What a difference a day makes

Wednesday 8th November & Friday 10th November 2017

On Wednesday I went to see my Dad as usual in the morning. That meant that Teddy and I went for our walk over Canford Heath in the afternoon. It was a lovely sunny day as you can see from this photo looking along South Walk.

South Walk

And here’s Teddy, posing nicely for me.

Teddy on South Walk

When we do these Wednesday afternoon walks I park at Steeple Close to avoid the school traffic. Then we head up to South Walk and cut down the middle of the heath. We can either pick up the Old Coach Road for this or walk down the track that runs alongside the main fenced area of the heath, as we did today. This is where this photo was taken. You can just see Teddy having a sniff at the grass in the distance.

Where's Teddy?

After that we cut back across the heath to the stream and then continue on across Longfleet Drive towards the other wide track that runs up from the Redbrick Path. En route we pass one of my favourite trees, so here is another photo of it for you.


And then we head down towards the Redbrick path and back to Steeple Close, but not before I’d taken a photo of the sun setting behind another group of ringed and dying trees.

Trees at sundown

A crisp but sunny walk.

Thursday and Friday were very different days as the weather was miserable, so I didn’t take my camera. But on the Friday morning, walking along the Roman Road, I spotted the smallest Sulphur Tuft fungi I have ever seen, so I had to take a photo with the phone. And here they are

The smallest Sulphur Tufts I have ever seen

You can tell how tiny they are by comparing them to the the size of the leaves next to them.


An evening walk for Jez and I

Wednesday 18th May 2016

I didn’t get a walk today as Wednesday is the day I go over to see my Dad and help his sort through his post etc. So after Chris took Max for his evening walk and Jez seemed like she wanted to go after all I took her for a short walk around Creekmoor Ponds. I only had my iPhone with me, but I did get one or two photos.

We walked round the top of the small pond next to us and then went into the woods by the larger pond. By this time the sun was starting to set.

The sun sets over Creekmoor Ponds

Here’s Jez bathed in the light of the setting sun.

Jez in the light of the setting sun

And here she stands and watches the swans glide past.

Watching the swans

As we headed for home Jez went for a dip in the smaller pond which you can see here.

Sunset over Creekmoor Ponds

It had been a very pleasant little walk.

Note there are no photos from a year ago today.

Four seasons in one day (almost)

Tuesday 26th April 2016

Since it’s a weekday and I’m therefore on morning walks, it was just Max and I who headed to Canford Heath this morning, while Jez snoozed on at home. It was a nice sunny day again, although the breeze is still a bit chilly and there were quite a lot of clouds about. Not that any of that bothered Max who just likes to go for a walk.

Here he is in the water-filled gully that he likes so much.

In the water-filled gully

This is a general view across the heath taken from the stream crossing.

Canford Heath

Its also the time of year when the silver birches are getting their leaves.

Silver birch

The afternoon was a very different story, however. For while Chris had the dogs up at Delph Woods, we had SNOW!


It was only for a few minutes, and it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, but it was a bit of a shock.

By the evening though we were back to better weather. This was a shot of Creekmoor Ponds I took when I took Max out for his evening walk.

Creekmoor Ponds at Sunset

Such a strange day!

A year ago today

Max and I went to Canford Heath where I took this photo of him. That’s the end of a fir cone in his mouth, by the way.

What's that in your mouth, Max!

Max so wants to go for a walk

Tuesday 30th June 2015

Poor little boy is going stir crazy. At first we could hardly get him past the end of the drive, but now he wants to go out on walks. He’s still limping quite badly despite his strong painkillers, though, so a proper walk is out of the question. Yesterday I walked him very slowly around the small pond next to the house (the smaller of the two Creekmoor Ponds), and this morning I did the same thing, only this time taking the camera with me. It was a lovely sunny day, so lighting was difficult, but I was using it to practice what I have been learning about Exposure from an online course. Even so, this first shot, from the top of the pond, is a combination of 3 separate exposures.

Creekmoor Ponds

We used to take Max swimming in this pond and so he wanted to join the ducks and swan.

Ducks and the swan gather as we approach

I did let him in the shallow corner for a paddle, though. As you can see he’s looking at me imploringly, wanting me to throw something for him (which is out of the question now).

Please throw something Mum

And here he is on the opposite corner, in a nice little leafy spot.

Mum, Please!

He did ok on his walk today, which was good. Perhaps we can let him go up to Delph Woods with Chris and Jez tomorrow as they don’t tend to walk very far.

Later on, evening to be precise, the sun looked very pretty going down behind the clouds. You can’t get a great shot from our garden, and I didn’t have time to run round to try a shot across the Ponds, so I just took this one.

Sunset over the garden

That’s the dead branch on our oak tree you can see there. We are waiting for the planning permission to come through to have it and another removed and the crown taken down to try to help strengthen the tree.

A year ago today

The squirrels were busy knocking over the bird feeder at my Dad’s.

All the better to get at the food

We broke down!

Wednesday 4th February 2015

It was a cold bleak day today. Jez, sensibly, stayed in bed while Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath. You can tell it was cold – there was ice in Max’s favourite gully.

Max doesn't mind a bit of ice

And the skyline shows you it was pretty bleak today.

Canford Heath skyline

We walked past the stream and up the hill heading east. Once we went through the gate we turned left back down the hill. It was along this path that Max picked up a scent in the grass and dried bracken. He spent ages rooting around trying to find something interesting in there.

There's got to be something under all this dead bracken

Fortunately he didn’t find anything and we walked on: down the hill, back in through the gate, west past the stream and back to the car. We had been about an hour and 45 minutes and I was cold. We got in the car and I started it and started to reverse out. The car cut out. I started it again, began to reverse and the car cut out again. By now I was blocking the lay-by. I tried again and stuck it in Drive. I managed to move it a few inches before it cut out again, so I let it roll until I was parallel with the curb. After that it wouldn’t start at all. It wouldn’t even turn over.

I called the AA out and waited with icy cold legs and feet for 45 minutes until they arrived. They couldn’t find what was wrong with it. Max was very good letting the AA man play around with the fuses in his boot though.

Max sits guard while the AA man tries to fix my car

In the end they took Max and I home (Max happily snuggled down in the back of their van), and they towed by car to the local garage I normally use. At close of play the garage couldn’t find what was wrong with it either, so I’m carless (we only have one car now).

Which meant I had to walk to the hairdresser in Broadstone in the afternoon (having first managed to put my appointment back from lunchtime). And then I had to walk home. The sunset behind the houses in Creekmoor as I approached home was worth it though.

Sunset over Creekmoor

A year ago today

I think I got a bit confused by my dates yesterday and posted for the wrong day. So here is a photo of Max snoozing from a year ago yesterday.

A snoozing Max

It was a brighter day today

Saturday 27th December 2014

We had sunshine in the morning, but of course that was for Chris’ walk. It had clouded over more in the afternoon for our walk over Upton Heath, but the sun did occasionally break through. As there was a cold wind again I kept to the lower heath for our walk. As usual we walked through the pine trees, along the path of the old railway line and then on to the pond. We were rather surprised to see that two visitors had beaten us to it though.

We were surprised to find ducks on the pond

Max ignored them, being far too interested in his cone, until they decided that it was time to leave when he turned and watched them.

Max watches as the ducks take off

Can you spot them in the photo? The male is easier to see, whereas the female is just a blur that blends into the bracken and grass.

And here they are flying away over the heath.

There they go

This was one of the moments when we had some sunshine, which made the pond and the heath beyond look rather nice.

The sun has come out

Jez was in the shade however. Nevertheless, I am still really pleased with this photo of her.


And so we walked on. Just before we reached the mittle silver birch copse I heard one of the cows bellowing over by the main path, we we went through the gate to have a look. I just caught this one bringing up the rear.

Bringing up the rear

This photo seemed to work much better in black and white as it was taken in the shadows.

And so the sun started to go down on us. It made a rather attractive scene as we headed home.

Sunset over Upton Heath

And we may have had some sunshine, but it was pretty cold in the wind. So I treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate when I got in.

A year ago today

Max and I walked over a very wet Canford Heath – there were even puddles on the hills.

There are even puddles on the hills

Sunshine all the way

Saturday 13th December 2014

Who said the 13th was unlucky? It has been a lovely sunny day today, and due to Jez’s decisions on where exactly we were going to walk on Upton Heath, we managed to catch the sunshine for our whole walk, until it finally set below the horizon. Being low December sun it also cast a wonderful light.

So we started in the pine trees as normal. Here’s Max concentrating on his cone.

Intense concentration

Meanwhile Jez stands in the bracken and sniffs the air.

Jez sniffs the air

We walked onto the pond.

Waiting by the pond

Where Jez suddenly had a turn of speed for some reason.

Jez has a burst of energy

And then over the little hill to the small boggy ponds where Max was still looking very serious about his cone.

Max is still looking very serious

The light and the still waters of the little pools there are great for reflections.


On to the next gully at the bottom of the big hill, and while I threw the cone for Max I put a treat on one of the small wooden posts for Jez.

Time to eat that treat

So we walked on up the hill and I expected to then cut across to the Roman Road and the shade. But Jez had other ideas and took us round the back of the hill where she joined Max in one of their favourite little watering holes.

Jez and Max

By the time we headed back down the hill the sun was setting over the heath.

Sunset over Upton Heath

And when we got to the bottom of the hill it was just dipping below the horizon.

The sun sinks below the horizon

We were out for a long time today, but it was a lovely walk. After all, you have to make the most of the sunshine, don’t you?

A year ago today

We had a bit of a damp walk on Canford Heath.

Jez wanders along the path