Sunshine means playtime

Friday 17th November 2017

Friday morning meant Teddy and I walked over to Upton Heath, and this morning it was lovely and sunny. And it looked very autumnal in the silver birch grove.

Autumn in the Silver Birch grove Silver Birch trees

Just after I’d taken that first photo we met our friend Tig, the staffie, with his Mum, Amanda. Here’s Tig posing for me.


And Tig, after a treat, in his ‘bear’ pose.

'Give me a treat' - Tig does his bear pose

He and Teddy had a great time playing.

Teddy and Tig at play

We walked on and then met Ollie, who is around a year old. Again, he and Teddy had a great time playing, despite the size difference. They were particularly interested in an old stick.

Teddy and Ollie were having such a good time with that stick

First one would get it and run off with it and the other would chase, and then the other one would get it and run off. Here they are playing tug with it.

Teddy and Ollie play tug

And lastly for today, a wonder autumnal scene along the Roman Road.

Autumn on the Roman Road


Four seasons in one day (almost)

Tuesday 26th April 2016

Since it’s a weekday and I’m therefore on morning walks, it was just Max and I who headed to Canford Heath this morning, while Jez snoozed on at home. It was a nice sunny day again, although the breeze is still a bit chilly and there were quite a lot of clouds about. Not that any of that bothered Max who just likes to go for a walk.

Here he is in the water-filled gully that he likes so much.

In the water-filled gully

This is a general view across the heath taken from the stream crossing.

Canford Heath

Its also the time of year when the silver birches are getting their leaves.

Silver birch

The afternoon was a very different story, however. For while Chris had the dogs up at Delph Woods, we had SNOW!


It was only for a few minutes, and it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, but it was a bit of a shock.

By the evening though we were back to better weather. This was a shot of Creekmoor Ponds I took when I took Max out for his evening walk.

Creekmoor Ponds at Sunset

Such a strange day!

A year ago today

Max and I went to Canford Heath where I took this photo of him. That’s the end of a fir cone in his mouth, by the way.

What's that in your mouth, Max!

Signs of life on Upton Heath

Friday 1st April 2016

After I’d done my grocery shopping this morning I took Max to Upton Heath. Without Jez in tow we are able to do slightly longer walks again, so today I walked him over, and then we went up the Roman Road before turning out onto the heath.

Looking across Upton Heath

As we walked across towards the viewpoint I was surprised to see this orange jelly fungus on an old silver birch tree: surprised because I don’t know how I’d managed to miss it before.

Jelly fungus on a silver birch

Further on and the Haircap Moss is in flower (or whatever you call it when it comes to moss).

Flowering Haircap Moss

I don’t know what I did, but I think when I knelt to take that photo I put my hand in something to which I’m allergic. As I walked on I realised my hand itched, but it was only the next day when I spotted the trail of blisters across my hand and onto my fingers: so bad I had to take my wedding rings off!

We walked up to the viewpoint and then down the hill to Max’s favourite pond, and then headed home via the lower heath, where the silver birch trees are starting to get their leaves.

The Silver Briches are coming to life

Spring is upon us!

A year ago today

Narcissi at Upton Country Park.


Nearly blown away

Wednesday 20th December 2015

This morning we went to Upton Heath for our walk. Jez decided that she wanted to come too, so Chris drove us over. It was a bit of a murky day once again. This is a slightly different shot of the heath than usual. It was taken in the old pits, looking over the area the Wildlife Trust have re-seeded.

Looking across the old pits

It was a very windy day though, and Max had problems with his ears.

Max braves the wind

Jez’s ears are much more controllable however. Here she’s got the tucked back.

Jez by the pond

I also tried to get a photo that showed the wind. I took quite a few of various trees using a slow shutter speed, but this was the only one that was any where half decent. I think it gives the impression of it being a windy day though.

Silver Birch trees blowing in the wind

After our walk it was back to my normal chores, which today included doing my grocery shopping as I hadn’t done any for a week. So, we’re almost back to normal.

A year ago today

It was a cold, frosty morning for our walk on Canford Heath.

Poole is shrouded in mist

A better weekend

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 2015

I didn’t bother with the camera yesterday it was so dull, but we have at least had a bit better week-end.

On Saturday we went over to Upton Heath for our usual walk and we actually had sunshine. Here’s Max enjoying the sun.

Max on the heath And in the pond. Max in the pond

I tried to take some photos of Jez but she was doing her camera-shy thing and wouldn’t stay still long enough – which is odd really given that she rarely moves very quickly on walks nowadays.

When we got to the silver birch grove we caught up with a man with a saluki, who is backlit in this photo.

Backlit Saluki He also had a 13 week old Whippet called Juno who just didn’t want to stand still. Juno is in a hurry

Eventually, though, I managed to get a good photo.

Juno - 13 weeks old (what fabulous ears!) Just look at those ears! Isn’t she gorgeous? And lastly for Saturday I have a photo of the sun, as it was going down, lighting up the silver birch trunks just before we reached the Roman Road. Silver Birch trees in the sun

On Sunday Dad and Pat came to lunch for a belated birthday lunch for Chris. We had a lovely piece of roast beef. I had been hoping to take some photos, but as usual when we have visitors and I’m cooking, I didn’t get the chance to take any.

They weren’t too late leaving as Dad struggles to see to drive in the dark, so after they left I took Jez and Max round Creekmoor Ponds just as the sun was setting.

Late afternoon at Creekmoor Ponds That one was taken on my iPhone. And as is normal on such occasions, Jez insited on walking on round to the local pet shop, which she proceeded to drag me round several times. I was worn out by the time I got home.


A year ago

On the Saturday we had another walk over Upton Heath, and came down the Roman Road as the sun was setting. The rays of the setting sun light up the Roman Road

Upton Country Park for the second day running

Friday 9th October 2015 (part 1)

I knew I had a busy day ahead of me today so I took Max to Upton Country Park again. This time I parked in the main car park though. Which was a piece of luck as I finally found some of my favourite Hare’s Foot Inkcap fungi there. They seem to have disappeared from all their usual places this year.

At last! Hare's Foot Ink Caps

We walked to the stream in the new part of the park and then headed on round to the lake. En route I found this silver birch in its autumn colours.

Autum has come to this Silver Birch

We couldn’t continue to the lake though, as they were tree cutting and the path was closed. They could have put a sign up earlier as we had to back-track quite a way and then go through the Woodland Walk.

After Max had played in the lake we continued on round the back of the park, where we met this lovely Bearded Collie called Kara.

Meet Kara the Beardie

And then it was on to the stream.

Max in the stream

We continued on round over the boardwalk where the view across Upton Lake to Poole was particularly nice today.

Looking over to Poole

And to end, here’s a bit longer shot from a little further along.

View ocer Upton Lake

After that we cut back through the gardens to the car.

I got home and sorted myself out, and then got in the car and went to collect Henry and Ariadne, our two English Pointer friends. I was to look after them for a few hours, but that’s a whole different story that will form part 2 of today’s post (once I finish editing the photos).

Two walks for me this morning

Monday 27th April 2015

As usual I took Max for our Monday morning walk over Upton Heath while Jez stayed snoozing on the bed. The wind was still a bit chilly, but at least we had sunshine.

Upton Heath Panorama

As you can see, there is lots of green about on the heath as the silver birch trees get their leaves.

Silver Birch

I was playing with HDR photography again and used it to take this photo as we were approaching the Roman Road.

The greening of Upton Heath

After I got home, and before I went shopping to Waitrose, I realised that Jez was wandering around the house and wondered if she wanted to go out. I put her collar and lead on her and she headed straight for the door, so she and I then spent about 30 minutes wandering around the smaller of the two lakes that comprise Creekmoor Ponds, which is the one closest to us. Jez took the opportunity to have a dunk in the water while we were there.

Jez in Creekmoor Ponds

And once she had got out of the water I took this slightly better photo looking across the small lake.

Creekmoor Ponds

So two walks for me, plus a trip to Waitrose, and all before lunch.

A year ago today

It was a bit of a grey day for our afternoon walk on Canford Heath.

Grey skies