ages. It was on the ground when I spotted it, but when I raised my camera it took off.

The buzzard takes flight

I know that’s not a great shot, but I only had a standard landscape lens on the camera. As we walked round it started to cloud over, and the wind started to pick up. You can see the extra clouds in this shot of the cows.


By the time I left the Woodland Walk and headed for the stream and then the car there was quite a cold wind. It didn’t stop me stopping off en route to take a few photos of Missy though.

Meet Missy (10 weeks)

Isn’t she cute? She was only 10 weeks old and I’m not entirely sure she should have been out meeting so many dogs. It was only her second walk, and she wasn’t entirely convinced that my camera was a good thing.

Missy wasn't too sure about my camera

I let her sniff the camera, so I hope she wasn’t too traumatised by it.

A year ago today

Max and I were out and about in the sunshine on Canford Heath.

Heading towards Knighton Heath (2)

A better weekend

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 2015

I didn’t bother with the camera yesterday it was so dull, but we have at least had a bit better week-end.

On Saturday we went over to Upton Heath for our usual walk and we actually had sunshine. Here’s Max enjoying the sun.

Max on the heath And in the pond. Max in the pond

I tried to take some photos of Jez but she was doing her camera-shy thing and wouldn’t stay still long enough – which is odd really given that she rarely moves very quickly on walks nowadays.

When we got to the silver birch grove we caught up with a man with a saluki, who is backlit in this photo.

Backlit Saluki He also had a 13 week old Whippet called Juno who just didn’t want to stand still. Juno is in a hurry

Eventually, though, I managed to get a good photo.

Juno - 13 weeks old (what fabulous ears!) Just look at those ears! Isn’t she gorgeous? And lastly for Saturday I have a photo of the sun, as it was going down, lighting up the silver birch trunks just before we reached the Roman Road. Silver Birch trees in the sun

On Sunday Dad and Pat came to lunch for a belated birthday lunch for Chris. We had a lovely piece of roast beef. I had been hoping to take some photos, but as usual when we have visitors and I’m cooking, I didn’t get the chance to take any.

They weren’t too late leaving as Dad struggles to see to drive in the dark, so after they left I took Jez and Max round Creekmoor Ponds just as the sun was setting.

Late afternoon at Creekmoor Ponds That one was taken on my iPhone. And as is normal on such occasions, Jez insited on walking on round to the local pet shop, which she proceeded to drag me round several times. I was worn out by the time I got home.


A year ago

On the Saturday we had another walk over Upton Heath, and came down the Roman Road as the sun was setting. The rays of the setting sun light up the Roman Road