In the Garden

Friday 25th August 2017

Oops – sorry! I’m further behind than I thought. As you can see from the title, today is mainly about photos taken in the garden, although Teddy and I did go for a walk over Upton Heath and I took this photo at Creekmoor Ponds on the way home.

A blacck headed gull

So, back to the garden and in the afternoon I attached my 100m lens to the camera and tried a few photos of bees. I have three I really like.

Coming in to land.

Coming in to land

A bit of a stretch.

A bit of a strech

And close up.

Collecting pollen

I also took a few photos of Teddy – just because I could.


Cheecky chappie


I love the middle one. I think It shows his charachter.

And that’s it for Friday.

A day out

Sunday 6th November 2016

Today we were invited to Chris’ parents flat in London to see their new kitchen and bathroom. It was also an opportunity to see Chris’ Dad who has been quite poorly of late. As usual when we visit them we stopped off at Virginia Water Lake which is part of the Royal Parks around Windsor. We only stay for an hour as parking is exorbitant, but the dogs love it. Today it was cold, sunny and packed with people and dogs.

Both dogs started out by having a dip in the lake. Here’s Jez…


… and here’s Max being joined by a little terrier as Chris throws his cone.

A small terrier chases Max as he chases his cone

We walked along the main path towards the Duck Pond in the crowds of people, but then turned off into the trees.

Walking through the woods

It was lovely through here.

The woods in Auturmn

A little bit further on and the track opened out.

The Royal Park

At this point we veered left to loop back around to the Duck Pond. En route Chris stopped to give the dogs a treat.

Treat time

We walked on to the Duck pond…

Walking towards the duck pond

… where I liked the reflection of the trees in their Autumn shades in the water.

Autumn colour across the pond

And then we headed back along the main path until we cut back through the trees towards the car park.

The woods in Auturmn

It had been a lovely walk as the woods were stunning. And we had a lovely visit with Chris’ family after that. Sadly the journey home out of central London wasn’t so good, especially as there was a large firework display just off Ladbroke Grove and we got stuck in a traffic jam on Holland Park Avenue.

A year ago today

A very high tide had caused the stream to flood at Upton Country park.

The stream's more swollen than ever

Max and I go to Eye Bridge

Tuesday 6th September 2016

Once again Jez did not feel like joining us for our morning walk. Today I took Max out to the River Stour at Eye Bridge and without Jez in tow we were able to do our full circular walk.

It was a lovely, still morning along the river.

Along the River Stour - going

The teasel flowers have all gone over now and I loved the backdrop of the clouds reflected in the river behind the teasel seed heads.


As usual we stopped for Max to play in the big, shallow bay in the river.

Time to play

And then we walked on to the place where he likes to have a swim.

Time for a swim

When the swans came along and started taking an interest in him, though, I decided it was time for us to continue on.


Poor lad – with the low water level and his dodgy back legs he couldn’t get out by himself and I had to hang onto a branch. lean over, grab his collar and haul him out.

As we haven’t been along here for a while I haven’t had the chance to photograph some of my favourite oak trees. So here is the oak tree in the middle of the field.

Oak Tree

And, of course, along the currently dry stream bed is what I call the ‘Oak of Many Faces’.

The 'Oak of Many Faces'

I love this really old oak and have so many photos of it. I just can’t resist.

The 'Oak of Many Faces'

And here’s a photo from a bit further on of Max in the dry stream bed.

Along the stream bed

We walked on round back to the big bay so that Max could have another play in the river. We were just leaving when some people came along with their dogs including this really cute, 13 week old, Border Terrier puppy.

Pig wants a treat

She’s called Pig because she was born on a pig farm. The lady who owns here also had a year old Springer Spaniel who was very tolerant of Pig.

Time for kisses

And Pig absolutely adored her.

I love you

We walked back to Eye Bridge and today I actually took a photo of the bridge as it was reflected nicely in the water.

Eye Bridge refelection

Here’s Max on the bridge, cone in mouth.

Max (with cone) on Eye Bridge

And here’s the view from the bridge looking upstream …

Upstream from Eye Bridge

… and downstream towards Wimborne.

Downstream from Eye Bridge

We’d had a really lovely walk.

A year ago today

We went for a walk at Broadley Inclosure in the New Forest with my Dad.

A Sunday afternoon walk in the New Forest

Lake Pier in Black and White

Wednesday 8th June 2016

It was a muggy overcast morning this morning and I decided to take the dogs down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy for our walk. I took a few photos as the calm conditions made Poole Harbour look very appealing. When I got them back, though, there was virtually no colour in them (due to the weather and light) and they looked almost black and white. So I decided to edit them that way. In some I have lowered the clarity, and in others increased it slightly, for effect.

When we arrived there was someone fishing at the end of the pier.


I loved the reflections of the masts in the water in this next shot.


And this boat, which I photograph quite a lot, just looks becalmed.


And finally in the landscape series, one of the pier.


Today Jez coped with the beach far better than she did 3 weeks ago, so we walked along the beach to the steps, up the steps (she needed a bit of a hand with a few of them) and round to the lake. Then we walked back to the carpark and onto the beach by the marine base. Here’s one last photo from today, in colour this time, of Jez cooling down in front of the marine base fencing.

Jez wades through the sea

I think you can see from that photo why I said the photos of the sea today looked devoid of colour.


A year ago today

We went to Upton Heath where we met lots of our doggie friends. Here Jez gets some loving from Henry.

Jez gets some loving from Henry

Sunshine and Poole Harbour

Friday 11th March 2016

Max and I were later with our walk this morning, as always on a Friday, as I did my grocery shopping before I took him out. It was a lovely sunny morning and we went down to the Baiter and Whitecliff Park.

The strip of land between the Baiter and Whitecliff Park is all scrubby grass, but at certain times of the year you can find flowers growing in small patches there, and at this time of the year it is the turn of the daffodil.


When we got to Whitecliff Park this was the view over the yacht club.

Parkstone Yacht Club

Max wasn’t interested in the view though. He hopped over the wall and waited for me to throw something for him. Either that or he was playing peek-a-boo.


We had a quick play there and then headed back along the path towards the Baiter where we had a proper game of cone on the beach.


We continued along to the Baiter slipway where I loved the bright green of the seaweed that had washed up.


We turned across the Baiter and headed back to the car. Max managed to get covered in mud en route, but luckily there was a big puddle in the car park along Newfoundland Drive. I liked the tree reflected in it and thought it worked well in black and white.

Reflections in a puddle

And so back to the car via Poole Cycle Speedway track, which has this graffiti on the wall.


It had been a nice walk on a lovely sunny morning.

A year ago today

Frog spawn in the pond. Frog spawn at last

Still sunny

Thursday 14th January 2016

I had a busy day today. But, as usual, the first job was to take Max for a walk. We went to Upton Country Park and it was nice to see it looking less drab and grey.

Upton Lake

There were a lot more clouds about than yesterday, though.

Reflected sky at the Country Park

As we walked around the path at the back of the park (Hamworthy side) I was surprised to see the buzzard. We haven’t seen one there for ages. It was on the ground when I spotted it, but when I raised my camera it took off.

The buzzard takes flight

I know that’s not a great shot, but I only had a standard landscape lens on the camera. As we walked round it started to cloud over, and the wind started to pick up. You can see the extra clouds in this shot of the cows.


By the time I left the Woodland Walk and headed for the stream and then the car there was quite a cold wind. It didn’t stop me stopping off en route to take a few photos of Missy though.

Meet Missy (10 weeks)

Isn’t she cute? She was only 10 weeks old and I’m not entirely sure she should have been out meeting so many dogs. It was only her second walk, and she wasn’t entirely convinced that my camera was a good thing.

Missy wasn't too sure about my camera

I let her sniff the camera, so I hope she wasn’t too traumatised by it.

A year ago today

Max and I were out and about in the sunshine on Canford Heath.

Heading towards Knighton Heath (2)

Oh what a beautiful morning

Wednesday 13th January 2016

The thermometer in the car said it was 2.3C, but the sun was shining and there wasn’t a breath of wind. So I wrapped up well and took Max down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy, having checked the tides first. What a great choice. My one complaint? I was way too hot!

I took loads of photos, but have tried to be selective in the ones that I have uploaded to post here.

So, firstly, as we set off there were a couple of canoeists preparing for a morning out in Poole Harbour.


It may have been calm today, but as I mentioned yesterday, we had quite a bit of wind. So there was still quite a lot of foam about on the water. Here Max ignores a ‘foamberg’.

Max ignores the 'foamberg'

There has been an old tree stump washed up on the beach recently, and this morning with the calm conditions and high tide it was reflected nicely in the water.

Reflected tree stump

I thought this yacht on the calm sea made for a very tranquil scene.


And I love this one of the reflected clouds.

Above and below

Another photo of Max for you, taken at the end of our walk and after his swim in the lake.


And I will leave you today with a panorama across Poole Harbour, taken as we walked along the beach.

Poole Harbour We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

A year ago today

We were at Upton Country Park where I took this great photo of one of the calves.

A good trick if you can manage it

Bye, Bye Spaceboy

Monday 11th January 2016

People who know me will know that I have been a David Bowie fan for many, many years. So today, with the announcement of his death this morning, has been a difficult day for me. Although this blog isn’t the right place for me to comment on his passing and what it means to me, I couldn’t let the day pass with no mention of it at all. So I just want to say that wherever he is, I hope he is at peace. He has left a huge musical legacy, influenced many others, and changed a lot of lives. And I would like to thank him for that legacy.

Actually, after the news it was good to take Max over to Upton Heath. It was a bright sunny morning, although you wouldn’t know it from this photo of the oak trees reflected in the drive.

Reflected oaks in the drive

Although, as I have said, it was sunny, it was another cold morning, and a bank of fog hung above the hill line on the heath.

Fog on the hill line

As we were approaching the pond we met Dawn with Henry and Addy, the two English Pointers, and I stood talking to her for a long time as we hadn’t seen each other since before Christmas. Then I took Max onto the pond before continuing to walk around the lower heath. Just as we were approaching the Roman Road we came across the Exmoor ponies, one of whom thought he’d wander over to say hello.

An Exmoor Pony comes over to see me

After that we walked on home, via Creekmoor Ponds which looked rather nice in the winter sunshine.

Sun through the trees

I’m so lucky to be able to get out and walk in such lovely places.

A year ago today

Max, Jez and I went for a walk on Canford Heath, where there were some pretty large puddles.

Now that's what I call a puddle

Max and I go to Wareham Forest

Monday 4th January 2016

Max had an appointment at the vet in Wareham this morning (a check up with his dermatologist), so after his appointment I took him out to Wareham Forest. It had rained whilst we were at the vet but had fortunately cleared up by the time we got to go for our walk.

On the trail of the lonesome pine

Although it was a bit wet and muddy in places it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. This was the bottom path alongside the heath, heading to the dragonfly pool.

Puddles along the Sika Tral

The dragonfly pool itself was looking rather lovely. I managed to take this photo before Max disturbed the water.

Reflections in the Dragonfly Pool

Today I was experimenting a little bit. There were the trees next to the Gruffalo Pool.

Tangles up in blue

I have reduced the clarity to get the desired effect in that photo.

And this one, taken earlier on in our walk of pine trees, has been given an infra red treatment.

Pine trees are given an infrared treatment

As we were walking back to the car I met a lady taking photos of one of the log piles. Whilst I was stood talking to her I noticed an interesting fungal growth on one of the logs, so took a photo.

Fungi grows on an old log

And finally, a photo of Max in the trees.

Max in the trees

We had had a really nice walk today. I’m glad I chose the forest over the beach.

A year ago today

We were out walking on Canford Heath. View over Poole

Interesting light over Upton Heath

Saturday 2nd January 2016

We were back to our normal routine today, which meant that I did the cleaning and washing in the morning and walked the dogs in the afternoon. As I often do on a Saturday, I took them over to Upton Heath.

We have had a lot of rain these past few days, including this morning, but by the time I took the dogs over the heath it had cleared up a bit and we were left with some very interesting skies and light. For that reason, there are quite a few photos today.

The first, taken as we entered the heath at Beechbank Avenue, is of the power lines. I know it’s a pretty boring subject, but I love the stark lines against the dark sky.

Power lines on the heath

A bit further on, looking over the lower heath, some blue sky was in evidence.

Interesting skies

And no, that’s not incorrect processing, it was a pretty odd shade of blue. Very steely. And it meant that I got a very good reflection in the big puddle on the old railway line.

Reflections in a puddle

We walked to the pond, where Max had a play, and then Jez decided that today she wanted to walk on up the hill. That meant that I had the opportunity to take this photo.


By now I’m hoping that you are getting to see what I mean by ‘interesting light’.

We walked on up the hill and I took this photo looking towards the viewpoint.

Looking towards the viewpoint

And from further up I took a couple looking back across the heath. Although we had had some sunshine, by now the skies were starting to close in again.

Stormy skies over Arne

But it made for a rather nice panorama across the heath.

The rain is about to set in

When we got to the top of the hill a very fine rain started, but we didn’t really get wet. It only started to rain hard after we got home. And as we haven’t really seen them yet I will leave you with a couple of photos of the dogs. The first is of Jez, looking very pleased with herself.

A happy staffy

And the second is of Max in a big muddy puddle up by the viewpoint which is reflecting the blue sky above – and Max.

Max reflects in a puddle

I doubt if there will be any post for tomorrow. The forecast is dreadful and we are going to Dad’s for lunch.

A year ago today

Backlit cows on Canford Heath.

Cows in the winter sunshine