Of Dogs and Fungi

Sunday 1st October to Saturday 7th October 2017-10-15

Having said this post is from the 1st October I don’t actually have any photos from that day, so the first photos are from Monday 2nd when we went over to Upton Heath for our walk as usual. I took the EOS 6D with the 100mm Macro lens attached, and I’m glad I did as I got some really nice photos. Unfortunately, if you suffer from arachnophobia the first one isn’t quite so nice as its an Orb Spider.

Orb spider

That photos was taken along the old railway line. We walked onto the pond and Teddy was really pleased to find some doggie friends there. It all started with a meet and greet.

Meet and greet at the pond

We met Max, the Golden Retriever.

Max the Golden Retriever

And Buzz, the Viszla who was staying with Max temporarily.

Buzz the Vizsla

Teddy and Buzz had a good time playing.

Teddy and Buzz

And then there was Tig, one of our staffy friends.


After a good game we went our separate ways and I walked Teddy round through the old pits.

Teddy in the old pits

On the lower heath the Fly Agaric are still in evidence.

Flly agaric

Although these had been kicked over.


As usual Teddy went into the little pool by the small boardwalk for a drink.

Teddy by the boardwalk

And then posed for me.


After that we made our way home.

On Tuesday we started the day, as every day, with breakfast, and Teddy was a happy dog when he found out I’d finished the yogurt and he could have the pot. He soon got stuck in.

Nose in the trough

For our walk we went to Canford Heath and as it was a lovely sunny day I, once again, took the EOS 6D with the 100mm lens on it. Although it is a macro lens it is also excellent for portraits, which is why it’s great for taking photos of dogs, like this one of Teddy.


Fungi are also in evidence on Canford Heath, like this one, although I’m not too sure what it is.


As we walked through the woods I found this huge Cauliflower Fungus.

Cauliflower fungus

And these Razor Strop, or Birch Bracket Fungi.

Razor Strop Fungi

I also spotted this pretty little feather, suspended on some blades of grass.


There were more fungi when we left the woods. Firstly this Russula


And then this Panther Cap

Panther Cap

And lastly from Tuesday, a photo of Teddy surveying the heath as we walked back to the car.

Teddy surveys the heath

Jumping ahead to Friday we were again on Upton Heath. Firstly we went to the pond.

Teddy in the pond

And then, after Teddy had had a drink and a paddle, we headed towards the old pits. En route we met the cows.

We met the cows

You can see that at some point that one has had a nasty injury on its side.

On the lower heath we met several dogs. Firstly there was Oscar, a Border Terrier.


And then we met a lady with 4 small dogs, including this 12 week old Chihuahua puppy.

12 week old Chihuahua pup

At this point I put Teddy on the lead. As the lady said, he might have thought it was was a rat! He was really good with it, though, and very gentle, so I don’t think I need have worried. And this, was the pup’s father.

The pup's dad

While we were talking our friend Janet came along with her lurcher, Jake.

Our friend Jake

After a long chat we walked on round and, as usual, Teddy went in the pond by the small boardwalk where he was once again searching for something under the water.

Teddy is searching under the water again

When we got to the Roman Road I was pleased to see that there was another small fungus growing on the tree stump by the stream.


While we were there I took the opportunity to take a photo looking along the Roman Road while the leaves on the trees are still green. They won’t be there much longer.

The trees haven't turned along the Roman Road yet

The Virginia Creeper along the path in Creekmoor has turned though, and has produced beautiful Autumn colours.

Autumn Colours

I don’t have any photos from our walk on Saturday, but first thing in the morning the plumber arrived to fix our leaking stopcock. And do you remember that lovely new kitchen we had installed 10 months ago? Well, today part of it had to come apart again!

My new kitchen is in pieces! Bits of kitchen fill my small sitting room

I’m pleased to say that it’s all fixed and back together again.


A different day, a different heath

Tuesday 8th November 2016

As Jez is still doing her ‘lying in the sun in the morning’ routine I took the opportunity to take Max over to Canford Heath today. I try and avoid taking Jez as she likes to lie at the crossroads in the middle of the heath and wait to see who comes along. Consequently with her in tow our walks there can last a couple of hours.

So, this was Canford Heath this morning.

An Autumn morning on Canford Heath

I finally found a nice fly agaric fungus this morning, which cheered me up. I’ve only seen one or two slug-eaten ones so far this year.

Fly AGaric

Here’s Max on the path in front of one of my favourite trees on the heath (I like the shape of it).

Max on the path

And here he is heading towards the stream.

Heading to the stream

I let him have a short play in the stream…

Max in the water-filled gully

… and then we cut across to Longfleet Drive and walked down towards Hotchkiss Cross.

Longfleet Drive

At one point I’d got a little bit tired of walking on Canford Heath, but it was nice to go back there for a change.

A year ago today

We went to lunch with my Dad and then went for a very cold, blustery walk along the beach at Barton-on-sea. I think you can tell how happy Chris was to be there!

A cold, blustery walk at Barton on Sea

Max is out and about again

Sunday 16th October 2016

It took Max until yesterday to properly come round. But he’s fine. I took him for his nurse check up in the morning and his wound, which is only about 3-4cm long, looks clean, although she thought it might be a bit swollen, so he’s going back again on Tuesday.

He’s supposed to be restricted to the garden, but as there doesn’t seem much wrong with him I took him for a short walk this afternoon with Jez up to Corfe Mullen. I didn’t even bother with a lead except to keep him out of the pond as he’s only trotting around. Here he is in the afternoon sun.

Max in the afternoon sun

As I said, we only did the very short circuit up there. But I found a fly agaric which had been nibbled …

Nibbled Fly Agaric

… and a chunky boletus.


I’m pleased to say that in the evening Max didn’t seem any the worse for his walk.

A year ago today

We were at Upton Country Park where Max managed to find himself a nice nig bunch of sweet chestnuts.

Max looks to have found the perfect sweet chestnut

When Max met Max

Monday 9th November 2015

Monday morning saw Max and I walking over to Upton Heath as usual. This morning Jez decided to stay in bed rather than join us. You may recall the reflected trees photo from Saturday. Well this is the pond that they were reflected in.

There's a new pond on the heath

That line of trees to the right in the photo is where the old railway line was.

When we got to the pond today it was already occupied – by Max.


That’s Max the Golden Retriever. My Max soon joined him. Here are the two Max’s.

Max and Max in the pond

After playing for a while, and chatting with Max’s owner, we left the pond and walked through the old pits, where I was surprised to see this Fly Agaric.

There are still Fly Agaric about

I thought it was getting a little late for them. It must be the mild weather.

Further on round on the lower heath you could tell we had had a lot of rain as one of Max’s favourite puddles had re-appeared.

Big puddle time

After that, of course, he had to play in the pool beside the boardwalk.

Max by the boardwalk

Along the Roman Road, in Longmeadow Lane woods, most of the leaves are now off the trees.

Longmeadow Lane Woods

And I’ll leave you today with a shot across Creekmoor Ponds, taken as we walked home.

Creekmoor Ponds

Those trees still seem to have most of their leaves on them.

A year ago today

We had a Sunday afternoon walk on Canford Heath.

Canford Heath at sunset

Friday morning on Upton Heath with Max and Jez

Friday 23rd October 2015

Yes, Jez decided to come too this morning, possibly because I was later going having done my grocery shopping first. It was another bleak day but today I took the PowerShot with me.

As we approached the ponds we met the cows.

Here's looking at you

Max is very well behaved around them now and ignores them a lot of the time, like in this shot.

Max ignored the cow, until it wandered over to say hello

Unfortunately, that cow didn’t ignore Max. Max stopped to have a chew at that clump of grass in front of him, and while he was pre-occupied the cow wandered over and stuck it’s head down close to him. You have never seen a dog jump so much in your life! After that shock he beat a hasty retreat. All the while the goings on were being watched by this fellow up on the hill.

I'm keeping my eye on you

We walked on to the pond where Max had a play and where I managed to get this cheeky little shot of Jez.

Happy Staffy

I rather like this one too, which is the gentle side of her we normally see.


After we left the pond we walked through the pits and then on to the lower heath.

Looking across the lower heath

In the silver birch grove I found this gnawed Fly Agaric.


I loved the colours of it though.

Walking on I took this photo of Max in the fallen leaves.


And, finally, a photo taken along the Roman Road as I approached the stream.

Along the Roman Road

I still think it’s amazing that its nearly the end of October and many of the trees are still very green.

A year ago today

Maple leaves at Broadstone Rec.

Maple Leaves

Our Monday morning walk on Upton Heath

Monday 12th October 2015

Jez decided to come with Max and I for our walk on Upton Heath again this morning, so Chris drove us over and dropped us off. Having said yesterday that I found my first Shaggy Inkcap of the year, I found another one as soon as I walked through the gate onto the heath at the corner of Beechbank Avenue this morning.

Shaggy Inkcap

It was a lovely sunny morning and the heath was looking rather nice.

Looking across the lower heath

We walked to the pond and en route met our friend Judy with her lurcher Jasper.


Sadly Jasper isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (Henry the pointer is terrified of him), but we get on ok, and you can see Jasper’s softer side in this photo where he’s looking up at Judy.

The look of love

After we left Jasper and Judy we walked on round the lower heath. Here the sun is shining through the siver birch trees which are starting to turn yellow and lose their leaves (you can most probably also make out Jez in the shadows).

Sunlight and shadows in the silver birch grove

Although most of the Fly Agaric in this area have finished fruiting I did find this little one, not yet showing it’s red colouring, pushing up through the soil.

Fly agaric

And so we headed on to the Roman Road.

Walking towards the Roman Road

After that we walked home through Creekmoor where the dogs had a dip in the ponds just to round off their walk.

After we got home I did my grocery shopping, and then after lunch started to clear away the remaining cuttings from the hedge. We had piled the branches up by the footpath and when we were moving them I suddenly spotted this toad nestled in amongst them.

We found a toad

We were very careful not to squash him.

And one final piece of news for today. We heard this morning that our God-daughter, Lucy, gave birth to a little girl last night. Maisie Belle arrived 5 weeks early but is doing well. So very many congratulations to Lucy and Jam.

A year ago today

We went to Canford Heath for our walk, where I spotted these little Mycena fungi.

Mycena Fungi

Jez came too

Sunday 11th October 2015

We were back to normal today, so after a morning of me catching up on odd jobs, photos and blog posts I took Jez and Max to the Corfe Mullen end of Upton Heath this afternoon. Jez had, once again, had a walk in the morning so didn’t want to walk too far. Unlike yesterday this afternoon was bright and sunny, although there was a bit of a chill to the wind. In the sunshine on the top of the heath I found this lovely little Fly Agaric.

Fly agaric

And further on round, along Corfe Lodge Road, I found my first Shaggy Inkcap of the year.

Shaggy Inkcap

As I said, it wasn’t a particularly long walk, but Jez was happy just pootling around sniffing. All too soon we headed back to the car.

Heading back to the car

As normal at this car park I let Jez lay on the grass to wait and see who might come along while I played cone with Max. The poor boy hadn’t had much of a walk but even he didn’t seem to feel like running about. Here he is lying in the grass with his cone.

Max has got a cone

And finally a close up of him.

Up close
It wasn’t long before Jez decided to move and jump back in the car ready to go home.

A year ago today

We met a lovely little Jack Russell puppy called Vinnie on Upton Heath.

Say hello to Vinnie