How quickly the weather can change

Tuesday 13th September 2016

It was a lovely sunny morning and, as the tides were good, I thought I’d take Jez and Max down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy for their walk. When we got down there there was no wind, the sea was like a mill pond and there were just a few fluffy white clouds in the sky. As usual I tried to walk along the main beach to the steps, the plan being to do the circular walk taking in the lake. But Jez didn’t want to do that and immediately headed for the small section of beach between the pier and the marine base. Here she enjoyed herself wading around in the water.

Jez by Lake Pier

We walked along the beach slowly and I spent time throwing Max’s cone for him. When we got to the big rowing boats that are always moored there there was a seagull perched on one of them.


We pottered about on the beach and then started to walk slowly back to the pier. By this time there was more cloud around.


And by the time we got to the pier it was distinctly cloudy and the wind was getting up.


Which might not sound odd, but I am only talking about walking along a couple of hundred yards of beach, if that.

At the pier I got chatting to a photographer and while we talked we spotted a girl in a dry suit wading out into the sea, which looked a bit odd.

Wading out

It turned out she was collecting water samples. The photographer apparently takes portraits of people and as well as taking a photo of the girl he took one of me, laden down as I was with shoulder bag, leads, camera, shirt tied round my waste and ball thrower! As I hung around there the wind started to really get up and whip across the harbour. And this big cloud was coming our way.

A storm cloud moves in

Of course, Max still wanted to play.


But I headed back to the car and spots of rain started to fall as we got there. We got home just in time. 5 minutes after we got in we found ourselves in the middle of a huge thunderstorm and torrential rain.

A year ago today

I had Dad and Pat for lunch. Here’s Pat with Max.

Pat and Max

We have a poorly girl

Friday 4th March 2016

Yesterday afternoon I had to take Jez to the vet for her heart scan (her vet picked up a murmur 3 weeks ago). Unfortunately the news was not good as it turns out that Jez had Dilated Cardiomyopathy (a type of heart disease) and the walls of one of her heart chambers is very weak, which means the chamber is enlarged and the heart is not pumping properly. Hopefully the prognosis is slightly better though, as our vet says the heart medication that he has put Jez on is very effective.

Typical for Jez she decided to try and prove that there isn’t much wrong with her an insisted on going for 3 walks today. The first of these was with Max and I down to Lychett Bay after I’d done my grocery shopping.

We hadn’t been down to Lychett Bay for ages as I it can get very wet and muddy. Today, as we set off, I wondered just how long our walk would be as there was a clear storm front moving in.

A storm is approaching

Fortunately it seemed to be a lot worse over the other side of the bay.

Light and Dark

As you may be able to see from the photos the tide was a long way out this morning. Max was not happy.

Oh no! The tide's out

Even when we got round to the boats at Turlin Moor he struggled to find any water to play in.

Yes, the tide is definitely out

Jez, meanwhile, was just happy to poke around amongst all the discarded fishing and boating rubbish that’s down there.

Jez explores

And then, just as I took that photo, the wind whipped up and it started to rain and sleet slightly. You can’t tell it, but it was actually sleeting on us as I took this photo.

It was sleeting on us when I took this shot

Unfortunately the rainbow wasn’t bright enough to show up on my photos.

We walked back to the car and by the time we got back to the viewpoint at the head of the bay the wind had dropped, the rain had stopped, and the sun was shining.

Sunshine is restored

The car was dry, but a short distance away as I drove home the roads were soaking wet and there were piles of hailstones everywhere. We’d been lucky!

A year ago today

Max and I went to Badbury Rings and I took photos of the lambs at Wimborne on the way.


Incredible light for photography

Wednesday 15th October 2014 (Part 2)

After our walk on Stonebarrow Down we went back to the caravan, stopping to get some rolls on the way, and hadn’t been back long when the heavens opened. We had torrential rain from about 1pm, so after lunch Chris and I decided to sit and watch a DVD. At 3pm I noticed that the rain seemed to have stopped, and by 3.30pm it seemed to be brightening up, so I suggested we get the dogs out for their afternoon walk while we could. As we thought it might rain again we headed to the west beach at West Bay, which was nearest to us. The tide was in and the sea was rough, but the sun kept peeking out through the clouds, all of which made for some fairly dramatic photographs.

Stormy Weather

We went onto the beach and Max happily chased his cone around.


He wasn’t too keen on the larger waves though.

Run Max!

From the beach we went out to the end of the new Jurassic Pier. In the first set of photos I took West Bay and the cliffs were in the shade, with just the black sky behind them. But as I watched the sun moved along the cliffs from west to east, and so we waited. It was worth it.

This is the entrance to the old harbour from the Jurassic Pier.

Entrance to the old harbour from the Jurassic Pier

And this is a slightly wider view.

West Bay from the Jurassic Pier

Here are those famous cliffs lit by the sun.

Bathed in Sunlight

The harbour looked much better today in better light.

West Bay harbour

This shot is looking roughtly north across the harbour.

West Bay harbour

St John’s Church.

St John's Church, West Bay

And lastly, Chris and the dogs head back towards the caravan park, with the Riverside Restaurant lit by the sun in the background.

Riverside Restaurant and Fast Food outlets

We got back shortly before it started raining again!

I hope you’ve liked this afternoon’s photos: I was very pleased with them. There are a few more from today on my Flickr stream (see right).

Chris and the dogs come to lunch

Sunday 6th July 2014

Chris and the dogs came to lunch today. Chris hadn’t been over for a few weeks, and although I had only seen the 3 of them on Thursday I was really looking forward to it. The plan was that we watch the start of the British Grand Prix, have lunch, and then watch the rest of the Grand Prix. Of course, in the end there was a re-start which was delayed for an hour, so in the end our afternoon was running very behind schedule. I thought it was a really exciting race, and it was great to see Lewis Hamilton win, but I’m not sure Chris and Jez agreed with me.

Chris and Jez watch an exciting British Grand Prix

All of this meant that we were very late going out for a walk. Rain was threatening and so we didn’t go too far: just to Barton on Sea, as Chris had not been there. However, by the time we got there the storm clouds were gathering.

The storm clouds were gathering as we got to the beach

This was the view back over the cliffs from the beach.

Storm clouds head over the cliffs

Max didn’t care though. He was just so excited to be in the sea.

Max is happy playing in the sea

And after diving in the waves as soon as she got on the beach, Jez contented herself with wandering along beside Chris.

Chris and Jez on the beach

The trouble was, those storm clouds got worse and came ever closer.

Yes, it's going to rain!

And yes, you’ve guessed it – that rain fell on us before we could get back to the car. Fortunately we found shelter on the clifftop, as did Dad who was taking a stroll up there. So we didn’t really get very wet.

After Chris and the dogs and gone home at tea time Dad and I settled down for the evening. But as I looked out of the living room window I realised the light and clouds made for a great photo, so grabbed the camera and nipped out. This was what I had seen.

Dark skies ad sunshine at Highcliffe

Such beautiful light.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath where I took this photo of an Emperor Dragonfly in flight.

Emperor Dragonfly in flight