Max and I go to Lake Pier

Friday 30th September 2016

It was a sunny but blustery morning, and Jez didn’t want to come for a walk having found herself a patch of sun to lie in, so I took Max down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy.

The beach

You might just be able to spot him there waiting on the shoreline.

As I said, it was blustery and a windsurfer was taking full advantage of the wind.


There were also quite a few people fishing from the pier.

On the pier

Max and I walked along the beach as I threw his cone in the water for him, and then we turned up the steps and walked around the cliff path. We came back to the beach and finally I took him up to the lake on Ham Common so that I could wash the salt off him. Here he is at the water’s edge.


He was eager for a swim.

Swimming back to me

Bringing his cone back to me.

Rising out of the lake

And finally, not a great photo of Max, but I love the water arc produced by the swish of his tail.

With a swish of the tail Now you can see why I stand well back when he comes to the water’s edge. If I don’t I can get drenched.

A year ago today

We were out and about on Upton Heath.

Looking down across the heath

I decided it was about time we went back to Parkstone Bay

Friday 29th August 2014

I can’t remember the last time we went down to the Baiter and Whitecliff Park, both of which border Parkstone Bay in Poole Harbour. But today I decided it was about time we went back. One thing I needed to watch though, was that Max didn’t get completely wet as, having found a flea on his at 3.30am this morning, I had treated him with Advocate overnight.

It was a bit breezy down there (when isn’t it?) but it was not particularly cold. And we met quite a few of our doggy friends. I also spotted this boat heading out of the harbour on its way to Bournemouth Air Festival (I know that’s where it was going as it turned up in a photo taken at the Air Festival some hours later).

Boat heading out of Poole to Bournemouth Air Festival

As I said it was pretty breezy, and that had attracted a lone windsurfter.

It was windy today

But other than that it’s just photos of the dogs today. Jez was happy to get back on the pillars on the sea wall at Whitecliff Park.

Jez is a happy dog

And Max was back waiting at the top of the steps, as always.

Max poses at the top of the steps

He was also play Peek-a-Boo round one of the pillars.


And lastly, back at the car, Jez had to have a lie down in the grass.

Jez in the long grass

Sadly I haven’t got spot focus on the Powershot and when I got home I realised I didn’t have sufficient depth of field, so Jez is not quite in focus. But as long as you don’t zoom in too close it makes a good photo.

A year ago today

Max and I were at Hamworthy, and the tide was out.

Someone's been digging for worms at low tide

A beach and lake walk

Friday 2nd May 2014

It was a bit of a grey day today. I didn’t expect Jez to come with us, so was taking Max down to the beach at Hamworthy. At the last minute, though, Jez decided she wanted to come too. I was going to change where we went, but realised that I could keep the walk fairly short for Jez by cutting out the cliff path and just walking to the far side of the lake. Max doesn’t get quite so much exercise, but he tires himself out chasing his cone in the sea and having a swim in the lake, so it was a bit of a win-win.

At least this week the clouds weren’t quite so black.

Lake Pier, Hamworthy

In addition to the occasional yacht in the harbour, the windsurfing school was out on the water this week.

Windsurfing school

Round by the lake Jez gets all nosy…

In your face

…while Max waits patiently for me to throw his cones again.


And here’s a photo of Jez sitting nicely for me in the hope that she’ll get a treat.


After the lake we went back down to the beach, where Jez spent quite a while with her nose up against the fence of the marine base. Someone had taken their dogs out on the other side and she could see them playing and desperately wanted to join in. Fortunately she can’t get through the fence. In the end she gave up and just lay on the beach, but they still caught her attention from time to time.

Jez watches the dogs playing in the marine base

When we walked back to the car there were a lot of black headed gulls hanging around after scraps of food. One of them was posing nicely on the bin put out for the fishermen to put old bits of fishing line in.

Black Headed Gull

Fortunately the dogs decided not to chase the seagulls today.

A year ago today

The apple blossom was looking lovely in the sun at Upton Country Park.

Blossom in the orchard