In which Jez shows off her new harness

Friday 27th May 2016

When we were at the vet’s hydro centre on Tuesday Jez had to wear a harness for her shower treatment. I rather liked the look of them and am aware that the right harness is better for her back that having her pull on her collar, so I ordered her one. It arrived this morning, so when we went for our walk after I’d done my grocery shopping we gave it a test drive.

We went over to Upton Heath, but as Jez hasn’t been able to walk the whole circuit of late I drove over to the southern part of the heath near the Country Park, rather than taking them to the Beechbank Avenue entrance as usual. This meant that we started off where the stream crosses the Roman Road, which have both dogs a chance for a paddle to start off with.

Along the Roman Road I came across a beautiful wild rhododendron in flower.


We walked to the end of the Roman Road (where it’s interrupted by the dual carriageway) and turned onto the heath. At his point Jez needed a rest.

Max and Jez

And then she had to lie down, which means that you can see her new harness better.

Jez and Max

She doesn’t like it, of course, but it’s a nice light nylon which drys quickly and which has a little handle on the back that comes in very handy for helping her down the car ramp.

We walked up to the little pool by the boardwalk where Max plays (and where Jez managed to get her back leg caught between the slats of the boardwalk today!) and then wandered back to the car. It had been quite a long walk for Jez.

A year ago today

I took this portrait of Jez up at Pinesprings.



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