Weekend Guests

Sunday 14th February 2016

My cousin, Linda, and her husband, Paul, came to stay this week-end. They arrived late lunchtime on Friday and after lunch we went down to Poole Quay for a wander. I don’t have any photos though as it was getting a bit dark on an already gloomy day. On Saturday Linda & I went shopping, so again, no photos from me. Sunday morning, however, dawned clear and bright and so we went over to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest.

Here’s Max checking that Linda and Chris are keeping up.

Max checks that Linda & Chris are keeping up

And here’s Chris, Linda and Paul posing for a photo.

Chris, Linda, Paul and Max

Linda took this one of Chris, Paul and I. She told us that Paul likes to have people’s feet in the shot, so Chris and I were making sure our feet could be seen.

Making sure our feet are in the shot

Of course, as usual, Max was in every pool of water there was.

Max waits for someone to throw something

Jez was just happy to trot along with Paul and Linda, though.

Linda, Paul & Jez

And here’s Jez standing by the Dragonfly Pool.

Jez by the Dragonfly Pool

We called at the Gruffalo Pool then took Linda and Paul up to the viewpoint.

From the viewpoint

Where Linda insisted on checking the direction of the wind.

Testing the wind direction

They went home after lunch, but it had been lovely having them for the wee-end.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went for a walk on Upton Heath. This photo of Max was taken along the Roman Road.

Max in the stream


That’s better

Thursday 28th January 2016

After all the rain yesterday morning Max and I had bright sunshine for our walk at Upton Country Park ahead of my pilates class.

Looking over to Pergin's Island

The lake was looking good.

Looking across the lake

Even the big puddle in the field looked nice.

Big puddle

And, as ever, Max was happy playing in the stream. Here he’s giving me those spaniel eyes while he waits for me to throw his cone.

Max in the stream

How much better everything seems when the sun is shining.

A year ago today

We were also at the Country Park, but it was a very different story.

Max in the stream

If it’s Thursday it must be…

Thursday 7th January 2016

Yes, it’s Pilates time again, so that means a walk at Upton Country Park for Max and I. The weather wasn’t quite so nice as yesterday.


And you could tell we’d had a lot of rain recently by the state of the stream.

Fast flowing stream

But the sun did eventually come out.

View over Upton Lake

Which enabled me to take a nice photo of Max on the boardwalk.

Max on the boardwalk

And fortunately, after our walk, Fiona eased us back into pilates gently after our month’s Christmas break, so I hope I won’t be too stiff. Mind you, scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees in the afternoon won’t help.

A year ago today

It was another fairly bleak walk at Upton Country Park.

The sun tries to break through the clouds

A walk in the sun on Canford Heath

Wednesday 6th January 2016

Max and I went out to Canford Heath this morning for our walk. And although it felt a bit cold when we started out, I soon warmed up and we actually had sunshine!

Max and I walking on the heath

We walked across from Gravel Hill to the ‘crossroads’ at the top of the Redbrick path and then headed up to South Drive, where I took this, by now standard, photo of the view across Poole.

View over Poole

And here’s another one from a few yards further on.

View from South Drive

We turned across the heath (where I took that first photo) and a little bit further on I took this, as I liked the way the sun lit up the old, dead tree.

Trees on the heath

And I know I’ve taken photos of this tree (further on down the hill) before, but today I liked the sunlight on the lichen-covered branches.

Lichen covered tree in the sunshine

And finally for today, another experimental one of the pine trees.

Playing around with trees

As previously, it was taken handheld, but I really need to use a tripod fr this technique.

A year ago today

It was an overcast, very muddy walk on Canford Heath where Jez had to explore a tractor and trailer.

Now what's this?

Max and I go to Wareham Forest

Monday 4th January 2016

Max had an appointment at the vet in Wareham this morning (a check up with his dermatologist), so after his appointment I took him out to Wareham Forest. It had rained whilst we were at the vet but had fortunately cleared up by the time we got to go for our walk.

On the trail of the lonesome pine

Although it was a bit wet and muddy in places it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. This was the bottom path alongside the heath, heading to the dragonfly pool.

Puddles along the Sika Tral

The dragonfly pool itself was looking rather lovely. I managed to take this photo before Max disturbed the water.

Reflections in the Dragonfly Pool

Today I was experimenting a little bit. There were the trees next to the Gruffalo Pool.

Tangles up in blue

I have reduced the clarity to get the desired effect in that photo.

And this one, taken earlier on in our walk of pine trees, has been given an infra red treatment.

Pine trees are given an infrared treatment

As we were walking back to the car I met a lady taking photos of one of the log piles. Whilst I was stood talking to her I noticed an interesting fungal growth on one of the logs, so took a photo.

Fungi grows on an old log

And finally, a photo of Max in the trees.

Max in the trees

We had had a really nice walk today. I’m glad I chose the forest over the beach.

A year ago today

We were out walking on Canford Heath. View over Poole

Interesting light over Upton Heath

Saturday 2nd January 2016

We were back to our normal routine today, which meant that I did the cleaning and washing in the morning and walked the dogs in the afternoon. As I often do on a Saturday, I took them over to Upton Heath.

We have had a lot of rain these past few days, including this morning, but by the time I took the dogs over the heath it had cleared up a bit and we were left with some very interesting skies and light. For that reason, there are quite a few photos today.

The first, taken as we entered the heath at Beechbank Avenue, is of the power lines. I know it’s a pretty boring subject, but I love the stark lines against the dark sky.

Power lines on the heath

A bit further on, looking over the lower heath, some blue sky was in evidence.

Interesting skies

And no, that’s not incorrect processing, it was a pretty odd shade of blue. Very steely. And it meant that I got a very good reflection in the big puddle on the old railway line.

Reflections in a puddle

We walked to the pond, where Max had a play, and then Jez decided that today she wanted to walk on up the hill. That meant that I had the opportunity to take this photo.


By now I’m hoping that you are getting to see what I mean by ‘interesting light’.

We walked on up the hill and I took this photo looking towards the viewpoint.

Looking towards the viewpoint

And from further up I took a couple looking back across the heath. Although we had had some sunshine, by now the skies were starting to close in again.

Stormy skies over Arne

But it made for a rather nice panorama across the heath.

The rain is about to set in

When we got to the top of the hill a very fine rain started, but we didn’t really get wet. It only started to rain hard after we got home. And as we haven’t really seen them yet I will leave you with a couple of photos of the dogs. The first is of Jez, looking very pleased with herself.

A happy staffy

And the second is of Max in a big muddy puddle up by the viewpoint which is reflecting the blue sky above – and Max.

Max reflects in a puddle

I doubt if there will be any post for tomorrow. The forecast is dreadful and we are going to Dad’s for lunch.

A year ago today

Backlit cows on Canford Heath.

Cows in the winter sunshine

Happy New Year

Friday 1st January 2016

We managed to get through the fireworks last night without too much trouble by turning up Jools Holland on the TV and feeding Jez peanut butter. Thankfully they had all stopped by 12.30am this year. Nevertheless, I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to get up this morning, especially given that it was wet and windy out.

When we did go out both dogs came with me to Upton Country Park. As if it wasn’t wet enough as it was Max spent as much time as possible in the water (seen here in the lake)…

Max at the lake

… and Jez decided to join him in the stream.

Jez in the stream

But you can tell the weather wasn’t great as even the ducks had decided to hunker down.

Hunkered down against the elements

And lastly, as we walked back to the car, a photo of the bare, tangled branches of the trees that grow alongside the stream.

Trees along the stream

I was going for the overall feel to the day with that shot.

And after that, I spent the day snuggled down on the sofa in front of the TV.

A year ago today

Oh look! We were at Upton Country Park where a couple of the sheep came over to say ‘Hello’ to us.

The girls came over to say 'Hello' today