Flowers in the rain

Friday 19th August 2016

It was raining this morning when I took Jez to the vet for her hydro-therapy. Her session went better this week, although she’s still very stiff in her left elbow, so she didn’t do too much.

In the afternoon, once the rain had stopped and the sun was occasionally peaking through the clouds, I took the camera out into the front garden.

This first flower is on a shrub in my neighbours’ garden, but it was so pretty.

After the rain

Here’s one of my osteopermums.


And I loved this leafy branch lying on one of my hebes.

Leaves on Hebe

And lastly a fuchsia.


That shrub is huge, but I cut it right back to ground level a few months ago. It’s grown right back up again and looks lovely.

A year ago today

We had a bit of a damp walk at Broadstone Rec.

Time to sit down


How much wetter can it get?

Monday 24th August 2015

So we were back to torrential rain again this morning. Of course that didn’t stop Max and I heading over to Upton Heath for our walk. This was the view along Beechbank Avenue in Creekmoor as we approached the entrance to the heath.

A very wet morning

By the way, all of the photos today were taken on my iPhone as I didn’t take a camera with me.

Surpringly, we did meet other people out on the heath. Unsurprisingly they were all walking their dogs.

The only people on Upton Heath were dog walkers

I may have been wet and soggy, but Max was in his element: there were lots of puddles.

Puddle time!

And there was water in the little pool by the boardwalk again.

There's water by the boardwalk again

I may have been well wrapped up, but I was pleased to get home. When I did it was to find that Jez had made herself nice and comfy on the sofa in the sitting room.

Jez has made herself comfy

She didn’t seem to care that she was the wrong way up, although I did go back later to find she’d righted herself.

Right way up


A year ago today

We went to visit my Dad, and Jez made herself comfy once again.

Dad's nicely made bed obviously wasn't comfortable enough for Jez

My Uncle Charlie would have been 100 years old today

10th October 2014

Sadly my uncle is no longer with us, but today would have been his 100th birthday. This is a photo of him with his daughter, Linda.


Tonight we will raise a glass in his honour, so ‘Bottoms up!’

Bottoms up!

That’s a photo of a cheeky little Coal Tit that I took in the garden, through the patio windows, this morning while I was eating my breakfast.

After breakfast I did the shopping and then got ready to take the dogs out. I had just got Max in the car when this happened.

Look what happened when we tried to go for our walk this morning

I took that from inside the open boot of the car where I was sitting with Max. Jez waited in the house. Eventually the rain stopped and we all set off for Broadstone Rec, where once again Max spent his time hunting out the perfect sweet chestnut.

Sweet Chestnut

And lastly today, here is Max, taken just before we came home.


After all that rain we actually had a rather nice walk in the sunshine.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Badbury Rings on a lovely sunny day.

Tramlines to a lone cloud

A wet walk on Upton Heath

Monday 25th August 2014

Yes, it’s the August bank holiday, and yes, it’s raining. I thought that’s what August bank holiday Mondays were for: so that it could rain and everybody who had planned exciting days out could get to stand around looking cold and miserable under umbrellas. Fortunately, we hadn’t planned an exciting day out. I, however, got to take Max over Upton Heath in the rain. Jez thought about it. She stood and looked out of the front door at the rain, and then turned around and went back inside.

Fortunately it wasn’t raining too hard for most of our walk. These rhododendrons near the entrance to the heath had received a good watering overnight.

Rain covered rhododendron

And at least I was dressed for the occasion.

Dressed for the wet

I did discover that my boots need waterproofing again though.

Max of course didn’t care.

Max doesn't care that it's raining

By the time we got to the Roman Road the rain had got a lot heavier. And you could see from the fact that the stream has already overflowed that we must have had a lot of rain overnight and early this morning.

It didn't take long for the stream to overflow

I briefly dunked Max in Creekmoor Ponds to rinse the worst of the mud off, before we headed on home. Jez had gone back to bed and stayed there. She also stayed there all afternoon and skipped the second walk of the day. In the end, Chris had to take her out in the evening.

A year ago today

It was the post-wedding party at my cousin, Linda’s. But first there were tables to be set up in the garden. Here’s Chris and Paul trying to look busy.

Personally I prefer them out here

She’s the devil in disguise

Thursday 6th February 2014

Well the wind has dropped, but today we have steady, fairly heavy rain. Jez is not happy. For her it’s a PJ day. For Max and I, though, it’s business as usual. We went to Canford Heath, parking in Steeple Close for a change (I lodged with a colleague and his family in Steeple Close for a few months, many years ago). This was the view as I parked the car.

We arrive in Steeple Close for our walk on Canford Heath

Even Max didn’t look too happy about the rain!

Even Max isn't too sure about all this rain

He trotted out ahead of me as we crossed the heath though.

Walking across Canford Heath in the rain

If you look carefully you can see a couple of other people at the top of the hill, so we weren’t the only ones out on the heath in the rain. By the time we got back to the car after just over an hour we were sodden, but at least parking at Steeple Close I can rinse Max off in the pond.

Wet dog back at the car

In the afternoon, in the middle of my washing and cleaning, I turned on one of those softbox lights to get some photos of Jez on the sofa.


Here’s a really nice portrait of her.


And lastly, one I love because of her expression.


A friend of mine on Facebook said she looks like a smiling angel. I replied that often she’s more the devil in disguise!

A bit of a wet one

Monday 11th November 2013

There was a bit of a change in our routine this morning as I had to go to Poole Hospital for a routine mammogram. So Chris took the dogs out in the morning. Despite the fact that it was raining, the ‘Bin day today’ song got Jez out of bed and worked up to a sufficient state for her to join Chris and Max.

It was still raining, although not heavily, when I had to go to the hospital. Rather than try and find a space in the ever-full, very expensive hospital carpark, I parked in Poole Park and walked. It only takes a few minutes as the unit I was going to is at the back of the hospital, close to the park. I didn’t have any problems parking there – there weren’t exactly a lot of people around.

The crazy golf is deserted

And only the seagulls, ducks and swans were interested in enjoying the facilities provided by the boating lake.

Only the birds are on the boating lake today

Jez chose not to come with Max and I when we went to Canford Heath in the afternoon. I think she’d got sufficiently wet for one day. The rain had an interesting effect on the Scots Pine bark, however. It turned the large flakes a beautiful mahogany red.

Rain soaked

And here are some more at the base of the tree, together with a squirrel-chewed pine cone and a small fungus.

Bark Flakes

Down along Longfleet Drive a combination of the wet bark and the light drew my attention of an old silver birch, whose bark is really old and gnarly.


And lastly, it’s that tree again, this time taken from the north looking south.

Its that tree again

Hopefully that’s the rain out of the way for the week now.


Thursday 3rd October 2013

Heavy rain was forecast this morning, although when I left home it was only light. I didn’t expect Jez to come with us since she doesn’t do rain, but she decided she wanted to come, so we all set off to Upton Country Park to take advantage of the tree cover there. It wasn’t really raining enough to bother us, so in the Woodland Walk I stopped to get a better shot (hopefully) of those lovely little parasol-type fungi (I had taken the DLSR with me for the purpose). The light was so poor though I really struggled. This was the best I could do, titled ‘X marks the spot’.

X marks the spot

A little further on near the big pond I found these growing on another pile of wood chippings. My best guess is that they are wood mushrooms.

I'm guessing this is a wood mushroom

We walked on and wandered around the new little wood near Hamworthy, where I saw a few fungi, but by this time it was so dark it was almost like nighttime. I hadn’t taken the flash with me as I don’t like using a flash to photograph fungi, so I couldn’t get any decent shots of the few I found.

As we emerged from the wood and walked along the back path of the Country Park the rain started to become more persistent. Fortunately we were still under at least some cover.

Walking in the rain

When we got to the stream though it started to get much heavier. Jez was not happy.

Oh dear! Jez doesn't do heavy rain

Although the shortest route back to the car would have been to continue on the way we were walking, we were about to turn along the path next to Holes Bay and there is virtually no cover that way, so I decided to turn back. I don’t think it would have mattered whichever way I went. Tree cover or not I got drenched. The rain came on really heavy (more like a short cloudburst) and we couldn’t escape it, although Jez tried by diving under every tree and bush she could find. By the time I got back to the car my jeans were sodden and clinging to my legs. At least I’d had the foresight to take a camera bag with me though!